BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Price, Specs & Review 2024

BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Price, Specs, Review, overview

The BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor is a built for collecting of assortments, full-length logs and trunks at felling area, making of packages and their skidding at sanitary felling and also for assortment stockpiling.

BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Overview Technical Characteristics & Price

BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor is based on the “Belarus L1221.1” Tractor. It is designed with enforced wheels, protective guards of a cab, front driving axle with rigid beam, facing and bottom, pusher & winch TAJFUN EGV 85 ANK (Slovenia).

So, Here you can get to learn about the BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor price, Technical parts specifications, key facts, Images and video and more, I hope it is helpful to you My friends.

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BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Price

Please Call on This Number: +375 (17) 246-60-09

BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Key Features

  • Capacity: 95,6 kW (130 h.p.)
  • Selective gear: Mechanical
  • Number of gears FWD/BWD: 16/8
  • Travel speed, km/h (operating/allowable travelling): 30/8
  • Rated towing force on general use roads, kN: 20 KN
  • Volume of a trelyuemy pack, minimum: 5 m³
  • The greatest of average conditional pressure of wheel propellers upon soil of kPa: 110 

BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Basic complete set

The tractor is delivered in the following complete sets:

  • TTP-411.1 — with the TAJFUN EGV 85 AHK winch;
  • TTP-411.1-01 — with the UNIFOREST 80EH winch.

BELARUS TTR-411.1 Skidding Tractor Specs

Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm6380/2710/3005
The greatest (admissible) speeds of the movement (transport/working), km/h30/8
The greatest of average conditional pressure of wheel propellers upon soil, kPa1108
EngineММЗ D-260.2 (Д-260.2С), 4-stroke, diesel, six-cylinder, with a turbo
Capacity, kW (h.p.)95,6 (130)
Fuel rate at rated power, g/kW·h233
Flywheel clutchdry, double-disk
Selective gearMechanical, 4-speed, 6-range
Number of gears FWD/BWD16/8
Axle arrangement4К4
Volume of a trelyuemy pack of m , not less5
Overall dimensions of a pusher (wight/height), mm2092/897
Lifting height, mm1195
Digging-in, mm53
Rope length/diameter, m/mm140/12
Quantity of places under chain choker4

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