Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Features

Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Review, Engine,  Features, Overview

Hello Guys, I Hope All farmers would like this post about Massey Ferguson Tractors Price List and is Specifications. 

Here in this post, I am talking about Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor, which was the good model produced by the Massey.

It was a very successful model with law maintenance. This post provides genuine and reliable information about it. You will get Massey Ferguson 135 Tractors Parts Details.

How does its transmission system work? How much powerful hydraulic does it have? Especially, How much powerful engine does Massey Ferguson 135?

You can also see MF 135 Tractor’s Brakes, Wheels & Tires, and Dimension. How much capacity of MF 135 Fuel Tank?

 You should also get the PTO(Power Take-Off), It’s top speed, electrical system, Implement and moreover.

If you want to buy this model. You must need to find out the Massey Ferguson 135 Tractors For Sale. You need to just go at Massey Ferguson 135 Tractors For Sale. You will find out the best one of them.

The Massey Ferguson 135 is one of the most popular tractors and it is well known for vintage and classic enthusiasts. It is an industrial tractor that is fitted with the Perkins 2.5 liter three-cylinder diesel engine.

The Massey Ferguson 135 was manufactured by Massey Ferguson Company and remained in production as part of the company’s 100 series between 1964 to 1975.

It gross power is 45.5 horsepower (33.9 kW) and the weight of this tractor is 3,565–3,810 pounds (1,617–1,728 kg). It’s more information you can check below.

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Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Price

  The Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Original Price is $4385 USD.

Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Key Features



You can see in this above video about the Massey Ferguson 135 Engine start-up  and That more information you can see above in the Specification table. 

There is no mistaking the noise of the 45.5hp engine as it is working around the farmyard.

Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Number

These are the starting serial numbers for the Massey Ferguson 135 for each year of building.  

The production ran for 11 years between 1964 and 1975, with many of the tractors still in use on the farm today. 

The tractor identification plate that has the serial number stamped on is located on the instrument panel, just below the steering wheel.

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1964 641000001
1965 641001909
1966 641014871
1967 9A10001
1968 9A39836
1969 9A63158
1970 9A87325
1971 9A107519
1972 9A128141
1973 9A152025
1974 9A182761
1975 9A207681

Hydraulic System

The Massey Ferguson 135 Tractors are equipped with the world famous Advanced Ferguson Hydraulic System and 3-Point Hitch, which is, in brief, a combination of mechanical linkage and hydraulic mechanisms for controlling the operation of implementing.

The Advanced Ferguson Hydraulic System and 3-Point Hitch, with Draft Control, Position Control, Pressure Control (optional) and Response Control, is an easy implement attachment system, capable of handling Category I, 3-point hitch implements.

This system is also equipped with a constant pumping position, allowing the operation of remote hydraulic cylinders and Auxiliary Hydraulic Control Valves.

MF 135 Transmission System and Gear System

The Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor has a Multi-Power Transmission, that is providing twelve forward and four reverse speeds.

 This wide range of speeds provides greater efficiency in all operations. Multi-Power provides a “shift-on-the-go” feature. 

Move the Multi-Power Lever to Low for greater pulling power to pull through tough spots and heavy crops.

This wide range of speeds provides greater efficiency in all operations. Multi-Power provides a “shift-on-the-go” feature. 

Move the Multi-Power Lever to Low for greater pulling power to pull through tough spots and heavy crops.

Move the Multi-Power Lever to High to increase ground speed. No need to disengage the clutch when shifting Multi-Power rangers. 

Multi-Power Transmission does not permit engine compression to be used for braking Tractor parked in gear.

Massey Ferguson 135 Tachometer

The Massey Ferguson Tractor tachometer indicates engine RPM, standard PTO and belt pulley speeds.

The window shows accumulated engine hours at an average of 1875 engine RPM. You can see the fuel limit using fuel meter.

MF 135 Fuel Tank Level and Fuel Type

The fuel tank capacity for the Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor is 10. 2 U.S. – 8. 3 Imp. gals. That is long enough for long farming work no need to frequently refuel but Check the fuel level and fill if necessary.


The alternator on the Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor is the latest advancement in providing electrical power to supply the demands of electrically operated assemblies found on the Tractor.

 The following precautions must be observed to ensure maximum life and performance of the alternator.

Cooling System

The cooling system on the Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor consists a radiator, pressure-type radiator cap, fan, thermostat and water pump. The cooling system capacity is 10. 5 U.S. – 8. 4 Imp. Quarts.

The cooling system in both the gas and diesel engines incorporates a thermostat by-pass port, which allows a more rapid and even engine warm-up.

This type of system circulates a metered amount of the coolant through the water pump back into the engine block before the thermostat opens.

Tire Size

The Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Front Tire is so strong and that is less slippage on the ground because it provides better grip and traction, it’s more specification see below in the tire specification table.

                                                Front Tires
5.50-16 19.8 5.6 67
6.00-16 20.7 5.9 70
6.50-16 26.6 7.6 90
7. 50-10 19.2 5.5 65
                                                Rear Tires
12 .4-28 134.0 38.2 452
14. 9-24 180.0 51.4 645
13.6-28 172.0 49.1 582
18. 4-16A 164.0 46.9 554

Massey Ferguson 135 Parts Specs

You need to show the MF 135 Specifications carefully, It will help whenever you wanna buy it.

