Husqvarna 535i xp Price, Specs, Review, Features 2024


Husqvarna 535i xp Price, Specs, Review, Chain Size, Parts Features

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husqvarna 535i xp

Husqvarna 535i xp Overview

For professionals who require a light chainsaw with high performance. It is ideal for carpenters, contractors as well as tree care workers, and olive farmers. It has excellent ergonomics, top efficiency, and a high-speed chain.


Husqvarna 535i xp Price 

The Husqvarna 535i xp battery & Electric Chainsaw price on Bar size.

Product – Battery & Electric Chainsaws​

Bar length (inch) – 14″

MSRP – $489.99

The Husqvarna battery & Electric Chainsaw & its parts will be available at most chainsaw dealers.

These are our top chainsaw dealers’ recommendations – ranked from cheapest to highest priced when we wrote them.

Husqvarna 535i xp Battery Future

Equipped with a 14-inch bar and powered by a Li-ion battery, the Husqvarna 535i XP Chainsaw is an efficient, lightweight saw that brings professional power.

a Husqvarna 535i XP has a 36v battery charging time is .50hors working Run time of 1.25 hours. we can also use of battery type option with Residential (BLI20, BLI100, BLI200), Commercial (BLI200, BLI300)

The Husqvarna T535iXP top handle chainsaw transforms the battery’s 36 V into electricity that pumps more than 65 feet per minute of speed.

The Husqvarna 316EL, a corded model? Only 45 feet in a second. The Husqvarna T435 appears to be the model that is replacing the Husqvarna 535i top handle chainsaw that was created to replace.

The T435 rotates at just the speed of 63 feet per second. It’s evident that the engineers were able to achieve everything they wanted for a gas-powered replacement model.

There are a variety of options available regarding batteries for the Husqvarna 36V Chainsaw however, the machine is not equipped with a charger or battery.

They have a 2.1 amp hour battery and a 4.2-ampere-hour battery similar to the majority of OPE businesses. This is enough for you to consider them homeowners.

The place where Husqvarna stands out and makes itself a professional landscaper’s ally is the lithium-ion backpack.

husqvarna 535i xp


Husqvarna 535i xp Chain Size

Length bar
file size
chainsaw type
SP21G X-Cut

Husqvarna 535i xp Specs


Motor type BLDC (brushless)
Oil pump type Automatic
Oil pump capacity Max 8 ml/min
Oil pump capacity Min 4 ml/min


Battery voltage 40 V
Battery type Li-Ion


Bar length (inch) 14 in
Recommended bar length, min 10 in
Recommended bar length, max 14 in
Chain type SP21G
Gauge .043″
Pitch .325″ mini
Sprocket type Spur 7
Battery included Not included
Battery charger included Not included


Weight (excl. battery and cutting equipment) 5.29 lbs


Oil tank volume 0.42 US pint
Oil tank volume 0.2 l

Sound and Noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 106 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured 104 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear 93 dB(A)


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle 2.5 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle 2.8 m/s²

Husqvarna 535i xp Key Features

Chain brake that is activated by inertia

Safety increased, inertia activated chain brake

Automatic shut down

Automatically shut off within 3 minutes after inactivity

Low maintenance

Maintenance is low and there is lower downtime

Flip-up tank cap

The cap flip-up is simple to open.

Effective brushless motor

The in-house designed brushless motor is able to provide an unbeatable and constant torque.

Bar nuts with a retained design

The retaining mechanism prevents you from losing the nuts on the bar.

Keypad with intuitive keypad

The keypad is simple to use.


Select savE’ mode to get the longest time to run

Get ready for a non-stop operation

Prepare for non-stop operation

Gas performance

Powerful and powerful equals the performance of petrol

A battery system that is flexible

The batteries in our system are designed to be used for a long time. They are easy to recharge, and are also much easier to replace for continued use.

High chain speed

Quick, smooth cutting

Husqvarna 535i xp Review

The Husqvarna 535iXP chainsaw is a high-quality battery-powered chainsaw designed to tackle challenging tasks like cutting trees, limbing, and bucking firewood.

It’s a strong and multi-purpose saw that is ideal for professional arborists as well as homeowners with experience. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Final Words

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