A1 Pest Control Prices, Reviews and Phone Number [2024]

A1 Pest Control Prices, Cost, Review, Phone Number, Near me

A1 Pest Control Prices –  A1 Pest Control is a high-quality pest extermination service that takes pride in its professionalism and caring attitude towards its customers. 

The A1 Pest Control company provides commercial and residential services and a calm and cost-effective solution to understandably stressful problems. 

The company’s most popular service is its general pest inspection, insulation service and pretreatment, with the total home or business monitoring solution coming in a close second. 

A1 Pest Control prices are always affordable, making them a favourite among budget-conscious clients. 

So if you are looking for the most accurate A1 Pest Control prices, you have come to the right place. Below you will find the most accurate estimate of A1 prices available.

A1 Pest Control Prices

What is A1 Pest Control?

A-1 Pest Control was founded in 1966 by Jack and Peggy Roberts, a married couple who attended North Carolina State University’s pest control school. 

They then opened their pest control business. After establishing a strong reputation for the business, their son Bruce joined. Bruce Roberts still runs the family business.

A-1 Pest Control is well-known for its strict selection of pest control technicians. Each technician must pass a background check, which includes drug testing. 

Unfortunately, only 3% of pest control companies in America match their testing standards. All technicians are QualityPro-certified and have been trained in QualityPro Schools.

They also meet regularly to discuss the latest regulatory changes and any changes in their materials when dealing with pests. 

Each month, they participate in protocol and safety training. They are also certified by the State of North Carolina for training sessions that qualify them to earn Continuing Education Credits.

They also receive regular field training to keep their skills sharp. Their supervisors also supervise them to ensure that they follow proper service protocols and safely solve pest problems.

A-1 Pest Control provides a one-stop service so that you don’t have to call another professional to address any pest control issues you might have. 

A free inspection is provided, and both exterior and interior treatments can be done at a very reasonable price. In addition, they can deal with termites, bedbugs and wildlife.

All prices are reasonable, and you may be eligible for some package discounts. In addition, technicians offer expert advice at no cost and will only recommend your services.

Contact your local A-1 Pest Control office easily by phone, text or email. A-1 Pest Control also offers same-day service, which is great for those with urgent pest problems (such as wildlife) in their homes.

A1 Pest Control prices list

Latest A1 Pest Control prices



Inspection (Free)$0.00
Exterior Treatment (Per quarter)$80.00
Interior and Exterior Treatment (Per quarter)$130.00


Insect Exterior Treatment and Termite Watch (Per quarter)$105-$200
Insect Exterior and Interior Treatment with Termite Monitoring (Per quarter)$150-$215
Termite Treatment$700-$1600


Bed Bug Treatment (Based on square foot of treatment area)$350-$775
Annual Bed Bug Protection (Per year)$2,000


Wildlife Removal$150-$270

A1 Pest control services

What are the services of A1 Pest control?

Ant Extermination:

An ant infestation can quickly become a problem. Pests often attack areas used for food storage. They can spread to the interior and exterior of a house. 

There are many species of ants, which can be difficult to distinguish. This makes it difficult for property owners to deal with ants without professional assistance effectively. 

Worse, some ants can cause structural damage to wood that might go unnoticed. The A1 Pest Control price makes professional extermination affordable and can help preserve the property’s long-term value.

Cockroach Extermination:

Cockroaches can be a nuisance to your property and pose a serious health risk. Cockroaches are capable of multiplying quickly and can infest walls. 

They can also become resistant to pesticides that are sold in retail stores. A1 pest experts can locate the nesting areas and eliminate the entire colony. 

In addition, they can help you seal any entry points, build a barrier around your home and provide follow-up services to ensure that all pests have been eliminated.

Bed Bug Extermination:

Bed bugs can infest any home or business that provides hospitality. Bed bugs nest in hard-to-reach areas, so it can be difficult to spot them before they become an epidemic problem. 

A1 Pest Control offers affordable solutions to remove the infestation from your home using highly effective methods that kill the pests and disrupt the breeding cycle. Technicians will return to your property every two weeks to inspect bed bugs.

A1 Pest Control Customer Service Phone Number

A1 Pest Control Customer Service Phone Number

Official Website: www.a-1pc.com

Bottom Line

This is essential information that will go a long way in helping you gain insight into A1 Pest control prices. While some prices have been made available, others will require further assessment of the problem to determine an accurate figure.

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