Bobcat S570 Specs,Weight, Price & Review❤️

Bobcat S570 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Features Bobcat S570

 Joystick Control yes 
 Air Conditioning yes 
 Adjustable Seat yes 
 Backup Alarm yes 
 BICS System (Interlock) yes 
 Cab Enclosure yes 
 Sound Option yes 
 Cab Heater yes 
 Operating Lights yes 
 Parking Brake yes 
 Radio yes 
 Rear Window yes 
 Top Window yes 
Lift-Arm Support yes 
Seat Belt yes 
Suspension Seat yes 
Two Speed Travel yes 
Deluxe Instrumentation yes 
Engine Shutdown yes 
Hydraulic Bucket Positioning yes 
High Flow Option yes 
Auxiliary Hydraulics yes 
Spark Arrestor Muffler yes 
Bob-Tach Attachment System yes 
Power Bob-Tach yes 
ACS (Switchable Controls) yes 
Ride Control yes 
Rear Hydraulics yes 
Horn yes 

 Bobcat S570 Attachment

Auger Accessories yes 
Augers yes 
Augers yes 
Backhoes yes 
Bale Forks yes 
Boring Units yes 
Box Blades yes 
Breaker Accessories yes 
Breakers yes 
Brush Saws yes 
Brushcat Rotary Cutters yes 
Combination Buckets yes 
Concrete Mixers yes 
Concrete Pumps yes 
Construction / Industrial Buckets yes 
Diggers yes 
Dozer Blades yes 
Drop Hammers yes 
Dumping Hoppers yes 
Flail Cutters yes 
Forestry Cutters yes 
Graders yes 
Grapples, Industrial yes 
Landplanes yes 
Landscape Rakes yes 
Laser Equipment yes 
Low Profile Buckets yes 
Miscellaneous yes 
Mixing Buckets yes 
Mowers yes 
Pallet Fork Accessories yes 
Pallet Forks, Hydraulic yes 
Pallet Forks, Standard yes 
Planer Accessories yes 
Planers yes 
Rear Stabilizers yes 
Remote Control yes 
Root Grapples yes 
Rotary Grinders yes 
Sand Cleaners yes 
Scarifiers yes 
Scrapers yes 
Seeders yes 
Silt Fence Installers yes 
Skeleton Buckets yes 
Snow Blades yes 
Snow Pushers yes 
Snow V-Blades yes 
Sod Layers yes 
Soil Conditioners yes 
Spreader yes 
Spreaders yes 
Steel Tracks yes 
Stump Grinders yes 
Sweepers yes 
Tillers yes 
Tilt-Tatch yes 
Tree Transplanters yes 
Trench Compactors yes 
Trenchers yes 
Utility Forks yes 
Utility Frames yes 
Vibratory Rollers yes 
Wheel Saws yes 
Wood Chippers yes 

Bobcat S450 Performance

Tipping load (ISO 14397-1) 1888.00 kg
Rated operating capacity (ISO 14397-1) 944.00 kg
Pump capacity 64.70 L/min
System relief at quick couplers 101.10 L/min
Max. travel speed (high range – option) 23.8-24.5 MPa 
Max. travel speed (low range) 17.30 km/h

Bobcat S450 Engine

Make / Model Kubota / V2607-DI-T-E3B-BC-2 
Fuel Diesel 
Cooling Liquid 
Power at 2600 RPM (ISO 14396) 44.80 kW
Torque at 1800 RPM (ISO 14396) 201.00 Nm
Number of cylinders 4 
Displacement 2600.00 cm3
Fuel tank 93.70 L

Bobcat S450 Weight

Operating weight 2900.00 kg
Shipping weight 2560.00 kg

 Bobcat S570 Options

Deluxe pressurized cab with heating yes 
Deluxe pressurized cab with HVAC yes 
Selectable Joystick Controls with 2 Speed (SJC – R/C Ready) yes 
Cloth Suspension Seat yes 
10 x 16.5, 10–ply, Versatile duty tyres yes 
31 x 10 – 20, Industrial duty tyres yes 
10 x 16.5, 10–ply, Severe duty tyres yes 
Hydraulic bucket positioning (including ON/OFF switch) yes 
Power Bob-Tach yes 
Radio yes 
Strobe yes 
Back-up alarm yes 
Beacon yes 
Work Lights LED yes 
Road Option yes 
Custom paint color (min order of 5 units) yes 
Rear Camera with Display kit yes 
Ride control yes 
Cab enclosure kit yes 
Special applications front door kit yes 
200 lbs (74.4 kg) counterweight kit yes 
Front axle counterweight kit yes 
Fuel cap locking kit yes 
Deluxe instrument panel yes 
Replacement Bob-Tach yes 
Fresh air heater kit yes 
Front door kit yes 
Door sensor kit yes 
Plumbing kit for fresh air heater yes 
Backup alarm kit yes 
FOPS kit yes 
Single-point lift kit yes 
Power Bob-Tach kit yes 
Operator cab, CE, enclosure kit yes 
7-pin attachment control yes 
Four-point lift kit yes 
Rear auxiliary hydraulic kit yes 
Engine block heater kit yes 
Road kit yes 
Bucket positioning kit yes 
Keyless kit yes 
Rear window wiper kit yes 
14-pin attachment control kit yes 
4-Way flasher kit yes 
80 mm Suspension seat kit yes 
Cup holder kit yes 
Headlight guard kit yes 
Muffler guard kit yes 
Tail light guard kit yes 

 Bobcat S570 Controls

Vehicle steering Direction and speed are controlled by two hand levers
Loader hydraulics tilt and lift Separate foot pedals or Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC)
Front auxiliary (standard) Electrical switch on the right-hand steering lever

 Bobcat S570 Drive System

Transmission Infinitely variable tandem hydrostatic piston pumps, driving two fully reversing hydrostatic motors

 Bobcat S570 Dimensions

Operating height 3901.00 mm
Height with an operator cab 1970.00 mm
Angle of departure 24.20 °
Ground clearance 185.00 mm
Wheelbase 1082.00 mm
Length without attachment 2657.00 mm
Length with standard bucket 3378.00 mm
Rollback at a ground position 30.00 °
Dump height with standard bucket 2319.00 mm
Height to bucket hinge pin 3023.00 mm
Dump reach at maximum height 828.00 mm
Dump angle at maximum height 42.00 °
Rollback fully raised at maximum height 97.00 °
Width over a standard bucket 1727.00 mm
Turning radius with standard bucket 2024.00 mm

Bobcat S450 Price

Price: USD $44,900

Bobcat S450 Horsepower

 Horsepower: 61 hp

Bobcat S450 Weight

Operating Weight: 6479.4 lbs

 Bobcat S570 FAQs

How much weight can an E42 Bobcat S lift?

The vertical lift Bobcat(r) S570 loader with skid steering, which has a 1,950-pound maximum operating capacity, is excellent for clearing high-sided tuck boxes and hoppers as well as for loading pallets with heavy-duty materials.

What is the highest lifting skid steer?

The Bobcat S850 is the largest skid-steer loader in the range, boasting an exceptional lift capacity and an industry-leading 12-foot lift height. You can accomplish more with the S850 than ever before, all while maintaining a small frame.

Which Bobcat model is the best?

The S650 loader, according to Bobcat, is the product most in demand. Since material-handling skid steers that benefit from the higher lift and dump height are quite popular, the 8,300-lb machine is a vertical-lift loader, as are all the top sellers in this study.

 Bobcat S570 Conclusion

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