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Kubota U25

Kubota U25 Overview

When the list of features starts with “zero tail swing” and includes “strong bucket breakout force” and “advanced digital information panel,” you know this excavator has what it takes to do the job.

Kubota has a D1105-E4-BH diesel engine, 20.9-horsepower this is a great option on-site because it has a good operating weight of 5,600 lb. With a strong and quick lifting capacity, it can do almost anything.

When bigger machines will not fit, the U25 can get in, do the job, and get out with maximum speed and efficiency.

Kubota U25 Price New

Kubota U25

The Kubota U25  model price – $43,988

dig depth – Kubota U25 

Kubota U25 mini Excavator has a Max Digging Depth – of 19 ft (3 inch)

 Lifting capacity – Kubota U25

Lifting capacity of Kubota U25 mini Excavator – 2,050 lbs.

Kubota U25 Features

Strong force to break the bucket open

The Kubota U25 mini excavator has a 33-ton bucket breakout force, so you can use it on almost any job site without worrying about breaking it.

Advanced digital information panel

The advanced digital information panel on this machine shows all the important data on one screen, making it easy to keep track of things like fuel consumption, engine hours, and more while the machine is running.

No back swing

Because the U25 Kubota does not have a tail swing, you will not hit anything on the job site with the boom as you move around. This gives you more room to move and makes you less likely to hurt yourself if someone or something gets in your way.

Kubota U25

Kubota U25 Specs


Brand Kubota
Model U25
Type Mini excavator
Years Made 2005-Today
Series Super series

Engine Kubota U25

Brand Kubota
Engine Model No D1105-E4-BH-1
Type Diesel water cooled 4 cycle
Horsepower 20.9 HP [15.6 kW]
Displacement 68.5 cu in.
Bore and Stroke 3.1×3.1 in.
Compression Ratio 24:1
Starter Cell starter
Fuel Diesel Fuel No.2-D
Lubricant Above CD grade
Rated Speed 2400 RPM
Low Idle Speed 1350 RPM

Operating Specifications Kubota U25

Fuel Tank Capacity 7.4 gal
Oil Capacity 1.2 gal
Coolant Capacity 0.6 gal
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 20.3 gal/min (76 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 5.8 gal (19 l)
Operating Weight 5625 lbs (2,552 kg)

Engine Oil Recommended For kubota U25

Above 25 C°(77 F°) SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30, SAE 15W-40
0 C° to 25 C° (32 F° to 77 F°) SAE 20 or SAE 10W-30, SAE 15W-40
Below 0 C° (32 F°) SAE 10W or SAE 10W-30, SAE 15W-40

Performance of Kubota U25

Max. Travel Speed 2.9 mph / 4.5 km
Ground Pressure 3.3 psi / 22.8 KPa
Climbing Angle 36°
Angle in Case of
Crossing Slope
Max. Drawbar Pull 6745 lbs / 3060 kg

Swing System of Kubota U25

Left 75°
Right 55°
Slew Speed 9.8 RPM

Lifting Capacity Of Kubota U25

 kubota u25

Working Dimensions – Kubota U25

Max. Digging Depth 111 in.
Max. Vertical Digging Depth 102 in.
Max. Digging Height 178 in.
Max. Dumping Height 126 in.
Max. Digging Radius at Ground 184 in.
Max. Digging Radius 188 in.
Min. Tail Turning Radius 30 in.
Min. Turning Radius With Swing 56 in.
Min. Turning Tadius W/O Swing 75 in.

Undercarriage – Kubota U25

Drawbar Pull 6745 lbs (3,060 kg)
Ground Pressure 3.4 psi
Max Travel Speed 2.9 mph (3 kph)
Tumbler Distance 61 in.
Crawler Length 79 in.
Shoe Width 12 in.
Dozer Width 59 in.
Dozer Height 12 in.
Max. Lift Above Ground 14 in.
Max. Drop Below ground 13 in.

Swing Mechanism – Kubota U25

Swing Speed 9.8 rpm

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