John Deere 320E Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤


John Deere 320E Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Are you looking to buy a John Deere 320E? But you need to know more about John Deere 320E Specifications, Weight, Price, and Review.

In this post, you can find out more. On the internet, it’s very hard to find accurate and detailed information about John Deere 320E Specs, Weight, Price, and Reviews.


So, our team went to several John Deere showrooms, got all the information, and put it all together in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Let’s look at the latest specs, weight, price, and review of the John Deere 320E.

John Deere 320E Specs

John Deere 320E Key Facts

  • Net Power = 49.4 kW (66 hp ) 2,600 rpm
  • Rated Operating Capacity = 994 kg (2,190 lb.)
  • Breakout force = 2724 kg (6,000 lb.)

John Deere 320E Price

Price = $48794 USD


John Deere 320E Weight

Operating Weight = 7156.3 lbs (3,246 kg)

John Deere 320E Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity = 20.1 gal (76 l)


John Deere 320E Specs


Air cleaner Dry dual element
Displacement 201.4 cu in (0 m)
Engine Make Yanmar
Gross Power 66 hp (49 kW)
Net Torque Rise 22%
Power Measured @ 2500 rpm
Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Emissions Certification Tier 4
Engine Model 4TNV98C standard
Net Torque 177.8 lbs/ft
Number of Cylinders 4
Torque Measured @ 1625 rpm


Boom breakout force 3200 lbs (1,452 kg)
Dump height 8070.9 ft (2,460 m)
Operating Width 69 in (175 cm)
Width without Bucket 5.8 ft (2 m)
Dump angle @ max. height 43 °
Operating Load Rating 2350 lbs (1,066 kg)
Tipping load (ISO 14397) 4380 lbs (1,987 kg)


Tractive Effort 7491 lbs/ft
Maximum Axle Torque 4994 lbs/ft

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Horsepower_High Flow 53 hp (40 kW)
System Pressure at Couplers 3250 psi
Hydraulic Horsepower-Standard Flow 38 hp (28 kW)
Pump Flow Capacity 28.1 gal/min (106 l/min)


Angle of departure 28 °
Height – Top of ROPS/FOPS 79.6 in (201 cm)
Length w/o Bucket 9.4 ft (3 m)
Reach at Max Lift and Dump 36.3 in (91 cm)
Wheelbase 3.8 ft (1 m)
Ground Clearance 8.7 in (20 cm)
Hinge pin height, maximum height 121.7 in (307 cm)
Length with Bucket 11.4 ft (3 m)
Turning Radius – TTS870 6.7 ft (2 m)

Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 70 A
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 20.1 gal (76 l)
Operating Voltage 12 V V
Fuel Capacity 20.1 gal (76 l)
Max Speed 11.1 mph (18 kph)
Operational Weight 7156.3 lbs (3,246 kg)

John Deere 320E Review 

The John Deere 320E is a small skid steer loader that is well-known for its versatility, strength, and performance. It is an ideal choice for a broad range of tasks, including landscaping, construction, and agriculture. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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FAQs For John Deere 320E 


(1) How much can a John Deere 320e lift?

Ans. SAE Rated Operating Capacity 994 kg (2,190 lb.)

(2) Who bought out John Deere?

Ans. The Wirtgen Group will allow Deere and Company to become the world’s leading manufacturer of road construction machinery. Deere has kept all five brands in Wirtgen’s current lineup, as well as its distribution network and employees.

(3) What was John Deere famous for?

Ans. John Deere was a blacksmith who invented the first commercially profitable, self-scouring steel plow in 1837. He also established a company that has his name on it.


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