Pizza Hut Menu Prices in India 2022 ❤️ Official

Pizza Hut Menu Prices in India 2022

If you want to get Pizza Hut Menu Prices in India then Check here Latest Prices are given with images. All prices for Pizza Hut Menu are taken from official site.

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Supreme Pizzas

Items Images Prices
Paneer Soya Supreme Pizza Paneer Soya Supreme Pizza Rs.569
Veg Exotica Pizza Veg Exotica Pizza Rs.569
Veggie Italiano Pizza Veggie Italiano Pizza Rs.569
Veggie Supreme Pizza Veggie Supreme Pizza Rs.569
Chicken Exotica Pizza Chicken Exotica Pizza Rs.629
Chicken Italiano Pizza Chicken Italiano Pizza Rs.629
Chicken Supreme Pizza Chicken Supreme Pizza Rs.629
Triple Chicken Feast Pizza Triple Chicken Feast Pizza Rs.629

Signature Pizzas

Items Images Prices
Country Feast Pizza Country Feast Pizza Rs.529
Farmers Pick Pizza Farmers Pick Pizza Rs.529
Tandoori Paneer Pizza Tandoori Paneer Pizza Rs.529
Veggie Lover Pizza Veggie Lover Pizza Rs.529
Chicken Sausage n Tikka Pizza Chicken Sausage n Tikka Pizza Rs.569
Chicken Tikka Pizza Chicken Tikka Pizza Rs.569
Smoked Chicken Pizza Smoked Chicken Pizza Rs.569

Delight Pizzas

Items Images Prices
Double Cheese Pizza Double Cheese Pizza Rs.419
Soya Masala Pizza Soya Masala Pizza Rs.419
Spiced Paneer Pizza Spiced Paneer Pizza Rs.419
Veggie Feast Pizza Veggie Feast Pizza Rs.419
Chicken Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Pepperoni Pizza Rs.529
Lebanese Chicken Pizza Lebanese Chicken Pizza Rs.529

Favorite Pizzas

Items Images Prices
Classic Corn Pizza Classic Corn Pizza Rs.359
Classic Tomato Pizza Classic Tomato Pizza Rs.359
Spiced Chicken Meatballs Pizza Spiced Chicken Meatballs Pizza Rs.469

Classic Pizzas

Items Images Prices
Margherita Pizza Margherita Pizza Rs.279
Chicken Sausage Pizza Chicken Sausage Pizza Rs.419


Items Images Prices
Cheese Garlic Bread Cheese Garlic Bread Rs.129
Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme Rs.149
Garlic Bread Stix Garlic Bread Stix Rs.99
Creamy Garlic Bread Stix Creamy Garlic Bread Stix Rs.129
Creamy Mayonnaise Dip Creamy Mayonnaise Dip Rs.30
Texas Garlic Dip Texas Garlic Dip Rs.30
Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta Rs.149
Tandoori Pocket Paneer Tandoori Paneer Pockets Rs.99
Spicy Baked Chicken Wings (4 pcs) Spicy Baked Chicken Wings (4 pcs) Rs.99
Spicy Baked Chicken Wings Spicy Baked Chicken Wings Rs.179
Spanish Tomato Non-Veg Pasta Spanish Tomato Non Veg Pasta Rs.169
Stuffed Pocket Non-Veg Stuffed Pocket Non Veg Rs.119


Items Images Prices
Choco Volcano Cake Choco Volcano Cake Rs.99
Choco Bliss Choco Bliss Rs.75
Choco Bliss Treat Pack (2 pcs) Choco Bliss Treat Pack (2 pcs) Rs.99


Items Images Prices
Pepsi Pepsi Rs.57
7-UP 7-UP Rs.57
Mirinda Mirinda Rs.57
Water Bottle Water Bottle Rs.48
Pepsi 250mlC AN Pepsi 250mlC AN Rs.24

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