Free Beds for Low Income Families (9 Assistance Programs)


“Free Beds for Low Income Families” is a crucial initiative that ensures those in need have a cozy place to sleep. With homelessness on the rise, many individuals struggle to afford essential items like beds and mattresses. Thankfully, several organizations have recognized this need and are providing free beds and mattresses to low-income families. Let’s explore the available assistance programs for families living below the poverty line.

Free Beds for Low Income Families: List of Organizations Give Away Free Beds

If you’re a responsible member of a family in need of beds for sleeping, you might consider looking for assistance online or offline. Here’s a list of organizations that help low-income families acquire beds and mattresses:


St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store provides free furniture and appliances to create comfortable and cozy homes. However, only low-income families who meet specific criteria are eligible for free beds. Individuals or families experiencing financial challenges or urgently needing furniture can apply for a loan or furniture vouchers. If you meet the criteria, you may receive a free sofa, bed, table, chair, mattress, or couch tailored to your needs.


Furniture For Families

Furniture For Families, a non-profit organization, assists low-income families requiring furniture, including beds. They provide a diverse range of household items and furniture at zero cost to families transitioning out of homelessness or recovering from a disaster.

To receive a bed from Furniture For Families (FFF), families need to complete an application and submit proof of income or financial hardship. Upon approval, families can arrange a pickup or delivery date for their furniture. Additionally, Furniture For Families collaborates with local organizations like homeless shelters and domestic violence organizations to identify families in need.



Get Free Beds from Love INC

Love INC is a national non-profit organization that collaborates with local churches and community groups to support low-income families. They frequently distribute donated furniture, including beds and mattresses, to families who are either sleeping on the floor or sharing beds with other family members. Moreover, they provide vouchers that can be redeemed for beds at reduced prices or at no cost from partnering stores or local volunteers.



Beds4Kidz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing beds to children and their families who may be struggling financially. They offer both new and used beds to ensure no child has to sleep on the floor. To date, over 16,000 individuals in New Mexico have received free beds from Beds4Kidz. The organization welcomes donations of queen and full-size beds, as well as gently used linens, blankets, comforters, and other bedding items. Beds donated to Beds4Kidz must be clean and comfortable, without significant stains, rips, or damage.

They particularly appreciate complete bed sets, including mattresses, foundations, frames, and other components, as long as they are in good condition. Alongside beds, Beds4Kidz is always in need of dressers, chests of drawers, and other furniture items to enhance the comfort and functionality of a child’s bedroom. However, they are unable to accept sleeper sofas, couches, or recliners. The organization collects donated furniture like beds and redistributes it to low-income families with children free of charge.


Cribs for Kids

Cribs for Kids is a private organization committed to assisting low-income families in obtaining beds for their children. With 25 years of experience, they have distributed over 900,000 beds to those in need. Collaborating with various partners and volunteers, the organization ensures that the cribs provided meet the safety standards outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). These beds are not only safe but also comfortable, and they come at no cost to families who cannot afford them.

Additionally, Cribs for Kids supplies sheets, pillows, and blankets for each bed. Beyond providing beds, the organization offers valuable resources such as guidance on safe sleep practices, parenting education, and referrals to other agencies. Through their efforts, Cribs for Kids ensures that low-income families with children have access to a secure sleeping environment every night.


Samaritan House

Samaritan House, a community service organization in San Mateo County, offers assistance to low-income families confronting various challenges such as homelessness and poverty. Among their services is providing free furniture, including beds, to those in need. Low-income families can apply for furniture assistance from Samaritan House by completing an application form. Once approved, families have the opportunity to select from a range of donated furniture items, including beds and mattresses.

The organization also offers delivery services to streamline the process of receiving donated furniture. Samaritan House collaborates with local organizations and businesses to gather donations of furniture and household items. They prioritize distributing these items to those most in need, including low-income families, seniors, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Through initiatives like providing free beds, Samaritan House is making a significant impact in their community, addressing poverty and homelessness.

Samaritan House is leading the fight against poverty in San Mateo Coun



Salvation Army Furniture Vouchers

The Salvation Army operates a furniture voucher program that offers free furniture, including beds, to low-income families. Families in need of furniture must first be referred to the Salvation Army by a social service agency, such as a homeless shelter or a non-profit organization serving low-income families. Upon receiving the referral, the Salvation Army assesses if the family qualifies for a furniture voucher.

