How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Error Code? [2024] (Answered)

The Samsung washer ur Error code is a message from Samsung telling you the load is imbalanced.  

If this occurs, the machine will try adding more water and then balancing the load before spinning it again. When you try this, Samsung machine cycles can be extended by a few minutes.

Samsung makes high-quality products, and we’re all aware of that. Samsung washers, however, do not always work flawlessly and can occasionally fail.

In this article, we will cover Samsung’s Washer UR Codes as well as ways to get them resolved.

Samsung Washer UR Error Code

What Is The Samsung Washer Ur Code?

Samsung’s dryers and washers change with time, and they’ve improved their technology. For example, the first front-loading washer featured an electronically controlled control panel, and the Premium Care line comes with an LCD monitor. 

In addition, self-correcting sensors allow these washers to spot and fix issues on time. But, despite their improved capabilities, they can still identify any issue.

Most people want all the features that are found in the top models. Samsung washing machines, for example, come with an auto-diagnosis feature to detect problems before they become dangerous.

A Samsung Washer Error code signifies that an imbalanced load has been discovered, and the machine attempts to balance the load before continuing. This error can cause the cycle could take longer than usual, which means that water is wasted and time.

If a washer is in the process of washing and rinsing, there can be certain errors. The most common problems occur during the spin process, which could be the result of a drum that is not balanced. When the spin fails, the machine will attempt to speed up the process several times.

A washer’s wash cycle, as well as a rinse cycle, could cause issues. If the washer is imbalanced, it will repeatedly try to spin until it fails.

What Is The Samsung Washer Ur Code

How To Fix Samsung Washer Ur Code?

This guide applies to the following Samsung models:

  • 592-49045
  • 592-49075
  • 592-49082
  • 592-49087
How To Fix Samsung Washer Ur Code

Uneven Surface

One of the lesser-known reasons for this Samsung UR error is that the washing machine isn’t standing in a level position on the floor. 

If you’ve recently installed your washer or are in a brand new home, it is important to ensure that the washer is at a level.

Utilizing a level is the most efficient method to identify the problem, or you may be able to detect the problem through a professional’s eyes. 

To resolve the issue, make sure to adjust the legs of your washer with a wrench and an appropriate level.

Unbalanced Laundry Load

A lot or small of laundry could cause the drum of the washer to become unbalanced. For example, inputting too many items into the washer and then overloading it could create an issue. Eliminating a couple of items can be able to fix the error.

As previously mentioned, Large, heavy objects can also be responsible for creating the Samsung UR code. Redistributing the burden or including similar items to help balance the load could resolve the problem.

Strings or laces from shoes may create a problem if caught in a part of the drum or agitator. To avoid this, you should use a safe washing machine bag or tie the laces to ensure they don’t get trapped in the washer.

After the load’s weight has been adjusted, The error will be corrected, and the washer should continue to run the process.

Drive Belt

It is the drive belt that’s the one responsible for turning the tub inside the washer. If the drive belt is loose, sliding or damaged, it could cause you to receive the Samsung error code UR. 

If the drive belt becomes damaged, the problem is evident in the spin cycle, where the tub is struggling to turn, and the washer will be able to tell it is not balanced. To correct the drive belt problem, make it tighter or replace it.

Accessing the drive belt will depend on the kind of washer you own. There may be a front, back or top access plate that you need to take off. 

For top-loader washers, you generally need to take off the control panel before using a putty knife to lift the front on the top of the washer.

Failed Control Module

The control module transmits electronic signals that manage the washer. Sometimes the Samsung error code UR is due to a problem in the electronic controller that incorrectly detected an unbalanced load problem in the absence. 

The washer can be reset by removing the electricity from the machine for 10 minutes will resolve the problem.

If the issue persists and you’re sure there isn’t a cause, you’ll likely have to replace the controller.

