Kubota B7800 Price, Specs, Review, Attachments [2024]

Kubota B7800 Specs, Original price, Review, Attachments, Weight, oil capacity

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kubota b7800

Kubota B7800 Overview

The Kubota B7800 is a small utility tractor with four-wheel drive from the B series. It was made from 2003 to 2008.

The Kubota B7800 has a 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine with a cylinder bore of 3.07 inches and a piston stroke of 3.07 inches. At 2,900 rpm, this engine made the most power, which was 30.0 HP (22.4 kW).

Kubota B7800 Compact Utility tractor has a Kubota 1.5L 4-cyl diesel engine, 4×4 MFWD 4WD, infinite (3-range) forward and reverses gears, Power steering, and 1653 (750 kg) Rear lift (at ends).

Brakes with wet discs, an open operator station with two-post ROPS, and a fuel tank that holds 26.0 liters (6.9 US gal).

Now, let us examine the Kubota B7800 Sub-Compact Utility Tractor’s Price, Parts Specifications, Reviews, Serial Numbers, and Pictures.

Kubota B7800 Price New – original price

The price of a brand-new Kubota B7800 tractor can vary based on the dealership, location, and the features selected. The typical price ranges from $15,000 to $20,000.

Kubota B7800 used tractors are also available to purchase. Prices can vary based on condition, age, and use hours. But, the typical cost for a used B7800 ranges from $10,000 to $15,000.

Here are some examples of current price listings for new and used Kubota B7800 tractors:

  • New: Kubota B7800 Compact Utility Tractor – $18,999
  • Used: 2007 Kubota B7800 Tractor – $11,750
  • Used: 2015 Kubota B7800 Tractor – $16,500

Kubota B7800 Horsepower

The Kubota B7800 tractor has a gross engine horsepower of 30 horsepower. Its PTO horsepower is 22 horsepower.

Kubota B7800 Oil capacity

The oil capacity of the Kubota B7800 tractor is 4.1 liters (1.1 gallons ).

Kubota B7800 Engine Oil Type

The advised oil type for the Kubota B7800 tractor is SAE 10W-30 or SAE 15W-40, depending on the operating temperature. Here are a few examples of engine oils with high quality that can be used on the Kubota B7800 tractor.

  • Kubota 10W-30
  • Kubota 15W-40
  • Castrol EDGE 10W-30
  • Mobil 1 ESP Full Synthetic 10W-30
  • Shell Rotella T6 15W-40

Kubota B7800 Weight

The Kubota B7800 tractor has an operating weight of 1741.7 pounds. This is the tractor’s weight with a full fuel tank and a standard set of tires. The weight of the tractor can vary depending on the installed attachments.

Kubota B7800 Lift Capacity

The Kubota B7800 tractor has a 3-point hitch lift capacity of 1300.8 pounds at 24 inches. This means the tractor can safely lift and carry a load of up to 1300.8 pounds 24 inches from the center of the 3-point hitch.

Kubota B7800 Specs

Kubota B7800 Engine

Engine Type Kubota V1505-E-D16 diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement 91.5 ci (1.5 L)
Bore/Stroke 3.07×3.09 inches /78 x 78 mm
Power (gross) 30 hp (22.4 kW)
Air cleaner dry
Combustion E-TVCS
Compression Ratio 24:1
Rated RPM 2600
Starter volts 12
PTO (claimed) power 22 hp (16.4 kW)

Kubota B7800 Operating Specs

3 Point Hitch Lift Capacity @ 24 inches 1300.8 lbs (590 kg)
3-Point Hitch Type cat. I
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 1.2 gal (4 l)
Engine Oil Capacity 1.1 gal (4 l)
Fuel Capacity 6.9 gal (23 l)
Turning Radius 6.9 ft (2 m)

Kubota B7800 Transmission

Gears infinite (3-range) forward and reverse
Type hydrostatic
Oil capacity: 3.8 qts (3.6 L)

Kubota B7800 Tractor Hitch

Control quarter-inching valve
Rear Type I
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 1300 lbs (589 kg
Rear lift (at ends) 1655 lbs (750 kg)

Kubota B7800 Hydraulic

Type open center
Total flow 9.5 gpm (36.0 lpm)
Steering flow 3.1 gpm (11.7 lpm)
Pump flow 6.4 gPM (24.2 lpm)

Kubota B7800 Tires

Ag front 7-12
Ag rear 12.4-16
industrial front 23×8.50-14
Industrial rear 12.4-16
Lawn/turf front 24×8.50-14
Lawn/turf rear 13.6-16

Kubota B7800 PTO

Rear PTO live
Engine RPM 540@2600
Rear RPM 540 (1.375)
Mid PTO live*
Engine RPM 2500@2578
Mid RPM 2500 (Kubota 10-spline)

Kubota B7800 Mechanical

Chassis 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock mechanical rear
Final Drive spur gear
Steering power
Brakes wet disc
Transmission hydrostatic
operator Cab Two-post fixed ROPS. Foldable ROPS optional.

Kubota B7800 Electrical

Ground negative
Battery volts 12v
Battery CCA 443A

Kubota B7800 Dimensions

Ground Clearance 14.6 in (36 cm)
Overall Length 8.3 in (20 cm)
Tire Size front 7-12 rear 12.4-16
 Weight 1741 lbs (789 kg)
Wheelbase 65.6 inches (166 cm)
Height (ROPS) 78.5 inches (199 cm)

 Kubota B7800 Attachments

Kubota LA402 Loader

Height (to pin) 81.5 inches (207 cm)
Clearance, dumped bucket 65.5 inches (166 cm)
Reach at ground 54.1 inches (137 cm)
Rollback angle 26°
Dump reach 26 inches (66 cm)
Dump angle 40°
Bucket width 54 inches (137 cm)
Breakout force (lift) 1684 lbs (763 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin) 1060 lbs (480 kg)

Kubota B7800 Review

The Kubota B7800 is a famous compact tractor known for its durability, reliability, and ease of use. It is the right choice for various tasks, including mowing lawns, tilling soil, moving light loads, and snow removal.

Here is a summary of reviews from the public about the Kubota B7800:

  • Positive:
    • Reliable and durable engine
    • Comfortable to ride
    • A wide range of attachments is available
    • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Negative:
    • Relatively low lift capacity
    • It can be expensive, especially when bought with attachments

Public Review about the Kubota B7800:

  • “I love my B7800! It’s a great all-around tractor that is perfect for my small farm. It’s easy to use and maintain, and it’s been very reliable.” – John Smith
  • “I’m a contractor, and I use my B7800 for various tasks, including snow removal, landscaping, and construction. It’s a tough tractor that can handle anything I throw at it.” – Bill Jones
  • “I’ve been using my B7800 for over 10 years now, and it’s still going strong. It’s a great tractor for mowing lawns, tilling soil, and moving light loads.” – Jane Doe

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