Bobcat T750 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Bobcat T750 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Bobcat T750 Specs

Bobcat T750 Price

Price = N/A

Bobcat T750 Weight

Weight = 10465 Ibs (4747 kg)

Bobcat T750 Height

Height = 31.3 in. (79.4 cm)

Bobcat T750 Horsepower

Horsepower = 85 HP (63.4 kW)

Bobcat T750 Specs

Brand Bobcat
Model T750
Series M Series
Type Compact loader
Years Made 2011-2018


Model V3800-DI-T-E3
Combustion Chamber Direct injection (E-CDIS)
Type Diesel, turbocharged, water cooling
Emissions Tier 4
Compression Ratio 19.0
Fuel Diesel Fuel No.2-D (ASTM D975)
Idle Speed 775 to 825
Rated Speed 2800 RPM
No. of Cylinders 4
Rotation Counter-clockwise
Order of Firing 1-3-4-2
  US Metric
Bore and Stroke 3.94×4.72 in. 10×12 cm
Injection Timing 0.1 rad
Fuel Tank Cap. 44.4 gal 168.1 L
Horsepower 85 HP 63.4 kW
Displacement 223 cu in. 3769 cc
Injection Pressure 2275 psi 160 kgf/cm²
Engine Weight
  US Metric
Dry Weight 635 Ibs 288 kg
Engine Dimensions
  US Metric
Height 31.3 in. 79.4 cm
Length 29.3 in. 74.5 cm
Width 21.6 in. 54.9 cm


Transmission Hydrostatic  
Gear  2  
Travel Speed
Gear US Metric
1 6.6 mph 10.6 km
2 10.7 mph 17.2 km


  US Metric
Operating Weight 10465 Ibs 4747 kg


  US Metric
Length with Standard Bucket 141.6 in. 359.7 cm
Reach Maximum Height 33.6 in. 85.3 cm
Track Width 17.7 in 45 cm
Height to Bucket Pin 132 in. 335.3 cm
Operating Height (include cab) 81.3 in. 206.5 cm
Length without Attachment 114.3 in. 290.3 cm


  US Metric
Ground Pressure 4.2 psi 0.29 bar
Tipping Load 9500 Ibs 4309 kg
Lifting Capacity (%50 Tipping) 4750 lbs 2154 kg
Lifting Capacity 3325 lbs 1508 kg
Lift Arm Path Vertical  

Bobcat T750 Review 

Bobcat T750 is a compact track loader powered by a Tier-4 compliant, Bobcat 3.4L diesel engine which produces 85 horsepower. Its weight of operation of 10,327 pounds, and its operating capacity is 325 pounds. The T750 is renowned for its durability, power, and flexibility. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

FAQs – Bobcat T750

1. What engine is in a Bobcat T750?

Bobcat 3.4L diesel engine.

2. How much does a t750 Bobcat weigh?

Bobcat t750 weight is 10515 (4770 kg).

3. How wide is a Bobcat T750?

Bobcat T750 has a width of 80″ and 141.6″ in length (with the standard bucket) and an overall maximum height that is 81.3″.

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