HAV 50s1 Tractor Made in India: Price, Specification & Features 2023

HAV 50 s1 Tractor Price in India 2023, Specifications, Mileage, Review, Overview

Coming this 2023, HAV (hybrid agricultural vehicle) going to launch future-ready Tractors with ‘No-Clutch’, ‘No Battery Packs’, ‘Very Cost-effective’ ‘No Transmission’, and with the same fractional power of ‘50HP’ and ‘affordable’ as all this, is at the same price of traditional tractors in India

HAV 50 s1 Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Overview

The fuel-efficient hybrid agricultural vehicle (HAV) and innovation-driven is a complete leader due to its economical technology, future versatility into whole electric farm tractor, self-sustainability and out-of-the-box features.

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HAV 50 s1 Tractor Price in India 2023

HAV 50 s1 Tractor Price in India

Call for price: 0120-7195336

HAV 50s1 Tractor Key Features

HAV 50 s1 PERFORMANCE Features:

  • Fuel Consumption in Litres for 8 Hours of Operation.
  • For CNG, consumption is computed in Litres (as per cost).
  • SMART ENERGY Generation System Variant S1 (Diesel Hybrid) AND S2 (CNG Hybrid)
  • All-wheel smart E drive.
  • Front Wheel Steering
  • All Wheel Steering
  • Crab Wheel Steering
  • 3.20m Turning Radius* Front Steering
  • 2.50m Turning Radius* All Wheel Steering

HAV 50 s1  SAFETY Features:

  • Active Torque Control
  • Independent all-wheel Torque control system.
  • Roll-over protection
  • Independent all-wheel suspension system.
  • Smart height adjustment for different applications.

HAV 50 s1 Tractor specifications


  • Easy but rugged touch system.
  • Ease of operations for controls.
  • Smart lift and operator controls.
  • Conventional IC Engine 50hp Tractor
  • 1500 Hours/Year
  • No Breakdown Maintenance Considered
  • 500 Hours Maintenance Interval
  • 10 years of maintenance and service free.
  • Quicker Adaptation of Autonomous operation.
  • Next-Gen Dynamic design.
  • Higher Haulage Capacity.
  • Higher Area Coverage on implements.
  • External plug support to supply power to household or other equipment.

HAV 50s1 Tractor Specifications

HAV 50s1 Tractor Specifications

Dimension   50 S1  
Height of safety frame A 2330 mm
Wheel track front (Std.) B 1282 mm
Wheel track rear (Std.) C 1285 mm
Total Width (Std.) D 1620 mm
Steering Height (Std.) E 1410 mm
Hood Height (Std.) F 1350 mm
Ground Clearance (Std.) G 435 mm
Wheel Base H 1947 mm
Total Length I 3240 mm
Weight (w/o Ballast) J 1465 Kg
Front Tyre 7.5 R18
Rear Tyre 320 70R24

HAV 50s1 Tractors Contact details:


  • 1016, Tower-1, Assotech business 
  • cresterra, Plot-22, Sector-135, Noida,
  • Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Phone: 0120-7195336
  • Official Website: https://hybridagrivehicle.com

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