Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Ex Showroom Price Tractor Overview Engine Specifications and Key Feature In Details

Are you ready to buy a new Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI tractor? Here I am going to show you Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI tractor Technical Specifications, Price, Review, Features and latest Photos, pics etc. Here all things about Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI searching on a net that information in I have given here which you should know about Mahindra Yuvo tractor.

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Tractor
Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Tractor

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Specified In Details:

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI tractor is a popular model of Mahindra Yuvo and today search globally because it would be a famous model for farmers. You may buy it and here we provide this information because you may easily buy a better model of Mahindra Yuvo.

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI tractor designed with advanced 45 horsepower engine  that gives more pickup, better quality of work and fast Operations. Its best features like 12 forward and 3 reverse gears, 1500kgs lift capacity, engine power with 2730CC and its rated RPM is 2000. It has 4 cylinders.

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Specifications and Key Feature In Details

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI tractor farming applications are disc plough, cultivator, fuel cage wheel, potato planter, leveler, tipping trailer, post hole digger, thresher, MB plough, a water pump, That type 30 different applications are designed  with this tractor.

Its fuel capacity is 60 liter. It has oil immersed brakes, its transmission is very smooth for farming operations. The Farmer will be able to do better farming operations using this tractor. This tractor ground speed is 1.45 to 30.61kmph and its reverse speed is 2.05/5.8/11.2kmph.

The weight of this tractor is 2020kg. It has a power steering and Dulex seat so that is suitable for long work on the farm. Its large 13.6*28 large tyre suitable for farming operations and it is less slippage on the field. This tractor related another model name is 265 DI, 275 DI, 415 DI, 475 DI.

Price of Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI:

The Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI prices range starts from 4,99,000 to 6.49,000 Ex-Showroom.

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Ex Showroom Price

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Specifications 

HP 45
No of Cylinder 4
Displacement, cc 2979
Air Cleaner Dry type 6″
Rated, rpm 2000
Max Torque, Nm 178.68
Transmission type Full Constant mesh
No of Gears 12 F + 3 R
Brake Type Oil Immersed Brakes
Main Clutch type Single clutch dry friction plate (optional:-Dual clutch-CRPTO)
Ground speed, kmph 1.45 to 30.61
Reverse speed, kmph 2.05 / 5.8 /11.2
Max PTO HP 41.1±5%
PTO rmp@ engine, rpm 540 @ 1810
Lift capacity at hitch, kg 1500
Steering Power
Fuel tank capacity, ltr 60
Wheelbase, mm 1925
Standard tractor weight, kg 2020
Front tyre 6 x 16
Rear tyre 13.6 x 28(Optional:-14.9 x 28)

Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI Tractor come with industry best 400-hour service interval and it’s reducing the cost of ownership. Its all features and configuration is well suited for any field work. So here in this article, I am providing true and reliable information that all kinds of information helpful to you for  buying this tractor. If you any query regarding this article then comment, please.



  1. Appaka jo Mahindra yavo 575 di engine hai ushaka original price kya hai please reply may email I’d no

  2. All of very very perfect to yuvo mahindra I am watching for plough of our soul and the all of agriculture

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  5. मेरे पास पावरटेक 439 (2014) मोडल है मुझे यूवो 575 लेना है सो कितना पैसा और लगेगा

  6. Please reply me the actual price of yuvo . I want to purchase this tractor .and suggest me what is the procedure of purchasing mahindra 475 yuvo .

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