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Bowlmor AMF, the predecessor of Bowlero Corporation, was established in July 2013 due to the merger of Strike Holdings LLC and AMF Bowling Worldwide.  


The corporation is considered the world’s largest 10-pin bowling center operator, with more than 300 locations and several brands. 

The bowling centers, which have an average of 40 lanes, are concentrated in the USA, while the others are in Mexico and Canada. These are rightly considered among the best places for bowling in the country.

Cerberus Capital Management and Credit Suisse jointly held it, and Bowlmor; Strike Holdings previously did business as Bowlmor Lanes, a high-end bowling and entertainment company. By May 2014, the first Bowlero center was started in The Woodlands, Texas. 

It was the AMF Woodlands Lanes refurbished to become the first Bowlero location. Bowlero Corporation owns and manages other bowling center brands aside from its flagship brand. These include Brunswick Zone, AMF, and Bowlmor Lanes. 


Here’s a list of Bowlero bowling prices:

List of Bowlero Bowling Prices 2024

Bowlero Bowling Prices


Bowlero Bowling Prices Monday Mayhem

5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Game (Per Person) $4.74
Shoe Rentals (Per Person) $4.79

8:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

ake Monday your favorite day! Roll in for unlimited bowling & shoes, arcade card deals, and delicious food & drink specials starting at 8pm. $13.19

Bowlero Bowling Prices Tuesday Specials

5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Game (Per One) $4.74
Shoe Rentals (Per One) $4.79

8:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

Game (Per Individual) $2.22
Shoe Rentals (Per Individual) $2.22
Tall Boys $2.22
Tacos $2.22
Long Island Iced Teas $2.22
$5 Arcade Card $2.22

Bowlero Bowling Prices Wednesday

Get DOUBLE the arcade play—ALL DAY, every Wednesday!

5:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Game – Per Person $4.74
Shoe Rentals – Per Person $4.79

Wednesday Late Night

Wednesdays starting at 9pm. Subject to lane availability. Shoe rental not included.
Unlimited Bowling Per Person $10.00
Shoe Rentals (Per Person), Wednesday Late Night $4.79
Flatbreads $5.00
Domestic Bottles $3.00
$6 Arcade Card $3.00

Bowlero Bowling Prices Thursday College Night

5:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Game – Per Invidual $4.74
Shoe Rentals – Per Invidual $4.79
Unlimited Bowling – Per Person $11.00
Slices $2.50
Pints $2.50

Bowlero Bowling Prices After Party Fridays

10:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Game – Per One $4.74
Shoe Rentals – Per One $4.79

10:00 P.M. – 12:30 A.M.

Unlimited Bowling (Per Person) $12.89
Shoe Rental $4.79

Bowlero Bowling Prices Saturday

10:30 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Per Game (Per Person) $6.84
Shoe Rentals – Per One Player $4.79

8:00 P.M. – 12:30 A.M.

Per Game (Per One) $7.54
Shoe Rentals (Per One Player) $4.79

Bowlero Bowling Prices Sunday Funday

11:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Per Game $4.74
Shoe Rentals $4.79

6:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

Games (Per Person) $3.49
Shoes (Per Person) $4.79
$6 Arcade Card (Per Person) $3.00

Bowlero bowling food Menu prices

Here are some examples of food and drink prices at Bowlero:

  • Appetizers:
    • Chicken wings: $10
    • Mozzarella sticks: $6
    • Quesadillas: $12
  • Entrees:
    • Burgers: $10-15
    • Pasta: $15
    • Pizza: $12-15
  • Desserts:
    • Ice cream: $5
    • Cake: $10
    • Cookies: $3
  • Drinks:
    • Soda: $3
    • Beer: $5-7
    • Wine: $8-10
    • Cocktails: $10-12

Bowlero bowling lane prices

  • Arlington, VA: Monday-Thursday: $19.99 per lane per hour, Friday-Sunday: $22.49 per lane per hour.
  • Lone Tree, CO: Sunday-Friday: $5.99 per game, Saturday: $6.99 per game.
  • Houston, TX: Monday-Thursday: $23.49 per lane per hour, Friday-Sunday: $25.99 per lane per hour.
  • San Jose, CA: Monday-Thursday: $22.49 per lane per hour, Friday-Sunday: $24.99 per lane per hour.

