Black Desert Online Redeem Codes 2024: How to Claim

Black Desert Online Redeem Codes

Black Desert Online Redeem Codes – are you trying to get Black Desert Online Redeem Codes? This Page will help you to get your search values. Our team has listed the latest BDO Redeem Codes and guides on how to redeem them step by step.

When Pearl Abys developers release new codes, we have to keep eye on new codes and then put them on this page. If you redeem these codes from the below listed, you will be able to get free game stuff.

Black Desert Online, created by Pearl Abyss, is one of the most popular MMORPGs accessible today.

Players can build their own characters, build houses, go fishing and farming, and fully participate in massive player-versus-player siege events and castle fights.

Black Desert Online Redeem Codes

In this game, Progressing in Black Desert Online may take a long time. But, Pearl Abyss may occasionally release codes that will allow you to obtain free luxury boxes, fireworks, and other items. 

This will obviously help you level up faster, so without further ado, Let’s jump into this page.

Black Desert Promo Codes List

Below we’ve listed all of the available BDO promo codes below, and we’ve verified that they’re still valid.

Active BDO Codes 2024: 



LETS-PLAY-ABYS-SONE (NEW) Cushy Mallowmerz / Elion’s Tear / 1x Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon / 1x Item Increase Collection Scroll / [Event] Item Brand Spell Stone
LIFE-SKIL-LTIM-ENOW (NEW) [Event] 2x Energy Tonic (L) / 1x [Event] Heartwarming Spring Draught / 1x Secret Book of Florin
LIFE-SKIL-LLEV-ELUP (Console only) [Event] 2x Energy Tonic (L) / 1x [Event] Heartwarming Spring Draught / 1 Secret Book of Florin
MEMO-RIES-TOGE-THER 1x Advice of Valks / 10x Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60-min) / 2,000x Cron Stone / 1x J’s Hammer of Loyalty / 2x J’s Special Box / 2,000x Loyalties / 1x Thankful Premium Outfit Box / 20x Shining Shakatu’s Seal / 500x Marni’s Unstable Fuel / 1x Today’s Fine Steed Training Box / 1x Nostalgia Classic Box
SUMM-ERNI-GHTI-NBDC (Console only) 1x Arcana of Fate Box, 1x Black Spirit’s Special Dice Box
TUVA-LACU-PROU-ND16 (Console only) 50x Cron Stones, 3x Combat or Life Box
FIND-OUTY-OURC-LASS x1 Enhancement Help Kit II, 1x Advice of Safety
SEAS-ONDR-AKAN-IAGO (Console only) x1 Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll, x1 Splendid EXP Elixir, x1 Enhancement Help Kit II
CHEC-KMYC-HARA-CTER The advice of Destiny Enhancement Help Kit I

Expired BDO Codes:



