Kubota M5140 Specs, Price, Oil Capacity, Weight, Review [2024]

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Let’s look at the latest specs, weight, price, and review of the Kubota M5140.

Kubota M5140 Specs, Price, Oil Capacity, Weight, Review

Kubota M5140 Price New and Used

Country New Kubota M5140 Price Used Kubota M5140 Price
United States $35,000 – $40,000 $18,000 – $25,000
Canada $38,000 – $43,000 $20,000 – $28,000
United Kingdom £25,000 – £30,000 £12,000 – £18,000
Australia AUD 45,000 – AUD 50,000 AUD 23,000 – AUD 30,000
India ₹20,00,000 – ₹24,00,000 ₹10,00,000 – ₹14,00,000
Brazil R$100,000 – R$110,000 R$50,000 – R$60,000

Kubota M5140 Weight   

The following are the weights of the Kubota M5140 different configurations:

2WD ROPS: 4,240 lbs (1923 kg)
4WD ROPS: 4,550 lbs (2063 kg)
2WD cab: 4,850 lbs (2199 kg)
4WD cab: 5,160 lbs (2340 kg)

Kubota M5140 Horsepower

The Kubota M5140 has a net horsepower of 52 and a PTO horsepower of 46.

Kubota M5140 Fuel Capacity

The Kubota M5140 has a fuel capacity of 18.5 gallons (70.0 liters) with an ROPS and 23.8 gallons (90.1 liters) with a cab.

Kubota M5140 Lift Capacity

The Kubota M5140 has a rear lift capacity of 4,200 lbs (1905 kg) at the ends of the lift arms and 3,307 lbs (1500 kg) at 24 inches (610 mm) from the lift arms.

Kubota M5140 Oil capacity

The Kubota M5140 has an engine oil capacity of 8.5 quarts (8.0 liters).

Kubota M5140 Specs


Manufacturer Kubota
Utility tractor
Original price $21,432 (2011)


Type Kubota V2403-DI-T turbocharged diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement 148.5 ci
2.4 L
Emissions Interim Tier IV
Emission control EGR
Rated RPM 2600
Starter electric
Starter volts 12
Oil capacity 8.5 qts
8.0 L
Coolant capacity 6.6 qts
6.2 L

Kubota M5140 Power

Engine (net) 52 hp
38.8 kW
PTO (claimed) 46 hp
34.3 kW


Transmission Synchro-Shuttle
Type partially synchronized
Gears 8 forward and reverse
Clutch dry plate
Oil capacity 42.4 qts
40.1 L
Four gears with high and low ranges. Gears and forward-reverse shuttle shifting are synchronized.

Kubota M5140 Transmission 

Transmission Hydraulic-Shuttle
Type power shuttle
Gears 8 forward and reverse
Clutch wet discs
Oil capacity 42.4 qts
40.1 L
Four gears with high and low ranges. Clutchless power shuttle shifting between forward and reverse. Gears (1-4) are synchronized.

Kubota M5140 Tires

Standard tires (ag) Front: 6.50-15. Rear: 14.9-28 (2WD)
  Front: 9.5-24. Rear: 14.9-28 (4WD)
Optional tires (ag) Front: 7.50-16. Rear: 16.9-28 (2WD)
  Front: 9.5L-15. Rear: 14.9-28 (2WD)
  Front: 9.5L-15. Rear: 16.9-28 (2WD)
Lawn/turf front 29×12.5-15
Lawn/turf rear 21.5L-16.1


Length 135.6 inches (4WD ROPS)
344 cm
  138 inches (4WD cab)
350 cm
  140.4 inches (2WD ROPS)
356 cm
  142.7 inches (2WD cab)
362 cm
Height (ROPS) 82.1 inches
208 cm
Height (cab) 84.4 inches
214 cm
Front tread 55.9 to 71.7 inches
141 to 182 cm (2WD)
Front tread 55.9 to 59.8 inches
141 to 151 cm (4WD)
Rear tread 52 to 67.7 inches
132 to 171 cm

Kubota M5140 Weight

4,240 lbs (2WD ROPS)
1923 kg
4,550 lbs (4WD ROPS)
2063 kg
4,850 lbs (2WD cab)
2199 kg
5,160 lbs (4WD cab)
2340 kg


