Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors Model Reviews Mileage

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors Model Reviews Mileage
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Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractor Overview

Massey Ferguson Tractors 240

Do you want to buy a Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors Model and wants to know about Mileage, Reviews for working on a Farm? Then Relax, We provide all the information about the Massey Tractors. Through which, you can buy a new tractor with good configuration. You got information about it from our site. Massey Ferguson 240 are also available with loader.It is most economical in 47 HP (Horse Power).

Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors Specifications


Make Perkins
Type Diesel
Model MF 240
No. of Cylinders 3
Direct Injection 91.44 mm (3.6 in)
Bore 127.0 mm (5.0 in)
Compression RatioStroke 16.5:1
Capacity 2.5 Litre (152.7 Cu. Ins.)
Starting Aid Thermostat
Cooling Water
Air Cleaner Oil Bath
Air pre-cleaner Over-bonnet
Engine HP @ 2250 RPM 50 (BS)*
Max. Torque @ 1350 RPM 173.5 Nm (128 Lbf. ft.)
Type Dual
Diameter 254 x 305 mm (10 x 12 in)
No. of Gears 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Min/Max Road Speeds 1.62/30.00 km per hour
Type Draft Control
Constant Pumping 16 liters/min.
Max. Output (3.52 lmp.gal/min)
Max. Lift Force 1415 Kg (3120 lbs.)
At Lower link ends, Category 1 & 2
3 – Point Linkage Interchangeable Balls
Type Live PTO
No. of Splines 6
Shaft Diameter 35 mm (1.375 in)
Engine RPM 540 RPM @ 1789
P.T.O HP @ rated Engine Speed 44 hp*
P.T.O HP @ 540 RPM 39 hp*
Type   Oil Board Drum Brakes Independent or locked together
Dimensions                355 mm x 50 mm (14 in x 2 in)
Front                         6.00 – 16 (6PR) Pressed Wheels (4.5 x 16 Rim)
Rear                          12.4/11 – 28 (6PR) Pressed Wheels
Wheel Base 5.56 m (219 in.)
Overall Length 3.21m (126 in)
Overall Width 1626 mm (64 in)
Overall Height 2165 mm (85.25 in)
Turning Circle 6.20 m (244 in.)
Ground Clearance Clutch Housing – 338 mm (13.31 in.) Front Axle – 531 mm (20.9 in.) Rear Axle – 555 mm (21.85 in.)
Front Axle 695 Kgs (1532 lbs.)
Rear Axle 945 Kgs (2083 lbs.)
Total 1640 Kgs (3615 lbs.)
Fuel Tank 52 litres
Engine Sump 6.8 litres
Hydraulics 32 litres
Steering Box 0.9 litres
Engine Cooling 10.2 litres
Voltage 12 V, Negative Earth
Battery 96 Amp. Hour
Alternator 32 Amp
Starter 45 Amp
Range of Farm Implements  
PTO Pulley  
9-Hole Draw Bar  
Fiber Glass Top Sun Canopy with Frame  
Ground PTO  
Front End Weights  
Rear View Mirror  
Hydraulic Spool Valves  
Swinging Draw Bar  
More Comfortable Spring Suspension Seat
Plough Lamp, Visible Number Plate
Warning Lights
Vertical Exhaust
Hand and Foot Accelerator
Differential Lock
Start Switch
Adjustable Top Link
Rear PTO Shield
Tools Box
Standard Toolkit
Over Bonnet Pre-cleaner
Indicator Lights
Stabilizer Chains
Front end Weight Frame

Farmers need this tractor because they will be satisfied with this model. It should give you a better performance from other tractors. It has a Reciprocating Ferguson Pump. Many functions provided by the Tractors Massey Ferguson 240 like Draft Control, Position Control, Constant pumping. These make distinct the Tractors MF 240 from other tractors. It is well-proven Tractor in the loading work. It provides 127mm stroke.

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors

it has many features and different from other Massey Ferguson Tractors.It has 3 cylinders Perkins direct injection.It has an 8-speed transmission. It has been 12-inch dual clutch. It is model farming, adaptable and all-rounder Massey Ferguson tractors. It has spring suspension. It has 47.5 Liters Fuel Capacity.It contains manual steering. You can see some photo of MF 240 Tractors which are available at here

Configuration table is given below for the Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors

Massey Ferguson Tractors 240 For Farmers

Massey Ferguson Tractors 240 For Farmers

We wholeheartedly hope You will be admired from this site and we hope you got satisfied through this informative article. If you want to buy this Massey Ferguson 240 tractors which provide you good mileage and strength and more features. There are many types of equipment provided by the Massey  Ferguson Company for MF240 Tractors.  



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