Cruise brothers! Harley-Davidson launch updated Street Glide and Road Glide tourers for 2024

Harley-Davidson has expanded its product line for 2024 with the launch of the two new ‘bagger’ models, the Street Glide and Road Glide, and both will be available in dealers in March.

The heart of all bikes is the latest Milwaukee-Eight with 117, a thundering fantastic 1923cc balanced V-twin that Harley suggests will undergo significant changes in 2024.

The new motor is updated with intake and exhaust features to boost performance and a new cooling system that the Milwaukee manufacturer claims will improve “thermal comfort for the rider.”

Cruise brothers! Harley-Davidson launch updated Street Glide and Road Glide tourers for 2024

The latest model “represents a new era for Harley-Davidson”, according to the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company, Jochen Zeitz, who says: “without question, these are the most enticing touring motorcycles ever offered by Harley-Davidson.”

It’s lighter, the ride is enhanced, and every bike has some technology, including an impressive 12.3-inch touchscreen TFT display and a powerful 200-watt amplifier ready to blast ‘Born In the USA when you speed on the M25.

The larger tourers have four different rider modes: the Road mode, Sports, and Custom. This allows riders to electronically adjust the performance parameters based on the conditions, such as throttle response, engine braking settings, and ABS and traction controls.

Engineers in the design field are also hard at work to make physical changes. Aerodynamics have been revamped with a claim of a 60% reduction in your helmet’s buffeting speed. This, together with a revamped saddle and a rear suspension increase of 76mm, is sure to keep you enjoying your day in peace.

People who want a piece from the American pie could expect to pay £26,795 to get a base colour and then increase it to £29,095 when specified with premium colour options. The prices for Road Glide Road Glide start at £27,295 and rise to £29.595 when choosing an excellent colour.

Harley’s latest bagger siblings undoubtedly have a higher price tag; however, in the specialized environment of full-dress tourers, they are at an advantage over competitors such as Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing and GL1800 Gold Wing, particularly given the fervent devotion shown by fans who own the company.

Naturally, you can expect any bike to be extremely capable of effortlessly running large distances in luxurious comfort, and, as with all models made by Harley-Davidson, it will come with an array of options for customization.

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