Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Specs,Review & Prices

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Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw


We confirmed this information with Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw representatives and associates.

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Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw overview

I choose the Husqvarna 435 in the end because it was lightweight, powerful, and easy to move. Review of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw.

Many chainsaws on the market are strong, but they are too heavy to hold for long periods of time or move around easily.Others are easy to control but don’t have much power.

The 435 strikes the right balance: I can cut anything I want, no matter how small the space is, because it’s so easy to be precise with it.

I have to give the 435 a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for how it looks and works as a whole.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Specs


Bar length (inch) 16 in
Recommended bar length, min 13 in
Recommended bar length, max 18 in
Chain type SP33G
Gauge .050″
Pitch .325″
Sprocket type Spur 7


Power output 2.2 hp
Cylinder displacement 2.5 cu.inch
Maximum power speed 9,000 rpm
Idling speed 2,900 rpm
Clutch engagement speed (±120) 4,300 rpm
Fuel consumption 652 g/kWh
Electrode gap 0.02 in
Ignition module air gap 0.01 in
Oil pump type Fixed flow

Sound and Noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 114 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured 112 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear 102 dB(A)


Oil tank volume 0.53 US pint
Oil tank volume 0.25 l


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle 3.8 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle 4.2 m/s²


Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 9.7 lbs

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Features

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Features

  • Snap-lock cylinder cover
  • Quick-release air filter
  • Felling marks
  • Smart Start
  • Air Injection
  • X-Torq
  • Air Purge
  • Three-piece crankshaft
  • LowVibEasy to start
  • Visible fuel level
  • Flip-up tank cap
  • Inertia activated chain brake
  • Easy to start

Powerful Engine

It has a 40.9cc gas engine with two strokes. Husqvarna 435 engine for a chainsaw It has 2.2 horsepower and cuts well.

Husqvarna’s X-Torque technology reduces how much fuel is used and how much pollution is made.

It helps make the tool work better. With one full fuel box, I quickly cut up three to four 12-inch logs.

The engine is a beast, and I’m impressed with how Husqvarna built it.

Anti-Vibration Technology

Husqvarna’s 435 chainsaw has Low-Vib technology to cut down on vibration.

It lessens the shaking that happens when cutting thick branches or shrubs. You’ll have full control over the chainsaw. You can also tell it how to go.

A low-vibration handle makes it easier for older people to use chainsaws. The tool won’t slip, no matter how strong it is.

Effortless Starting

Husqvarna Chainsaws are easy to start. With its easy-pull string, the tool can be used with 5 to 6 kicks.

Pull the choke and press the pressure button before you kick the chainsaw.

From what I’ve seen, 3 to 4 kicks. Maybe because I use fuel with a high octane rating and regular bar and chain oil.

I tell my readers, “Never buy cheap gas or oil, or your household tools will break.”

Easy Handling

The gas-powered chainsaw from Husqvarna has a handle that is fully wrapped, just like the 455 Rancher.

You can cut trees, branches, bushes, and wood trunks with this tool both vertically and horizontally.

The interface is easy to use and doesn’t cause fatigue.

Air Injection Cleaning System

A device that cleans with air injection can remove big dust particles while cutting thick firewood.

It stops dust, pollution, and small particles from making the engine work less well.

Easy Chain Tensioning System

Chainsaw maintenance is easier because the device for tightening the chain is on the side.

Before you cut wood, be sure to tighten the chain. It makes sure that cutting is easy and clean and keeps the chain from coming off.

The company makes a small ranch for adjusting chain tension.

Bar and Chain Mechanics

A gas chainsaw with a 16-inch bar made of stainless steel alloy. It’s tough and strong, and it can cut through thick materials.

Other than that, the chain is sharp. Standard chains from the maker have bucket spikes that make it easy to cut through wood.

Also included is an automatic oiler that protects the chain.

The chainsaw can easily cut through hard wood without getting stuck or kicking back.

Why we prefer Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw?

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

  • ✅ It is lightweight.
  • ✅ It is very easy to start.
  • ✅ It is very powerful.
  • ✅ It runs its chain at high speed.
  • ✅ It consumes less fuel.
  • ✅ It emits less.
  • ✅ It oils chain automatically.
  • ✅ It ensures more safety.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Services


Husqvarna Financing Solutions

Find the right financing options for your commercial or residential outdoor power equipment needs, such as zero-turn lawn mowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, string trimmers, and more.

Husqvarna Care

Husqvarna Care helps you get the most out of your tools.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is a light and simple-to-use chainsaw that is perfect for tasks that require moderate effort such as limbing, pruning and cutting medium to small-sized trees. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

In the video above, you can see how the Husqvarna 435 works. It also shows how to start it up and use it for the first time.

The Husky 435 is not one of their most-used chainsaws.

There are a lot of good reviews, like these ones on Amazon, but there are also a lot of people who have had problems with it in the chainsaw groups on Facebook.

How to Operate Start Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

The best thing about the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is that it is easy to start.

The saw is a favourite among part-timers and landowners because it has a powerful engine in a small body. Here is a simple explanation of how to use a chainsaw:

husqvarna 435 chainsaw


Let’s begin the job by giving the chainsaw gas. The amount of oil to gasoline in a mixture is 50:1. Keep the mixture ratio right for less pollution and for the engine to run well.

