How Old Are Chicks At Tractor Supply?


How Old Are Chicks At Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply is a famous retailer of live poultry, including chicks. The age of chicks at Tractor Supply will vary depending on the incubator, but they are typically around 2 to 4 days old when they arrive at the store.

How Old Are Chicks At Tractor Supply


There are a few reasons why chicks are typically this age when they are sold at Tractor Supply:

  • They are still small enough to be easily transported and handled.
  • It is the age at which they are most weak to predators and disease.
  • They are old enough to have started eating and drinking alone.

Here are some of the breeds of chicks that Tractor Supply carries:

  • Rhode Island Red: This breed is popular for its brown eggs and hardy nature.
  • Buff Orpington: This breed is popular for its friendly personality and is a good choice for families.
  • Silver-Laced Wyandotte: This breed is popular for its beautiful plumage and is a good choice for show chickens.
  • White Leghorn: This breed is known for its white eggs and is a fine layer.
  • Hybrid Layers: These chicks are a mix of various breeds and are a good choice for people who want a variety of eggs.
  • Barred Rock: This breed is also known for its brown eggs and is a fine choice for newbies.
  • Black Australorp: This breed is known for its black eggs and is a good layer.
  • Assorted Bantams: These chicks are small and are a good option for people with limited space.

Here are some things to look for when choosing the age of a chick:

  • Size: Younger chicks will be smaller than older chicks.
  • Beak: The beak of a younger chick will be more pointed than the beak of an older chick.
  • Feathers: Younger chicks will have less feathers than older chicks.
  • Eyes: The eyes of a younger chick will be shiny and dark, while the eyes of an older chick may be duller.
  • Activity level: Younger chicks will be more active than older chicks.

If you are considering buying chicks from Tractor Supply, it is important to research to ensure you are prepared to provide them with the proper care. Chicks require warm, fresh food and water, a safe place to live, and a heat lamp to keep them warm. They also need to be vaccinated against diseases.


Here are some tips for caring for chicks:

  • Set up a brooder for your chicks. This is a warm and secure area where they will be dry and warm.
  • Give your chicks fresh water and food throughout the day. Chicks need to be fed a chick starter granola.
  • Inoculate your chicks against illnesses. This is particularly important if you want your chickens to be allowed to roam free.
  • Utilize a heater to ensure that your chickens are warm. The temperature inside the brooder should range from 95°F at the beginning.
  • Be patient and patient with the chicks. They’re young and fragile. They will require some time to get used to their new environment.

With proper care, your chicks will grow into healthy and happy chickens.


If you’re interested in purchasing chicks at Tractor Supply, it is important to determine how old they are. The average age of chicks is 2-to-4 days old by the time they get to the shop.

This is when they are the most susceptible to diseases and predators. However, it’s also when they’re old enough to drink and eat independently.

If you’re willing to give your chickens the best attention, they’ll develop into happy and healthy chickens.

FAQs – Chicks at Tractor Supply

How old are the chicks at Tractor Supply?

Chicks at Tractor Supply are typically around 2 to 4 days old.

What breeds of chicks are available at Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply carries a variety of chick breeds, including Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, White Leghorns, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and hybrid layers.

How much do chicks cost at Tractor Supply?

The price of chicks at Tractor Supply differs depending on the breed and the time of year. In general, chicks are priced around $2 to $5 each.

What do I need to buy to care for chicks?

In addition to the chicks themselves, you must buy a brooder, a chick starter crumble, a heat lamp and fresh water. You may also want to buy a chick vaccination kit.

How do I care for chicks?

Chicks must be kept warm, dry, safe, and warm. They must also have access to nutritious water and food throughout the day. The temperature inside the brooder must be in the range of 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the first week.

How long do chicks stay in the brooder?

Chicks should stay in the brooder until they are about 6 weeks old.

When can I let my chicks free-range?

Chicks should not be allowed to free-range until they are 12 weeks old.

How do I know if my chicks are sick?

If your chicks are sick, they may have runny noses, watery eyes or diarrhea. They may also be lethargic or have trouble breathing.

How do I prevent my chicks from getting sick?

You can prevent your chicks from getting sick by keeping them clean and dry and vaccinating them against infections.


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