Bowlero cosmic bowling prices

Here are some examples:

  • Monday-Thursday: $18.49 per person for unlimited bowling after 8pm (shoe rental included)
  • Friday-Sunday: $21.49 per person for unlimited bowling after 8pm (shoe rental included)
  • Saturday & Sunday: $6.39 per game of bowling after 8pm (shoe rental included)

Bowlero atlantic station bowling prices

Here are the bowling prices at Bowlero Atlantic Station:

  • Monday-Friday: $17.99 per person for unlimited bowling after 5pm (shoe rental included)
  • Saturday-Sunday: $20.99 per person for unlimited bowling after 5pm (shoe rental included)
  • Sunday Funday: Bowl for $6.99 per game after 5pm on Sundays.
  • Group Bowling Specials: Receive discounts on bowling and food for groups of 10 or more.
  • Birthday Party Specials: Bowlers get a free game of bowling and shoe rental on their birthday.

Bowlero chula vista bowling prices

Here are the bowling prices at Bowlero Chula Vista:

  • Night Strike: $21.49 per lane per hour on Mondays
  • All-you-can-bowl: $39.95 per person
  • Weekdays: $25.95 per lane per hour
  • Weekends: $30.95 per lane per hour

Bowlero naperville bowling prices

Bowlero Naperville offers the following prices for bowling:

  • Weekday Games: $18.49 for unlimited bowling on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after 8pm. Included is a shoe rental.
  • Weekend Games: 23.349 dollars per person for unlimited bowling on Fridays and Saturdays after 8pm. Included is shoe rental.
  • Weekend and weekday games: $25 for unlimited bowling on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Included is shoe rental.
  • Bowlero has group rates available for groups with 10 or more members. The price per person depends on the day and time of the week.
  • Birthday Parties: Bowlero has birthday party packages which include unlimited bowling and food. They also offer arcade games, drinks, and food. The cost of a Birthday Party Package varies depending on how many guests are attending.

Bowlero romeoville bowling prices

Here are the bowling prices at Bowlero Romeoville:

  • Weekend Games: $6.99 per game. The shoe rental is $4.99.
  • Weekend Night Strike (After 9 pm): $23.49 unlimited bowling. Shoe rental is included.
  • Weekday Games: $4.99 per game. The shoe rental is $4.99.
  • Weekday Night Strike (After 9 pm): $18.49 unlimited bowling. Shoe rental is included.

Bowlero romeoville bowling prices

Here are the bowling prices at Bowlero Romeoville:

  • Shoe rental: $4.99
  • (Monday-Thursday, 9pm-close): $4.99 per game, $24.99 for unlimited bowling 
  • (Friday-Sunday, all day): $5.99 per game, $29.99 for unlimited bowling

Bowlero lakeville bowling prices 

Here are the bowling prices at Bowlero Lakeville:

  • All-You-Can-Bowl: $25.95 per person for 2 hours
  • League Bowling: $12.95 per person per game
  • Weekday Bowling: $15.95 per lane per hour for up to 6 people
  • Weekend Bowling: $20.95 per lane per hour for up to 6 people

Bowlero bowling alley prices

Here are some general prices for bowling at Bowlero:

  • Nighttime: $10-$15 per game, plus $3-$5 for shoe rental.
  • Weekdays: $5-$10 per game, plus $3-$5 for shoe rental.
  • Weekends: $6-$12 per game, plus $3-$5 for shoe rental

History and Brands

Bowlmor AMF was formed in July 2013 by the merger of AMF Bowling Worldwide with Strike Holdings LLC. Cerberus Capital, Credit Suisse, and Bowlmor jointly owned the company. Strike Holdings was previously known as Bowlmor Lanes and specialized in high-end entertainment.

The first Bowlero center in The Woodlands opened its doors on May 14, 2014. The AMF Woodlands Lanes were converted into the first Bowlero center.

