Case Ih 6130 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Case Ih 6130 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review

All information on the Case Ih 6130 Combine is available on the (official website) and included on this page.

Grain crops are harvested using the massive Case IH 6130 combine. Headers, which cut the plants and separate the grain from the plant debris, threshing systems, which separate the grain from the husk and straw, and cleaning systems, which remove contaminants from the grain, are all typical components.

Designed for use on smaller to medium-sized farms, the 6130 series is a reliable and efficient machine. As a result of its dependability and effectiveness, it is widely utilised by farmers all over the world.

Case Ih 6130 Combine Specs

Case Ih 6130 Combine Price

 Price = USD $13,200.00 (Approx)

Case Ih 6130 Combine Weight

Weight = 33,900 lbs. (15,377 kg)

Case Ih 6130 Combine Horsepower

Horsepower = 320 hp

Case Ih 6130 Combine Oil capacity

Oil capacity = 250 gal. (945 l)

Case Ih 6130 Combine Specs


Specs Value
Engine capacity 8700 cm3 (8,7 l.)
Engine type (model / version) Cursor 9
AdBlue tank 166 l.
Engine fuel tank 950 l.
Turbocharging available
Cylinders, qty 6
Power (kW/HP) 285 kW / 387 KM
Engine manufacturer Iveco


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) specs Value
Max. speed 25 km/h
Unloading speed n.d.
Grain loss indicator available
Grain tank capacity n.d.


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) header specs Value
Reel diameter 107 cm
Reel speed adjustment hydraulics
Header reverser / Reel reverse feature hydraulics
Alternative widths 518 – 732 cm
Automatic header height mode available
Header tilt systems available
Header width (working) 609 cm
Header tilt adjustment (longitudinal tilt / crossfall) none


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) sieves specs Value
Lower sieve area 2,33 m2
Upper sieve area n.d.
Lower sieve type adjustable
Total screening area screening area covered by fan 5,48 m2


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) dimensions Value
Alternative front tyres 800/65R32
Alternative rear tyres 460/70R24
Width (with header) 6,4 m
Width (without header) 4 m
Height (with cab) 3,9 m
Front tyres (drive wheels) 900/65R32
Rear tyres (turning wheels) 600/65R28
Length (with header) 7,69 m
Total weight (with header) 16200 kg


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) transmission specs Value
Transmission hydraulic transmission
Forward gears 3

Straw walkers

Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) straw walkers specs Value
Straw walkers, qty 1 straw walker


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) brakes Value
Brakes disc brakes


Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11) threshing specs Value
Diameter of cylinder threshing mechanism 76 cm
Width of cylinder threshing mechanism 279 cm


Specs Value
Heating with heating
Air conditioning with air conditioning

Case Ih 6130 Combine Review Video



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