Massey Ferguson 253 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Massey Ferguson 253 Specs, Price, Reviews, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, and Features 

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Massey Ferguson 253 Specs

Massey Ferguson 253 Utility tractor attachments include Massey Ferguson 232 and Massey Ferguson 236 front-end loader.

The 152 ci [2.5 L] Perkins AT3.152.4 turbocharged diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine of the Massey Ferguson 253 Utility Tractor produces 57 horsepower [42.5 kW] of power at the rated 2250 rpm.

Massey Ferguson 253 Key Features

  • 152 ci or 2.5 L Engine size
  • 57 hp or 42.5 kW Horsepower
  • 10.8 qt or 10.2 L Coolant tank capacity
  • 8 forward and reverse Transmission gears
  • 11.4 gal or 43.1 L Hydraulic tank capacity
  • hydrostatic power Steering system

Massey Ferguson 253 Price

Price: $20600 USD (Approx)

Massey Ferguson 253 Weight

Weight: 4020 to 4735 pounds

Massey Ferguson 253 Horsepower

Horsepower: 57 hp or 42.5 kW

Massey Ferguson 253 Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity: 12.6 gal or 47.7 L

Massey Ferguson 253 Lift Capacity

Lift Capacity: 2,621 lbs 1188 kg

Attachments Of Massey Ferguson 253

  • Massey Ferguson 232 Loader
  • Massey Ferguson 832 Loader

Massey Ferguson 253 Serial Number

1988 N01001
1989 P01001
1990 R01001
1991 S01001
1992 A01001
1993 B01001
1994 C01001
1995 D01001
1996 E01001
1997 F01001
1998 G01001

       Massey Ferguson 253 Specs


Company Country United States
Tractor type Utility tractor
Price 20600  USD
Production years From 1988  Until 1998
Model 253
Make Massey Ferguson
Fuel diesel
Total build

Number of cylinders 3 cylinders
Fuel type diesel
Power RPM 2250 (rpm)
Fuel tank capacity 12.6 gal or 47.7 L
Engine torque
Engine size 152 ci or 2.5 L
Engine torque RPM
Horsepower 57 hp or 42.5 kW
Coolant tank capacity 10.8 qt or 10.2 L

Transmission gears 8 forward and reverse
Transmission type synchronized manual shuttle

Hydraulic tank capacity 11.4 gal or 43.1 L
Hydraulic system open
Pump flow rate 4.2 GPM or 15.9 lpm

Rear hitch lift 2,621 lbs or 1188 kg
Hitch control system position and draft control
Rear hitch II

Length 128 inches [325 cm]
Height 87 inches [220 cm]
Ground clearance 11.5 inches [29 cm]
AG front tires 6.50-16
Weight 4,020 lbs or 1823 kg
Turning radius 11.6 feet [3.5 m]
AG rear tires 13.6-2
Wheelbase 77 inches [195 cm]
Width 73.3 inches [186 cm]

Electric ground force negative
Engine starter volts 12 V
Number of batteries 1
Battery voltage 12 V

Steering system hydrostatic power
Cabin type Two-post ROPS
Braking system wet disc
Wheel drive 4×2 2WD

Rear PTO RPM 540 (rpm)
PTO clutch system
PTO fuel consumption
Front PTO system
PTO claimed power 48 hp or 35.8 kW
Rear PTO system live

Massey Ferguson 253 Review 

The Massey Ferguson 253 is a reliable and versatile tractor that is well-suited for a variety of tasks on small to medium-sized farms.

It is known for its durability, fuel efficiency, and ease of use. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Final Words

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FAQS – Massey Ferguson 253  

What is Massey Ferguson’s 253 fuel capacity?         

 Massey Ferguson 253 has a 12.6 gal or 47.7 L Fuel Tank Capacity.

How much does a Massey Ferguson 253 weigh?      

Massey Ferguson 253 has an Operating Weight is 4020 to 4735 pounds.

How much horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 253?       

Massey Ferguson’s 253 horsepower is 57 hp or 42.5 kW.

How Many Cylinders Does Massey Ferguson 253 Have?         

Massey Ferguson 253 Has a 3 Cylinders.   

Which engine is in a Massey Ferguson 253 tractor?        

Massey Ferguson 253 has a Perkins AT3.152.4 turbocharged diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled Engine.

What Is Massey Ferguson 253 Price?  

Massey Ferguson’s 253 Price is $20600.

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