DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Price, Specs & Review 2023

DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Price 2023, Specs, Review, Overview

DEUTZ-FAHR offers the ideal specialist Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini tractor for fruit-growing businesses that are now looking for greater mechanisation.

The Agroplus F Keyline series consists of 4 beautiful models (AGROPLUS 55F Keyline, AGROPLUS 65F KeylineAGROPLUS 75F Keyline, and AGROPLUS 80.4F Keyline) ranging from 55-75 HP. For more information, please read this entire post.

DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Info.

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DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Price

DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Price Specs

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DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Key Facts

  • Engine: SDF Series 1000 Tier3 engines with turbo or turbo intercooler
  • Cylinder: 3
  • Displacement: 3000 cc
  • Max. power (ECE R120): 55 hp
  • Power at rated engine speed (ECE R120): 55 hp
  • Rated speed: 2200 rpm
  • Max. torque: 213 Nm
  • Engine speed at maximum torque: 1400 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 65 ltr
  • Rear lift capacity (STANDARD version): 3050 kg
  • Rear lift capacity (COMPACT version): 2700 kg
  • Wheelbase (C): 1996 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 4200 kg

DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Specifications

 Manufacturer  SDF 
 Model  1000.3
 Emissions  Tier3
 Cylinders/Displacement  3/3000 n°/cc
 Pump-injector  Direct
 Turbo  Standard
 Turbo intercooler  NA
 Max. power (ECE R120)  40.5/55
 Max. power engine speed  2200
 Power at rated engine speed (ECE R120)  40.5/55 
 Rated speed  2200
Max. torque 213
Engine speed at maximum torque 1400
Torque rise 21
Mechanical engine control  Standard
Under-hood silencer with side exhaust  Standard
Exhaust gas after-treatment system iEGR
Fuel tank capacity 65
Synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle    Standard
 Mechanical clutch Standard 
 Number of speeds  8+8 n°
 Number of gears 4  n°
 Number of ranges  2  n°
Synchronised ratios  Standard 
 Number of speeds 10 + 10 n°
Number of gears  5  n°
Number of ranges  2  n°
Synchronised ratios Standard
Number of speeds with supercreeper gear 15+ 15 n°
Number of gears 5 n°
Number of ranges 3 n°
Supercreeper gear Standard
Minimum speed/minimum speed with supercreeper gear 1790/280 m/hr
 Dry clutch  Standard
Mechanical engagement  Standard 
PTO 540  Standard 
PTO 540/540ECO  Optional 
Ground speed PTO  Optional 
Front axle, 4WD   Standard 
100% lockable front/rear differentials  Standard  
Hydrostatic control   Standard 
Mechanical parking brake  Standard  
Trailer hydraulic braking valve Optional 
Hydrostatic steering with independent pump   Standard 
Pump output   18 L/min
Mechanical rear hitch control   Standard 
Rear lift capacity (STANDARD version)   3050 kg
Rear lift capacity (COMPACT version)  2700 kg 
Open-centre hydraulic circuits   Standard 
Pump output   42 L/min
Mechanical engagement   Standard 
Auxiliary rear hydraulic distributors (std)   4 n° of ways
Auxiliary rear hydraulic distributors (opt)  6 n° of ways
Folding roll over protection frame (ROPS) Standard
Standard front tyres 280/70 R16″
Standard rear tyres 360/70 R24″
Maximum front track (A) 1462 MM
Maximum rear track 1466 MM
Width between mudguards 600 MM
 Width at mudguards (without extensions) 1120 MM
Total rear width 1466 MM
Total front width 1462 MM
Wheelbase (C) 1996 MM
Length (with rear linkage) (D) 3442 MM
Front track (min./max.) 1166/1422 MM
Rear track (min./max.) 1091/1491 MM
Max height at ROPS (B) 2319 MM
Height at steering wheel 1430 MM
Height at mudguards 1211 MM
Height at instrument cluster 1387 MM
Weight 2450 kg
Maximum load capacity 4200  kg

DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 55F Keyline Mini Tractor Video

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