How to check and fix the drive belt

How to check and fix the drive belt? Steps

  • Remove the washer from the power source and switch off the water flow.
  • Depending on the model of the washer, you must remove the panel(s) of the access panel(s).
  • Examine if you can tell if the belt on your driver is loose, sliding, or damaged. It is possible to determine whether the belt is loose by pressing on the belt using your thumb. If you can get more than a half-inch, it’s not sufficiently tight.
  • It can be adjusted by tightening the mounting nut. If the belt does not get tight, it’s too worn and needs replacement.
  • Should you choose to change your drive belt, simply turn the drive pulley for the tub to the left, and the belt will able to fall off.
  • To install an entirely new drive belt, place an end of your new belt over the motor pulley, and then place another end on the tub pulley. Turn the tub drive pulley to ensure the securement of the new belt. Get a drive belt installing tool or wire tie to aid in installing the brand-new belt.

FAQs: Samsung Washer UR Error Code

How do I fix the error Ur on my Samsung washer?

Repair Samsung Ur error, and you will be able to fix the problem of redistribution of laundry inside the drum. If the error does not stop, examine your drive belts, motor brushes and the tachometer. Check that the assembly of the bearing and shock absorbers are working properly. Replace damaged parts as needed. Check the control board to determine if it could need to be re-soldered or replaced.

What does Ur mean on my Samsung washer?

Samsung  Ur error is an indication of imbalance. It happens when the drum’s rotation is out of balance. The most common reason for imbalance could be the inequitable distribution of the laundry. Also, you cannot exclude any damage or wear to the control module’s tacho sensor shock absorbers or bearing assembly. Wear and tear of the carbon brushes or the engine’s drive belt could be possible.

What is Ur in the washing machine Samsung?

Samsung washing machine displays Ur error code when it is unable to turn the drum. This could be due to an imbalance resulting from a lack of compliance with the regulations for loading laundry. Sometimes, it’s due to failures of internal components such as the drive, Hall sensor damping system, and bearing motor brushes. Finally, it could be due to a problem within or on the control board.

What Causes the UR Error Code?

A UR error message indicates that the machine senses an imbalanced washing load. On certain Samsung washers, a UE error message may be provided instead. The most frequent causes of the error are big, heavy items such as large bathmats or towels, disposed of on the opposite or the other side or caught in the washer’s agitator. Other causes for the problem could be uneven surfaces or a problem with the drive belt.

What does Samsung washer UE code mean?

If you notice that your Samsung washer displays UR on the screen after completing the spin cycle, and your clothes are still damp, then we have a remedy for you. It is believed that an imbalanced washing load usually causes the Samsung washing machine UR error.

How can I fix the UR error code on my Samsung washer?

There are several options you can resolve the UR error on Samsung washers: Samsung washer:

Make sure the washer is at a level. It is possible to check this by using a level. Can employ an instrument to test this.
Re-distribute loads in the wash. Be sure that your load is uniformly distributed. Also, ensure there are no large items that are on one side.
Renew the drive belt. If the belt is damaged or damaged, it will require replacement.
Fix the suspension. When the suspension system is damaged, it will require repairs.

What happens if I don’t fix the UR error code on my Samsung washer?

If you do not repair the UR error in the Samsung washer, it may not spin as it should. This can cause damage to the washer as well as the clothing in the washer.

How do I reset my Samsung washer after the UR error code?

To reset your Samsung washer after the UR error code, you can follow these steps:

Turn off the washer.
Unplug the washer from the power outlet.
Wait for 30 seconds.
Plug the washer back in and turn it on.
Run a cycle with no clothes in the washer.

What is the difference between the UR error code and the UE error code?

It is believed that the UR error code and the UE error codes, are each caused by an imbalanced load. The UR error message is much more precise and signifies that the washer detects an imbalance in the spinning process. The UE error codes can be seen during any cycle and indicate an imbalanced load.

Where can I find more information about the UR error code on a Samsung washer?

You can find more information about the UR error code on a Samsung washer in the following places:

The Samsung washer troubleshooting website
The Samsung washer user manual
The Samsung washer customer support website

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