  • Open the fuel tank’s cap.
  • Fill up the gas tank halfway.
  • Fill oil in a certain way. Close the tank tightly with the cap.
  • Shake the tank to make sure that the oil and gas are mixed well.
  • Fill the rest of the tank with gas and add the right amount of oil.
  • Shake the tank again to make sure the oil and gas are mixed well.


  •  Don’t put used oil in with the gas.
  •  Close the tank cap tight before shaking the tank.
  •  You shouldn’t mix fuel for longer than a month.
  •  Move the gas tank away from the engine before you turn it on.

Make the chainsaw ready to start

Before you start the engine, make sure the following are in good shape:

  •  Make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight.
  •  Make sure all the parts are in good shape and work well.
  •  Make sure the chain fits right on the bar.
  •  Make sure the chain is tight enough.
  •  Use the front handle to check the chain brake.
  •  Clean the chainsaw of any oil or liquid.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Pros & Cons


  • ✅ Durable and rugged design.
  • ✅ 16” bar with sharp chain.
  • ✅ Automatic oiler maintains the lubrication.
  • ✅ Easy cord pulling interface.
  • ✅ 40.99cc engine produces 2.2HP power.
  • ✅ Ideal for cutting thick and medium wood materials.
  • ✅ Could slice limbs, shrubs, and other extra wood without any hassle.
  • ✅ Easy to handle and use.
  • ✅ No kickback or getting stuck issues.
  • ✅ Quite affordable compared to Husqvarna 455 Rancher


  • ✅ Some customers have complained about rough starts.
  • ✅ Now transparent oil filling window.
  • ✅ Arrives unassembled.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Design

The motor in this Husqvarna chainsaw is a powerful 40.9 cc, which gives you 2.2 horsepower. This means that you don’t have to work as hard to cut through things as you do with other models on the market.

This Husqvarna chainsaw can also go as fast as 9000 RPM, so you won’t have any trouble making clean cuts. It is made to be energy-efficient, so it only uses as much power as it needs.

The motor uses X-Torq technology, so it doesn’t give off any toxic fumes that could be harmful.

You don’t have to worry about your health or safety in order to do the work you need to do. This is a great feature if you ever have to work in a small space with little air flow.

The 14-inch-thick wood can be cut with the 16-inch blade, but the cut might not be as smooth as with thinner pieces.

It has a nice idling speed that makes it easy to use, even if you don’t have much experience with this kind of tool. It’s also made to be easy to use, so you can do things as quickly as possible.

You can use a guide bar that is between 13 and 18 inches long. This chainsaw doesn’t need many pulls to get it going.


If you look at this 16-inch chain saw, you’ll see that it’s comfortable to use, well-made, and simple. It doesn’t have any extra features, just power Chain saw Husqvarna 435.

You will also see that it’s pretty hard to break.

The Husqvarna 435 is a machine that is almost impossible to break, even though it isn’t made of carbon fibre or titanium alloys.

I really can’t think of anything I could do to this saw that would break it. In other words, no matter what you do with the 435, you should be fine.

This means you don’t have to worry as much about how you’ll damage it, since, well, it’s made to be damaged. Isn’t that nice to hear?


This Husqvarna chainsaw does almost everything you could want it to do. Review of the best gas chain saw

Even though it can’t do everything a power tool should be able to do (unfortunately, it’s not a chainsaw-drill hybrid), it is everything a great chainsaw should be.

If you need a saw that can do everything from trim to cut wood, you should look here. It cuts through firewood logs like a hot knife through soft butter.

It doesn’t take much effort to get it to do what you want.

The 435 is hard to not recommend. So I’ll do what’s easiest. 9/10. Try this chainsaw if you need one. You won’t regret it.


9.2 pounds
Product information
Product Dimensions ‎11 x 14.25 x 21.5 inches
Item Weight 9.2 pounds
Manufacturer ‎Husqvarna


Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw horepower is 2.2-HP

About us


Consumer Reports tests the Husqvarna 435 as part of their Chainsaws programme. Chainsaws like the 435 are rated in our lab tests based on a number of factors, such as those below.

Slowing down How fast a saw cut through an oak beam that was 10 inches square.

Safety Includes how hard the chain kicks back, how likely it is to catch fire if it accidentally touches the muffler, and how well the cutting chain is protected from accidental contact while it is being stored.

Use-friendly Based on how easy it is to start the engine (the average number of pulls), where the primer and choke are and how they work, and how easy it is to adjust the tightness of the cutting chain, check and add fluids, and get to the air filter and spark plug.


That’s all you need to know about the Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw’s price, specs, review, attachments, and features.

But if you have questions about this post, please leave a comment below. As soon as I can, I’ll do my best to help you.

FAQ – Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw


Does the 435 come with an adjustable flow oil pump?

No, the Husqvarna 435 comes with a pump that has a fixed flow rate of 13 ml/minute.

What size bar is on a Husqvarna 435?

Chainsaw Bar Rplm fits Husqvarna Models 435, 435E, 440, 440E, 444, 445, 445E, 450, 450 | 16″, 0.325″, 0.058″

What chain does the Husqvarna 435?

Chains for 16-Inch Chainsaws. 325 Inch Gauge .

Can I use a Stihl chain on a Husqvarna saw?

Husqvarna’s standard width for a driver is. 058 and Stihl uses.063, so the Stihl chain won’t fit in the bar groove of a Husqvarna.

Can you use an Oregon chain on a Husqvarna chainsaw?

Oregon D72 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 20-Inch Bar with 72 Drive Links. This low-kickback chain fits Husqvarna, Stihl, Dolmar, Jonsered, and more.

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