Bowlero Corporation also owns and operates bowling centers under other brands besides its flagship brand. AMF, Brunswick Zone and Bowlmor Lanes are among the brands Bowlero Corporation owns.

It is important to note that Bowlero, Bowlmor, and other names are not exclusives of the company and the bowling centers that use them do not follow the corporate branding strategy.

Bowlero Services, Facilities and Amenities

The Bowlero chain currently consists of 47 centers. These bowling centers offer open play, group events, and bowling leagues. This combination makes them great hangout places for both amateur and professional players. They are more traditional than their competitors but have a trendy and hip environment.

Bowlero centers also offer a variety of leagues for those who enjoy competition. These leagues are open to all levels of players, including beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Rules and regulations will apply, but the goal is for everyone to have fun and improve their skills. They will compete for prizes and have fun in these tournaments, which are just as exciting as world bowling championships!

Bowlero’s social club members and league bowlers have access to exclusive privileges not available to all players. Bowlero members enjoy exclusive privileges, including free games and discounts at events and parties. They also get great deals on food, drinks, and other items.

The Bowlero Elite Series is for you if winning cash prizes and bowling are your passions. You can compete for a piece of the $500,000 in cash prizes. This is an invitational tournament with single elimination, with eight professional bowlers and eight league players competing.

Bowlero centers offer great food and beverages, but they are also excellent bowling venues! With a wide variety of classic and modern dishes, including the six-pound Behemoth Burger, the extensive lane side menu appeals to both young and old. These dishes have been featured in national magazines and on television, which is a testament to their deliciousness and quality.

Drinks are also available, including the 123-ounce Dunk Tank Cocktail. This cocktail is perfect for refreshing your mind and body following a game of bowling. The drinks menu also includes a variety of local craft beers and brews available only to adults.

The chicken wings are delicious and better than the ones served in upscale restaurants. Wings are available in six different sauces, including ranch.
There are also a variety of premium spirits, beers, and wines on the events menu. You can also enjoy vegetable spring rolls and oven-fired Pizzas.

Bowlero centers are the perfect place to host a party! Holiday events can include arcade games, blacklight bowling, oversized food, and premium drinks.

Bowlero event planners handle all the details, from setup to cleanup. Bowlero can host birthday parties for children and teens and other social events.

Also Check:

Bowlero Corporate Contact information

Guest Services 

[email protected]

Corporate Address 
222 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10036


Bowlero Locations

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FAQs For Bowlero Bowling Prices

How much are flatbreads at Bowlero bowling alley?

Flatbreads – $5.00

How much does Bowlero cost?

Game (Per Person) – $4.74, Shoe Rentals (Per Person) – $4.79

What are Tuesday night specials at Bowlero?

Tuesday Specials start at 5:00 P.M. till 11:00PM.

How much are Thursday college nights at Bowlero?

Slices – $2.50
Pints – $2.50
Game – Per Invidual – $4.74
Shoe Rentals – Per Invidual – $4.79
Unlimited Bowling – Per Person – $11.00

What are the prices for bowling at Bowlero?

The bowling prices vary depending on the location and time of day. Bowling generally costs $5 to $15 per person per game. Shoes are an extra $3 to $5 for each person.

What are the hours of operation for Bowlero?

Hours of operation vary depending on the location. Bowlero generally operates from 11 am until 11 pm, seven days a week. Some locations have extended hours during the holidays or on weekends.

What are the policies for children bowling at Bowlero?

Bowlero requires that children under 12 years old be accompanied at all times by an adult. Children under five years old are not permitted to bowl alone.

What are the policies for smoking at Bowlero?

Bowlero does not allow smoking. Only designated smoking areas are allowed outside the building.

What are the policies for food and beverages at Bowlero?

The bowling alleys are not permitted to serve food or beverages. You can purchase food and drinks from the bar and restaurant to enjoy in the lounge.

What are the policies for lost and found items at Bowlero?

All items that have been lost or found are returned to the front desk. Owners can claim their items by presenting a valid photo ID. If an item has not been claimed in 30 days, it will be donated.

how much is bowling at bowlero on saturday

Per Game (Per Person): $6.84
Shoe Rentals – Per One Player: $4.79

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