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Bobcat 600 Specs

Bobcat 600 Specs Overview

Three different models of the Bobcat 600 skid steer loader were made available: the 600, the M-600E, and others.

Both the M-600 and the M-600D were made accessible to the general public in 1967. The Bobcat M-600-E model of their tractor debuted in 1976.

All three variants come equipped with the Bob-Tach connection system, and each model also offers additional hydraulics as an option.

The vast majority of their other needs differ from one another in a distinctly noticeable way. The specifications for the Bobcat 600 are outlined in this document.

The Bobcat 600 Skid-Steer Loader has a four-cylinder, 25-horsepower Wisconsin engine. This machinery has the ability to transport objects that weigh more than 1.84 tonnes.

It comes with a bucket that is 55.1 inches in diameter, and the load it can carry is determined by the size of the bucket that is attached to the loader.

Bobcat 600 Specifications

Model 600
Skid Steer Loader
Years manufactured
1967 -.Present
Engine power
25 hp – 18.6 kW
Rated operating capacity
1000 lb – 453.6 kg
Bucket width
55.1 inches – 139.9 cm
Bucket capacity
Depends upon the size of the bucket attached to the loader


Wisconsin / VF4D
25 hp – 18.6 kW 25 hp – 18.6 kW
Cylinders 4
3.25 inches x 3.25inches (82.5 mm x 82.5 mm)
107cu. in.(1.8L)


Length 79 inches – 200.7 cm
Width (with bucket) 55.1 inches – 139.9 cm

Bobcat 600 Price & Wight




3695 lbs – 1677 kg


Bobcat 600 Review

Bobcat 600 FAQs

Bobcat 600 Conclusion

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