Drive 4×2 2WD
  4X4 MFWD 4WD (optional)
Differential lock rear standard
Steering hydrostatic power
Mechanical wet disc brakes
Two-post ROPS with optional canopy. Ultra Grand Cab optional with heat and air-conditioning


Fuel 18.5 gal (ROPS)
70.0 L
  23.8 gal (cab)
90.1 L
Hydraulic system 10.6 gal
40.1 L
Front axle 8.5 qts
8.0 L

Tractor hitch

Rear Type II/I
Rear lift (at ends) 4,200 lbs
1905 kg
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 3,307 lbs
1500 kg


Ground negative
Charging system alternator
Charging amps 45 (ROPS)
  60 (cab)
Battery volts 12

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO independent
Rear RPM 540 (1.375)
Engine RPM 540@2295


Type open center
Capacity 10.6 gal
40.1 L
Valves 1 to 3
Pump flow 11 gpm
41.6 lpm
Total flow 17.2 gpm
65.1 lpm
Steering flow 6.1 gpm
23.1 lpm

Kubota M5140 Attachments

Attachments Attachments Use Price Range
Front Loader For lifting and moving heavy materials, such as dirt, gravel, or hay. $2,500 – $5,000
Backhoe For digging trenches, excavating, and handling various digging tasks. $6,000 – $10,000
Rotary Tiller Ideal for soil preparation and cultivation in gardening and farming. $1,500 – $3,000
Box Blade Helps with grading, leveling, and spreading materials like gravel or soil. $800 – $2,000
Pallet Forks Designed for lifting and transporting pallets and heavy loads. $800 – $1,500
Finish Mower Used for cutting grass and maintaining lawns or large fields. $1,500 – $3,000
Post Hole Digger For digging holes quickly and efficiently, commonly used in fencing. $500 – $1,500
Grapple Bucket Useful for handling logs, brush, and other bulky or irregular materials. $2,000 – $4,000

Kubota M5140 problems

The Kubota M5140 is a reliable tractor, but like any machine, the Kubota M5140 can experience problems from time to time. Some of the most common Kubota M5140 problems include:

Engine problems can include problems starting the engine, lack of power and overheating. Various factors, such as fuel, air intake, and electrical issues, can cause engine problems.

Transmission problems include shifting problems, slipping gears, and grinding noises. Improper lubrication, Worn components, and overheating can cause transmission problems.

Electrical problems: These can include problems with the lights, starter, alternator, and other electrical components. Wiring problems, Faulty parts and corrosion can cause electrical problems.

Hydraulic problems: These can include problems with the three-point hitch, loader and other hydraulically operated attachments. Leaks, blockages, and faulty components can cause hydraulic issues.

Kubota M5140 Review

Due to its dependability, toughness, and adaptability, farmers and ranchers favor the 51-horsepower, four-wheel drive Kubota M5140 tractor.

A Kubota four-cylinder diesel engine, renowned for its fuel efficiency and low emissions, powers it. The M5140 has a three-point hitch that can accommodate a wide range of implements and a hydrostatic transmission that offers precise and seamless shifting. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the Kubota M5140 Price, Specs, Weight, Review, and Key Features, but if you have any queries regarding this post, then please comment below in the comment box, We will solve your problem as soon as possible, thanks for visiting our site and stay tuned to our site for more new stuff like this.

Kubota M5140 – FAQ’s

What is the horsepower of a Kubota M5140?

The Kubota M5140 has 52 horsepower.

What type of transmission does a Kubota M5140 have?

The Kubota M5140 comes standard with an 8-speed partially synchronized transmission. A power shuttle transmission is also available as an option.

What type of hydraulic system does a Kubota M5140 have?

The Kubota M5140 has an open center hydraulic system.

What type of rear hitch does a Kubota M5140 have?

The Kubota M5140 has a Category II/I rear hitch.

What type of PTO does a Kubota M5140 have?

The Kubota M5140 has an independent rear PTO.

What are some of the standard attachments for a Kubota M5140?

Some standard attachments for a Kubota M5140 include front-end loaders, mowers, backhoes, tillers, and snow blowers.

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