Model Perkins – AG3. 152
No. Of Cylinders 3
Bore 3. 6 inches
Piston Stroke 5 inches
Total Displacement 152. 7 cu. ins.
Compression Ratio 7. 5 to 1
Firing Order 1-2-3
Lubrication (at 2000 RPM) Pressure fed at 40-55 psi
Valve Clearance: Hot- Intake 0. 012 inch – Exhaust 0. 015 inches
Idle Speed 750 ± 25 RPM
Maximum Speed (no load) 2225-2275 RPM
Governor Variable speed centrifugal, fly weight
Model Perkins – AD3. 152
No. Of Cylinders 3
Bore 3.6 inches
Piston Stroke 5 inches
Total Displacement 152. 7 cu. ins.
Compression Ratio 18. 5 to 1
Firing Order 1-2-3
Lubrication (at 2000 RPM) Pressure fed at 40-55 psi
Valve Clearance:
                                                    Hot – Intake & Exhaust 0. 010”
                                                   Cold – Intake & Exhaust 0. 012”
Idle Speed 725-775 RPM
Maximum Speed (no load) 2135-2185 RPM
Governor Built-in injection pump
                         Type Gravity flow
                         Carburetor Up Draft dust proof type
                         Type Pressure-fed
                         Primary Fuel Pump Diaphragm type
                         Fuel Filter One filter, full flow, w /replaceable element
                         Injection Pump CA V distributor type
                         Fuel Injectors CA V multi-hole type
                         Injection Timing 240 B. T. D. C.
Type Circulated by a centrifugal pump, with a bypass system. Flow thermostatically controlled through the radiator
Pressure Cap 7 psi
         Tractors with ”Independent” PTO or                  Transmission PTO Type Single dry-disc – 11″ DIA.
         Tractors with” Live” PTO Type Dual dry-disc
         Primary Clutch Coil spring-loaded, 11″ DIA.
         Secondary Clutch Belleville spring-loaded, 9″ DIA.
Shaft Spline, 1-3/8” DIA. ASAE STD.
           “Live” PTO 3-position shift lever (Engine) (Neutral) (Ground)
           ”Independent”  PTO 2-position shift lever (“On”) (“Off”)
            Transmission, PTO 2-position shift lever (Neutral) (Engine)
Shaft Speed:
            “Live” PTO – Engine 540 RPM at 1700 engine RPM
            Ground 1 revolution per approx. 20” of forward travel
            “Independent” PTO – “On” 540 RPM at 1700 engine RPM
             Transmission, PTO – Engine 540 RPM at 1500 engine RPM
                                       Make Massey-Ferguson – negative ground
                                       Volts 12
                                        Amp/Hour Rate 60
                                        Make Delco-Remy
                                        Voltage 12
                                       Charging Rate 25 amps.
                                        Make Delco-Remy
                                      Make Delco-Remy
            Recommended Timing – Max                                    Engine Speed – 2250 rpm
270 B. T.D. C.
                                        Contact Point Gap Set at . 021 inches
                Starter Motor:
                                      Make Delco-Remy
                Spark Plugs:
                     Make(STD. Factory equip.) Champion N12Y
                                     Size 14mm
                                     Gap 0. 025 inches
                                    Make Massey-Ferguson – negative ground
                                    Volts 12
                                    Amp/Hour Rate –                                                         “Independent” PT Models 95
                                  ”Live” PTO Models 60
                                      Make Delco-Remy
                                      Voltage 12
                                      Charging Rate 25 amps.
                                      Make Delco-Remy
                Starter Motor:
                                        Make Delco-Remy
Type Mechanical, double expanding shoe, self-energizing
Shoe Dimension 14 inch diameter, 2 inches wide, 118 square inch area
Pedal Free Travel 3/4 inch
Lift Pump Constantly running, scotch yoke, piston-type
Maximum Pressure 2800 psi
Delivery 4. 8gpm at 2000 engine RPM and 1500 psi
Control Oscillating control valve on inlet side of pump
Fuel Tank 10.2 U.S. – 8.3 Imp. Gals.
Cooling System 10. 5 U.S. – 8. 7 Imp qts.
Crankcase – w /o Filter Change 6 U.S. – 5 Imp qts.
Crankcase – w/Filter Change 6.5 U.S. – 5.4 Imp. qts.
Transmission, Differential, and Hydraulic System 8 U.S. – 6. 7 Imp. gals.
Power Steering Reservoir l  U.S. – . 8 Imp. qts.
Rear 12.4/11-28, 4-Ply Rating, Rl
13. 6/12-28, 4-Ply Rating, Rl
14. 9/13-24, 4-Ply Rating, Rl
18.4/15-16A, 6–Ply Rating, Rl, R3
Front 5.50-16, 4-PlyRating, F2
6.00-16, 4-PlyRating, F2
6.50-16, 4-Ply Rating, F2
7. 50-10, 6-Ply Rating, F3
Wheel Base 72-3/8 inches
Minimum Width:
              Deluxe, Special, Orchard Tractors 68-7/16 inches
               Vineyard Tractor 51-7 /8 inches
Ground Clearance – Minimum – 14. 9/13-24 Tires 12-5/8 inches
Ground Clearance – Front Axle 20-1/2 inches
Turning Radius – w /Brakes 9 feet

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