Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree 2024

If you’re thinking about going back to school, I have some great news for you. Online degrees are not only flexible but also affordable, which means you can study at your own pace without breaking the bank. Want to learn more about the best and cheapest online bachelor’s degree programs? Let’s explore together!

Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree 2024

Did you know that average earnings for those with a bachelor’s degree is 57% more than those with only the requirements of a high school degree? Completing a bachelor’s program could open doors to more job possibilities and improve your earnings overall.

Inscribing into the online bachelor’s degree program is a well-known method to get a degree that is four years old. It is more flexible and affordable as opposed to traditional in-person classes.

As per the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2021, 28% of undergraduates exclusively attended online classes. This is more than two times the amount of undergraduate students registered solely online in the year 2019.

Most Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs 2024

#1 Southern New Hampshire University
Manchester, NH
$15,000 $15,000 92%
#2 Florida International University
Miami, FL
$4,721 $16,529 64%
#3 University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
$4,559 $15,473 49%
#4 University of Florida-Online
Gainesville, FL
$3,358 $15,000 66%
#5 God’s Bible School and College
Cincinnati, OH
$6,500 $6,500 65%
#6 University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
$10,990 $33,739 87%
#7 University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL
$4,478 $19,810 36%
#8 Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
Baton Rouge, LA
$8,038 $8,038 71%
#9 Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL
$2,522 $14,374 78%
#10 University of Missouri-St. Louis
Saint Louis, MO
$12,015 $30,570 57%

Career and Salary Outlook for Popular Bachelor’s Degrees

Myriad options for Bachelor’s degrees could provide high-paying, lucrative work. A variety of career paths in finance, technology and healthcare require a bachelor’s degree and pay a high salary.

You can earn work experience by pursuing entry-level positions in the sector after completing an undergraduate degree. These are the most sought-after jobs with high-paying salaries that require an undergraduate degree.

Accountants and Auditors $78,000 4%
Data Scientists $103,500 35%
Financial Analysts $96,220 8%
Human Resources Specialists $64,240 6%
Information Security Analysts $112,000 32%
Mechanical Engineers $96,310 10%
Project Management Specialists $95,370 6%
Registered Nurses $81,220 6%
Technical Writers $79,960 7%
Web Developers and Digital Designers $80,730 16%

Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree 2024

 Benefits of Getting an Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degree

There are advantages to enrolling in an online degree program that can help make an online education the best option for you.


The primary reason to choose an online college is the flexibility. Many courses allow you to access content at a time that is most convenient for you. You can complete your work and access your materials wherever you’re connected to the internet.


Online courses can be cheaper than degrees in person. Some schools offer discounts for tuition online. Additionally, you can save money on transport, living expenses, and college fees.

Same Degree

The diploma you receive won’t include “online” written beneath the title of your degree. Online courses are typically conducted by the same instructors with the same curriculum and expectations as in-person classes.

4 Ways to Make an Online Bachelor’s Degree More Affordable

The cost of college can be a bit overwhelming. However, the price of a college education is dependent on many factors. There are ways to lower the cost of your education. You can request financial assistance through various methods, even if you’re taking classes at the university online.

1. Submit the FAFSA

The FAFSA al, known as the Free Application to Federal Student Aid, is federal financial aid granted by the need for financial assistance. You can get help through grants, work-study and loans. You can choose to accept or decline all types of service. In the case of a grant, for instance. Could take the grant cash without taking out federal loans. The money is first distributed to your school; any leftover funds are used to pay for housing or supplies.

2. Research Scholarships

College scholarships are cash awards you do not have to pay back. These scholarships can come from private businesses, non-profit organizations, or the school you’re applying for.

Every scholarship comes with application specifications, award amounts and timeframes, so learning about and being aware of everyone is essential. Many students are unaware of smaller scholarships; however, applying to any of the opportunities, regardless of how small, could result in huge savings.

Websites such as allow you to narrow your search. Searching for scholarships targeting specific degrees, towns, cities, or abilities is also possible. Be sure to look into local organizations and businesses in your local area for other opportunities. You may even receive an award for wearing the prom dress fashioned with duct tape.

3. Check if You Qualify for Employer-Sponsored Programs

If you’re employed, You can ask your employer whether they have any assistance with tuition.

Businesses like Starbucks are famous because of their education reimbursement programs; however, companies are now offering rewards to you to continue your studies. Check with your HR department to find out whether you’re eligible for any program.

For faster completion of degree programs, It is also possible to check at colleges you are considering to find out more about getting college credit from your job experiences.

4. Transfer Credits

Another option to cut costs is to determine the possibility that you are able to transfer credits. If you’ve taken any college-level class, such as an AP course or test, you can receive college credit for the scores.

Many colleges also accept credit for community college courses, regardless of whether you attended the college during high school.

You can also “test to see if you can pass ” classes by taking an exam at the college. Certain programs permit students to gain credit for your the work experience you have gained.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Affordable Online Bachelor's Program

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Affordable Online Bachelor’s Program?

It is important to consider various factors when deciding on an online bachelor’s degree. The most suitable option for you will differ from other people’s top choices.

Things to consider include the following:


The cost of college is a major financial commitment. It is important to know the tuition fees before choosing the right school. Some schools cost per credit hour, while some may have the option of a semester-long flat rate.

Online colleges might provide a tuition-free rate for all students. Alternatively, some programs have different prices for out-of-state versus in-state residents. Some colleges might even provide tuition-free programs.


Costs for college aren’t only tuition costs. You also have to account for additional costs and fees, such as technology and fees for programs. When you compare online programs with in-person courses, you have to consider transportation, meals, parking and other expenses.


If an institution is accredited, it’s a sign that an outside agency has looked into the school and concluded that it is academically sound and fully-fledged. An accredited school implies that you’ll receive federal financial aid more easily, and you’ll be able to transfer credits significantly easier.

Student Services

The majority of colleges you consider are likely to provide high-quality academics. What will really bring a college up the list is the services for students that are offered. Take a look at the accessibility to counseling, academic support and student-run organizations.

Other services for distant learners to search for are virtual meet-ups technical support, and tutors online and options like careers services and connections to alumni groups.

FAQs About Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Can I get a job with a cheap online bachelor’s degree?

You’re absolutely able to find work with a less expensive online bachelor’s degree as it’s recognized as accredited. After you’ve graduated, the diploma will not have “online” written on it. The online bachelor’s degree will allow you to apply for positions that require a four-year college degree.

What are alternatives to a cheap online bachelor’s program?

Instead of enrolling in a costly online bachelor’s degree, you can earn an associate degree or technical education at an institution of higher education in the community. You can also consider getting an apprenticeship or internship and gaining employment earlier.

Are affordable online bachelor’s degrees worth it?

If you’re self-motivated and effectively manage your time A low-cost bachelor’s degree online could be worth the initial cost and the stress of attending university. You’re likely to earn more money if you have a bachelor’s degree.

Do affordable online bachelor’s degrees have accelerated programs?

Accelerated bachelor’s degree might be more affordable as you will pay for fewer college semesters. A program that is accelerated allows you to finish your degree in less than 4 years. You can find online accelerated programs in virtually every field of study.

Is it cheaper to get an online bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree online can be less expensive, based on your personal situation. Always look at costs and compare them based on your individual circumstances. Some colleges offer reduced tuition rates for students who study online. Some colleges provide a fixed online fee regardless of whether you’re an in-state student or a resident outside the state. The online college experience can also reduce the costs of transport, housing, and other campus costs.

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