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Switch2tmobile with Carrier Freedom

www.switch2tmobile.com T-Mobile gives the eligible customers currently under contract with another carrier to benefit from the Carrier Freedom Offer and switch to T-Mobile without paying any extra charge. 

By joining the promotion, they will be capable of having their carrier’s remaining device payment balance or early termination fees paid up to $650 per line when they trade in their device for a new one.

T-Mobile gives the lowest upfront price of the latest devices with no annual service agreement and no overages on the nationwide 4G LTE network. 

T Mobile One Plan even separates the equipment’s worth from the service cost to bring the consumers their eligible device and make the monthly bill less.

T-Mobile Carrier Freedom Requirements

To join in and qualify for the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom promotion and, you must be an eligible consumer and require to do certain activities such as:

  • Must switch from a postpaid plan with a different carrier.
  • Require to port the number or number to T-Mobile.
  • Submit proof of Early Termination Fees
  •  (ETF) or device balance, including a lease-purchase option for the devices.
  • Must be at least 90 days in good standing with the previous carrier.
  • For the device payment plan, payment has been in good standing on the device’s financing plan to have paid off for least 90 days within 30 days of the port.
  • Require to active service and finance or rent new equipment with T-Mobile on a qualifying postpaid plan.
  • One Carrier Freedom proposal is for one subscriber up to 5 lines, and all the lines must on the same billing address.
  • Trade in the current device/devices which you are funding or leasing with your previous carrier.
  • Each device that is traded in must match the widget on your old carrier’s installment plan for device payment plan recompense.

How To Check the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom Eligibility?

Suppose you have already taken part in the T- Mobile Carrier Freedom promotion and submitted a phone number or received a payment payout in the past two years. In that case, you can check your promotion acceptability. To do so, you can please complete the following steps.

  • First of all, visit the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom official site at www.switch2t-mobile.com
  • Please click on the “Check your status to see if you have already received the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom promotion here” link under the ‘GET STARTED’ button.

How To Check the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom Eligibility

  • Please enter the 10 digits of the Phone number you need to check.
  • Next, please press on the “search’ button to find if you are qualified to redeem the line for T-Mobile Carrier Freedom.

Sign Up for T-Mobile ID

For online submission to get your payment, you require to sign up for a T-Mobile ID and create an online account if you have not done that first. By enrolling for online access, you can instantly check the payment submission status, view and pay the bills, track your usage, change the plan or services, a message with the T-Mobile agent, and much more.

  • First of all, visit the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom official site (www.switch2t-mobile.com)

Sign Up for T-Mobile ID 1

  • Please click on the my account button.
  • Next, please click the login button as shown on the above image.

Sign Up for T-Mobile ID 1

  • Now, please hit on the Sign up for T- Mobile ID link.
  • Please Enter the Phone Number (T-Mobile wireless number).
  • Create an 8-50 long character password, including at least one number and one letter with no common patterns or phrases.
  • At last, please click on the “Next” button and complete the process following the on-screen guidance.

Submit for Reimbursement Online   

Once you get your new phone on the T-Mobile network and receive the final bill, including the Early Termination Payments amount from your old carrier, you can ask to pay off.

  • Go to the www.switch2t-mobile.com Official Site (www.switch2t-mobile.com)
  • Scroll down page and please hit on the “GET STARTED” button.
  • Now, you can sign in with your T-Mobile ID and password.
  • If you lost the password, give the required information, and reset it to access your T-Mobile account.
  • choose the carrier and payment option under the ‘FINDING THE RIGHT SWITCHING OFFER.’
  • Please check the box next to the terms and conditions.
  • Choose the numbers you would like to submit for T- mobile Carrier Freedom and press the box next to each line you need to provide for the selected payment offer.
  • For Early Termination Fee Payment, you can select a prepaid card by mail.
  • Please enter your contact number to be informed about your payment submission or the problems related to it
  • Next, please click on the “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Submit the necessary payoff information.
  • Upload an image of each phone number (screenshots of the final bill, and device financing information page for each chosen number) before clicking the “Submit” button.

How to Switch to T-Mobile?

The families and individuals, up to 5 lines, currently under a postpaid deal at the other carrier including Sprint or Verizon, AT&T, who need to join T-Mobile and get Early End Fees or ETF reimbursement proposal in Carrier Freedom promotion, need to complete the steps given below:

  • Activate a qualifying plan and get a new device.
  • Transfer over the available phone number. (Complete the phone number transfer process to submit the payment request).
  • Trade in the tablet or phone by visiting a T-Mobile online or store and receiving a bill credit based on your device’s market value.

In-store Trade-In

While buying a new device in a T-Mobile store, you will have the choice to instant trade-in and also perform the entire procedure of activation, trade-in, port-in, and payment submission requirements.

Online Trade-In

If you purchase your new tablet or phone online or over the phone, instead of visiting a store, make sure you must finish the port-in, activation, and initiate the trade-in with your new device before submitting the payment. For online or phone method, you should assure a few things such as:

  • The trade-in must be processed at the time of order.
  • Mail your trade-in device within 14 days of getting the new device.
  • Use the pre-paid USPS (United States Postal Service) mailing label to return the device. The name allows you to check the status of your trade-in device from your account.
  • Trade-in devices must be reached within 30 days of the original online order.
  • A verification text message will be sent to you when the trade-ins have been accepted and processed.

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T-Mobile Contact Information

If you still have problems, please call customer care at 1-888-390-6867

Or, write to

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PO Box 37380

Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

Final words

That was all about the Switch to T-Mobile with Carrier Freedom. I hope you like this article, and it’s helped you a lot, but if you are facing any issue related to this Switch to T-Mobile with Carrier Freedom then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone. Thanks!


What time can I expect to have a complete switch to T-mobile?

Normally, the wait time is between ten and 24 hours. This is for one line. If you have multiple lines, it may take less than a week. We covered most of the steps to make your switch to t mobile.

What should a customer be prepared for when switching to T-Mobile Carrier Freedom?

These are the 3 things you should be looking after.

  1. Prefer switching to a new phone
  2. Get the best value for your old phone by trade-in.
  3. Consider backing up your available device before Trade-in.

Get the 5G Network, which is superfast and widely available across the country. Buy a new phone.

Switching to T-Mobile, is it worthwhile or not?

T-Mobile’s offers are more valuable than those offered by other carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile offers great services at competitive prices.

How do I check my balance, data, or minutes?

You can free check your data, balance, minutes, and text messages. Please find out how on our Check your usage page.

What are the different ways I can pay my bill?

T-Mobile provides several options for paying your bill, including online payment, AutoPay, phone payments, and more.

Can I use my iPhone on T-Mobile’s network?

As over one million customers have already learned, it’s quick and straightforward to set up your iPhone® to work on T-Mobile’s network.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

The theft or loss of a device is a challenging experience. Fortunately, T-Mobile provides a few easy-to-setup security features that can protect your details and simple steps you can take to secure your data and account if your T-Mobile device is ever lost or stolen.

How do I get phone insurance?

Device Protection protects against theft, loss, accidental damage, and malfunction of your wireless phone. Learn more about T-Mobile’s device protection program here.

Where’s my phone order?

It is really easy to track your phone order. Visit the T-Mobile Order status & tracking page for more information.

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