CHAL-LENG-ELAI-VE22 Corrupt Oil of Immortality 2x / 1x Oasis Box of Blessings / 2x Oasis Box of Secrets
AGRI-SPRO-JECT-2022 1x Dragon’s Blessing
BLAD-ENZD-REAM-HACK High-Quality Draught Box-2x , 2x Premium Elixir Box
NAOR-EUWH-OWIL-LWIN 1x Arcana of Fate Box / 1x Enhancement Help Kit I / 1x Glory of Solare Box
NASO-LARE-CHAM-PION 1x Purple Dye Box / 1x Twippy Balloon
ENGI-RACE-2022-WUHU 1x Oasis Box of Secrets
HORS-EYEU-BIRT-HDAY Cron Stones- 15x , 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes), 5x Memory Fragments, 1x Wanderer’s Star
ANDE-RSCL-ASSG-UIDE 10x Finto’s Juice Box, 1x Sealed Book of Combat, 1x Sealed Book of Life
GUTI-FELI-CIDA-DESS Cron Stones – 15x, 5x Memory Fragments, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll
GREA-TADV-ENTU-RERS  1x Great Adventurer Box
EMBR-ACET-HEDR-AGON Loyalties Currency
PAPA-PUPU-QUEE-KEEK Otter Emoji, Papu Emoji, 1x Termian Special Coin
HAPP-YBIR-THDA-YWOO 15x Cron Stones, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll, 5x Memory Fragments, 1x Wanderer’s Star
ENDL-AIVE-BADA-TAOS  2x Tough Whale Tendon Elixir, 3x Superior Whale Tendon Potion
FEED-PETE-PLEA-SETY 3x Advice of Destiny, 10x Brady’s Nutritious Supplement, 3x Item Collection Increase Scroll
HAPP-YBDA-YCHO-ICE! 15x Cron Stones, Item Collection Increase Scroll, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY7 2x Elixir of Deep Sea, 1x Tough Whale Tendon Elixir
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY1  5x Magical Elixir, 5x Mysterious Blue Conch
HEXE-OLDT-OWNR-OADS 1x Extra Mounta EXP Scroll (10 Hours), 2x Secret Book of Florin
FROS-TYAD-VENT-URES 2x Cron Meal Box, 1x Collection Increase Scroll
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY4 50x Cron Stone, 3x Big Garnier Firecracker E
BICE-PTIM-USBD-OAMA 10x Cron Stones, 2x Superior Whale Tendon Potion
GUTI-89YT-NODO-TOPS 1x Energy Tonic (L), 2x Secret Book of Florin
ENDL-AIVE-SFRE-EELO 2x High-Quality Draught Box, 2x Spaghetti alla Bolognese
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY2 1x Advice of Valks (+40), 2x Seafood Cron Meal
GRIN-DMAS-TERC-LASS 1x Blessed Message Scroll
BEGI-NWIT-HKAE-LYNA 2x Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll, 1x Energy Tonic (L)
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY5 3x Energy Tonic (L), 1x Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)
BLAD-ENZR-AREI-TEMS 1x Energy Tonic (L), 2x Sweet Fig Pie
WAKA-ENHA-NCES-TALK 1x Enhancement Help Kit I
RYKY-BIRT-HDAY-STRM 15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY6 1x Stonetail Wind’s Meal, 5x Whale Tendon Potion
WISH-LANT-ERNS-0618 1x Wish Lantern of Love
LAFL-AIVE-INSO-LARE Tough Whale Tendon Elixir – x2 , x3 High-Quality Draught Box, x1 Premium Elixir Box
AHAP-PYBD-AYMA-GICA 15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)
SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY3 Celerity Draught 1x, 2x Chowder
DANN-Y23B-IRTH-DAYY Cron Stones – 15x , 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)
HOPE-TOSE-EYOU-SOON Weapon, Sub-Weapon Exchange coupon, Artisan’s Blessing (30 days), 2,000 x Cron Stone, 1 x Rubin’s Letter
QUIZ-SHOW-GIFT-HERE Enhancement Kit I & III, Rare Courser Training Box, Patrigio’s Apparel Bag, Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle, 40x Advice of Valks, 100 Furniture
GRAB-YOUR-JSHA-MMER J’s Hammer of Loyalty 1 x 
MERC-IAVE-NTUR-IERS 1x Sunset Prop Set, 1x Combat or Life Box, 5x Item Collection Increase Scroll
BDOF-AMIL-YDAY-2022 x3 All We Need Is Love (Combat / Life), x3 Chocolate of Love
INTL-NURS-EDAY-2022 Energy Tonic (L) 2x, 2x Extra Life EXP Scroll (50%)
THXY-OUFR-OMGM-0510 1x Courser’s Aura, 1x Rare Courser Training Box, 1x Unbridled Celerity Draught
ONLY-1ONE-MORE-1DAY Valks’ Cry, Shakatu’s Shiny Box – 10x (Combat and Life)
ANDE-RSBE-LLIS-GOOD Cron Stone – 15 x, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Collection Increase Scroll Wanderer’s Star
DRAK-ANIA-2022-0406 5x Artisan’s Memory, 1 x Inventory +4 Expansions Coupon, 50x Ancient Spirit Dust, 1x Lara’s Warm Black Tea
2DAY-TILL-ETER-NALW Immortality of Memory, Immortality, Safety, 2x Destiny
SEAR-CHFO-RTHE-GMCM Dragon’s Blessing Advice of Valks, Collection Increase Scroll
3DAY-TILL-DRAK-ANIA  Cron Stone -100 x, 5 x Collection Increase Scroll
HAPP-YBRT-DAYE-RICA 15 x Cron Stones, 5 x Memory Fragments, 1 x Collection Increase Scroll Wanderer’s Star
BDOV-TUBE-PODC-AST2 Item Collection Increase Scroll – 3x 
22FI-REFI-GHTE-RDAY 2x Advice of Safety
MERC-IAVE-NTUR-IERS 1 x Sunset Prop Set, 1 x Combat or Life Box, 5 x Collection Increase Scroll
THX4-WATC-HING-EPI2 The advice of Valks +150, 20 x Shining Shakatu’s Seal, 500 x Marni’s Unstable Fuel

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How do I Redeem Black Desert Online Codes?

Follow the below simple steps to Redeem BDO Codes and get free rewards.

Step1: Load the game and play it

Step2: Then to reach the game’s Head menu, press the ESC button.

Step3: From the Main Menu, click on the “Edit Menu“.

BDO Edit menu

Step4: after that click on “Adventure Support“.

Step5: then Select “ Use Coupon

BDO Coupon Code

Step6: Enter the codes from the above list.

Step7: Finally Click on the “Use” button to redeem them.

How to get more BDO Redeem Codes

Free codes come and go in an instant. To obtain all of the most recent BDO redemption codes, You should also keep an eye on the platforms listed below:

  • Official Twitter of Black Desert Online: Simply follow BDO on Twitter to be kept up to date on new official redeem codes.
  • Black Desert Online Official: When there is a special event or routine maintenance, Pearl Abyss will give away free BDO codes. In the News section, you can discover detailed information about how the code works and the item effect of the prizes.

Black Desert Online Game: Official Website

Notes: We have gathered all the information on BDO Redeem Codes from each other websites.

FAQs – BDO Redeem Codes 

Q. Is Black Desert online free?

➤ The game is free to play in various regions of the world, But, in other versions, including the English-language editions, the business model is buy-to-play.

Q. How does the Weapon Exchange coupon work BDO?

➤ Weapon Exchange Coupon Pack

Once the weapon is exchanged, this item will be consumed. The weapon’s Caphras Stone EXP and Enhancement levels will be transferred.

Q. How do you get free pearls in Black Desert online?

➤ The game does not allow you to earn Pearls. Obtaining Pearls is as simple as purchasing them.

Q. Why can’t I delete my character BDO?

➤ Before you may delete a character, you must first empty its mailbox. It is not enough to simply open the mailbox; it must also be cleared.


If you read the end of this article, hope that you find out your search value Black Desert Online Redeem Codes related. we have inserted all the values of BDO.

If you have not to find out your search values in this guide, Leave them in the comment box.

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