If approved, the family receives a voucher that they can redeem at a local thrift store or warehouse for furniture items like beds and mattresses. Additionally, the Salvation Army can arrange for the delivery of the furniture items to the family’s home. It’s important to note that furniture vouchers are limited and may not always be available. The Salvation Army relies on community donations of furniture and household items to support their furniture voucher program.


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters, a non-profit organization, primarily focuses on providing mentorship programs for children and youth from low-income families. However, they also extend assistance to families in need of beds for their children. Through partnerships with furniture suppliers like Factory Mattress, who donate 5% of mattress proceeds every Tuesday and Wednesday, Big Brothers Big Sisters receives beds to distribute.

These beds are allocated to children from low-income families participating in the mentorship program or to families who reach out to BBBS for assistance. Families interested in receiving a bed from Big Brothers Big Sisters can contact their local agency to inquire about the program and eligibility requirements.


National Furniture Banks

National Furniture Banks are organizations dedicated to furnishing basic furniture and household essentials to families in need, especially those living below the poverty line. They gather donations of used furniture from individuals and businesses, as well as new items from corporate sponsors.

These donated items are then distributed to families who lack the means to acquire them independently. By supplying essential items like beds, couches, tables, chairs, dressers, and more, these banks empower families to maintain their dignity as they strive for financial stability.


Who is Eligible for Free Bed Programs?

Eligibility criteria for free bed programs vary depending on the program. Typically, you may qualify for a free bed if you meet specific requirements such as:

  • Low income families.
  • Single parent with below the poverty line income.
  • Poor homeless individuals and families.
  • People with disability.
  • Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.
  • Families impacted by disasters like fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.
  • Members of a specific group, such as veterans, and senior citizens.

Places to Find Free or Low Cost Beds and Mattresses

Having a comfortable and supportive bed is crucial for a good night’s sleep, but not everyone can afford a brand new one. Thankfully, there are several places you can find free or low-cost beds and mattresses:

1. Freecycle: This website allows people to give away items they no longer need for free. Join a local group and browse listings for free beds and mattresses.

2. Craigslist: Craigslist is a classified website where people can sell or give away items. Search for free or low-cost beds and mattresses in your area.

3. Facebook Marketplace: Another online platform where people can buy and sell items, including beds and mattresses. Filter by price and search for options in your area.

4. Local charities: Look for local charities that provide free beds and mattresses to those in need.

5. Thrift stores: These stores often sell used beds and mattresses at lower prices than new ones. Remember to inspect items carefully for signs of wear, bed bugs, and stains before purchasing.

Always prioritize safety when obtaining a used bed or mattress. Be thorough in checking for any signs of damage or pests before accepting the item.

FAQs about Free Beds for Low Income Families

How do I Qualify for a Free Bed Programs?

The requirements vary depending on the organization. Generally, you will need to provide proof of low-income status and/or proof of need. Some organizations may also require a referral from a social worker or case manager.

Can I Choose the Type of Bed I Receive?

It depends on the organization. Some may have a limited selection of beds available, while others may offer a variety of options for you to choose from.

Are the Beds Provided for Assistance Programs New or Used?

Typically, organizations offering free furniture assistance programs receive refurbished or gently used items from locals and businesses. Therefore, it’s likely that the beds provided are in good condition, albeit previously used.

Can I Receive More than One Bed for My Family?

This varies by organization. Some organizations that provide free beds to low-income families may limit the number of beds per family, while others may offer multiple beds if needed. It’s advisable to inquire with the specific organization you’re dealing with to understand their policies regarding the number of beds a family can receive.

Do I Need to Pick up the Bed, or will it be Delivered?

The logistics of pickup or delivery will depend on the organization. Some may require you to pick up the bed yourself, while others may provide free delivery services.


In summary, free beds for low-income families offer a comfortable and secure sleeping space, enabling families to begin each day refreshed. Without this vital initiative, thousands would lack suitable sleeping arrangements every night. It’s important to acknowledge that such support doesn’t stem from a single source but rather from collective efforts. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference over time. Let’s all contribute by donating unused beds and related components to help low-income families receive free beds and mattresses.


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