Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Price in India, Specification, Review 2024

Mahindra 245 Orchard Tractor Price in India 2024, Specifications, Mileage, Review, Overview

Mahindra 245 Orchard Mini Tractor is futuristically designed & styled with special inter-culture features like Power Steering, Downdraft silencer, ergonomically designed driver space for comfort and Oil Immersed Brakes. 

Mahindra 245 Orchard Mini Tractor makes it ideal for crops like soyabean, sugarcane, cotton, Maze, and orchards like Grapes, Mango, Oranges, Pomegranates, and many more.

So guys!! do you want to buy a Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Mini Tractor? and if you have no idea about the Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Mini Tractor Price in India, Specifications, Mileage, Reviews? Then relax. Here in this post, you will get all kinds of information, which you need to know about it.


Mahindra 245 DI Orchad

The Mahindra 245 Orchard is a 24HP mini tractor specially designed for inter-culture and orchard work. With high power and backup torque.

Ease of operation due to narrow rear track width and lesser turning radius makes Mahindra 245 Orchard ideal for operating in between two crop rows as well as in orchards for a variety of inter-culture applications.

Mahindra 245 Orchard Mini Tractor is used by farmers greatly for multiple applications like rotavation, spraying, sowing, cultivation, threshing as well as haulage operations.

Mahinda 245 DI Orchard Price in India 2024

Mahindra 245 DI Orchad price

New Price: ₹ 3,51,000 – ₹ 4,03,000  


Mahindra 245 Orchard Specified In Details:

Mahindra 245 DI Orchad specification

This tractor is specially designed for Inter-culture and Orchard operations. It’s designed features such as Downdraft silencer, Power steering, Oil immersed Breaks.

Mahindra 245 DI Orchard applications are Rotavation, cultivation, Spraying, Sowing, Threshing, Water Pump. Farmers need this tractor because they will be satisfied with this model.

It should give you better a Performance from other Tractors.  It has four strokes, Direct injection designed engine.

It has 2 cylinders. It’s rated RPM is 1800. Its clutch system is a single clutch diaphragm type with Mechanical actuation.

Its gearbox is packed with 6 forward and 2 reverse gear and gear speed(km/Hr) with 5.00*15 front and 9.5*24 rear type.

Its fuel capacity is 25 liter. The weight is tractor is 1440kg. Its electrical system is 12 volts, 75 Ah Battery. Its lifting capacity is 1000kg.

Steering type is Hydrostatic power steering that’s good for farming. 245 DI Orchard Tractor has been specially designed for the vegetable like potato, onion, cotton,  sugarcane and fruits like Apple, Mango, oranges, and extra.

Mahindra 245 Orchard Application

  • Gyrovator / Rotavator
  • Best for inter-culture , orchard and agricultural use
  • Thresher
  • Haulage
  • Ridger
  • Cultivator
  • Seed drill
  • Reversible MB Plough
  • Water Pump
  • Sprayer (boom & blow)

Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Specifications

hp 24hp
Type 4 Stroke, Direct injection, Diesel engine.
No. of Cylinders 2
Air Cleaner Dry type,Dual element with dust unloader
Cooling System Water Cooled
Rated Rpm 1800
Type Sliding Mesh & Range gears in Constant Mesh
Clutch Single Clutch (Diapharam type) with Mechanical actuation
No. Of Gears 6 Forward,2 Reverse speeds
Gear Speeds (Km/hr) With 5.00 x 15 front & 9.5 x 24 rear type
Forward 2.2 to 23.3
Reverse 2.2 & 8.7
PTO rpm@ Engine rpm 540 @ 1800
Brake type Oil Immersed Brakes
Steering type Hydrostatic Power Steering
Hydraulics *Live Hydraulics A) Position control:To hold lower links at any desired height. B) Automatic draft control:To maintain uniform draft
Lifting Capacity 1000 kg at lower link ends.
Linkage 3 point linkage Category-I suitable for Category-II type implement pins.
Front Tyre 5.00 x 15
Rear Tyre 9.5 x 24
Electricals 12 volt, 75 Ah.Battery,Starter motor & Alternator
O.A.Length x Width x Height 2900mm x 1092 mm x 1340 mm at steering wheel
Wheel Base 1550 mm
Min.ground Clearance 220 mm
Weight of Tractor 1440 kg
Fuel tank capacity lit 25
Wheel track Front 970 mm Rear 840 mm

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Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Tractor FAQS

What is The Price of the Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Tractor?

➤The Price of  Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Tractor is ₹ 3,51,000 – ₹ 4,03,000  

What is the ground clearance of the Mahindra 245 DI Orchard tractor model?

➤TheMahindra 245 DI Orchard ground clearance is 220 mm

How many hours/year warranty is available on Mahindra 245 DI Orchard tractor?

➤The Mahindra 245 DI Orchard available warranty is 2000 hr/2.

What is the HP of Mahindra 245 DI Orchard?

➤The Mahindra 245 DI Orchard available HP is 24hp.

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