Bobcat MT100 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Bobcat MT100 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Bobcat MT100 Overview

The MT100 moves quickly through gates, doorways, and other small spaces. The machine has a rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds, a decisive breakout force, and an impressive lift height.

It also has a significant boost in power. The MT100’s track system has optimised roller spacing, which improves the ride and gives the operator more comfort and confidence when working long days.

The MT100 mini track loader comes standard with advanced safety features like neutral start interlocks and easy, tool-free access to maintenance areas.

It also has sealed rollers that don’t need to be maintained every day and cut down on downtime. This loader also has tracks with high flotation that let it move on the wet or muddy ground.

Bobcat MT100 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Bobcat MT100 Features

Lift-Arm SupportStandard 
Auxiliary HydraulicsStandard 
Spark Arrestor MufflerStandard 
Bob-Tach Attachment SystemStandard 
Reverse Travel Stop Panel
Not Applicable 
Wide Track
Neutral Start Interlocks
Lift Arm Lockout With Manual Bypass
Tilt Lockout
Built-In Tie Down & Crane/Lift Locations
Ride-on Platform

Bobcat MT100 Price

USD $39,900 (Approx)

Bobcat MT100 Speed

4.1 mph

Bobcat MT100 Weight

3390 lb

Bobcat MT100 Height

54.6 in

Bobcat MT100 Specifications

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)1,000 lb
Carry Position ROC with Standard Counterweight -UnderCarriage Position1,300 lb
Operating Weight3390 lb
Ground Pressure (Rubber)5.25 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow12 gal/min
Width35.6 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin80.9 in


Emissions Tier (EPA)Tier 4 
Engine CoolingLiquid 
Engine FuelDiesel 
Displacement55 in³
Number of Cylinders3 
Horsepower24.8 hp


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)1,000 lb
Carry Position ROC with Standard Counterweight -UnderCarriage Position1,300 lb
Tipping Load2898 lb
Operating Weight3390 lb
Ground Pressure (Rubber)5.25 psi
Travel Speed4.1 mph
Travel Speed – Reverse2.9 mph


Fuel Tank7 gal  

Hydraulic System 

Pump Capacity12 gal/min
System Relief @ Quick Couplers2,900 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow12 gal/min


Length106.2 in
Width35.6 in
Height54.6 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin
80.9 in
Length of track on ground41.4 in
Reach @ Maximum Height
18.6 in

Bobcat MT100 Review

Bobcat MT100 FAQs

Q. What motor is in Bobcat MT100?

The MT100 mini track loader has a diesel engine with 24.8 hp and a rated operating capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Q. How wide is Bobcat MT100 from track to track?

Standard narrow tracks limit the width of the machine to 36 inches and the ground pressure to 5.25 psi. Wide tracks can be added to lower the ground pressure to 3.97 psi and make the width 41 inches wider.

Q. How much does a MT100 Bobcat weight?

Weight when in use: 3,390 lb. Rated capacity to work: 1,000 lb. Length: 106.2 in. (with bucket). Height: 54.6 in.

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