DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Price, Specs & Review 2024

DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Price 2024, Specs, Review, Features, Images

DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Price, Specs: DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor comes with 4 cylinder FARMotion engine to deliver extraordinary performance, reliability, and durability.

It provides a good choice of transmission choices, each with excellent boasting levels of power.

A choice of 4 or 5 gears, up to 4 working ranges (slow, fast, underdrive, and super-creeper), 2 or 3 Powershift speeds and a mechanical or hydraulic power shuttle give a reasonable selection of options allowing the transmission to suit specific operational conditions. 

The electronically control (EHR) hitch provided as an option guarantees extremely precise draft and position control.

DEUTZ-FAHR 5G Series 5115.4G HD Tractor Informations

Front Loader features Include:

  • Sturdy front axle
  • 60 ECO hydraulic system (maximum delivery at 1,600 rpm)
  • High visibility roof with FOPS protective structure
  • SDD rapid steering system, which halves the number of steering wheel turns needed and cuts manoeuvre times
  • “Stop&Go” system letting the driver stop the tractor using the brake
    pedal only

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DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Price

DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Price

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DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Key Facts

  • Engine: FARMotion Tier 4i engines
  • Cylinder: 4
  • Displacement: 3849 cc
  • Maximum power (ECE R 120) @ 2,000 rpm: 102 hp
  • Power at rated speed (ECE R 120) @2,200 rpm: 97 hp
  • Max. torque @ 1,600 rpm: 408 Nm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 152 Ltr
  • Rear lift capacity (STANDARD version): 3600 kg
  • Wheelbase (4WD/2WD): 2400 / 2360 mm
  • Weight with cab: 4200 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 7000 kg

DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Specifications

 Emissions  Tier4i 
 Model  FARMotion
 Cylinders/Displacement/Valves  4/3849/2  No./cc/No.
 Common Rail  2,000 bar
 Turbo intercooler  Standard
 Maximum power (ECE R 120) @ 2,000 rpm 80/109 kW/hp 
 Power at rated speed (ECE R 120) @2,200 rpm 75.8/103 kW/hp 
 Max. torque @ 1,600 rpm 436 Nm
 Torque rise  30 %
 Electronic engine control  Standard
 Exhaust gas after-treatment system  DOC / exEGR
 Fuel tank capacity  152 litres
 Mechanical Shuttle (LS)  Standard
 Hydraulic reverse power shuttle (GS)  Standard
Stop&Go System (GS) Standard
 4-speed NA
 Number of speeds NA
 Number of speeds with super creeper gear and underdrive NA
 5-speeds gearbox Standard
 Number of speeds   10 + 10 n°
 Number of speeds with super creeper gear and underdrive  20 + 20 n°
 4-speed NA
 Number of speeds NA
 Number of speeds with super creeper gear and underdrive NA
 5-speeds gearbox  Optional
 Number of speeds   20 + 20 
Number of speeds with super creeper gear and underdrive 40 + 40 n°
Powershift number of speeds 2 n°
 5-speeds gearbox Optional
 Number of speeds with super creeper gear and underdrive 60 + 60
Powershift number of speeds 3
 electrohydraulic engagement  Standard
 P.T.O. 540/540ECO  Standard
 P.T.O. 540/540ECO/1,000/1,000ECO  Optional
Ground speed PTO Optional
 PTO 1000  Optional
 Front-wheel drive electrohydraulically engaged   Standard
 Electrohydraulically operated differential lock   Standard
 4-wheel braking (40 km/h models)  Standard
 Mechanical parking brake  Standard
 Hydraulic parking brake  Optional
 Trailer hydraulic braking valve  Optional
 Trailer pneumatic braking valve  Optional
Hydrostatic steering with independent pump Standard
SDD system Optional
 Rear hitch mechanical  Standard
Rear hitch electronic Optional
Rear hitch lift capacity (std) 4800  kg
Rear hitch lift capacity (opt) NA
Front hitch Optional
Front hitch capacity 1850 kg
 Pump output (std)  55 l/min
 Pump output (opt)  60ECO l/min
 Open center hydraulic system  Standard
 Rear auxiliary valves  4 / 6 / 6 + 2 n° of ways
 Air conditioning  Optional
 High visibility roof  Optional
 Driver seat with mechanical suspension   Standard
 Driver seat with air suspension  Optional
 Passenger seat  Optional
 Standard rear tyres  480/70R34
 Max. length with rear linkage   4314 mm
 Width (min./max.)   2209 / 2609  mm
 Wheelbase (4WD/2WD)  2400 / 2360 mm
 Front track (min./max.)   1728 / 2128  mm
 Rear track (min./max.)   1706 / 2106  mm
 Max. height at cab   2730 mm
Weight with cab 4300 Kg
Maximum load capacity 7400 Kg

DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G Tractor Review

The DEUTZ-FAHR 5115.4G is a powerful 4-wheel drive tractor that can generate up to 107 horsepower (80 kW) with the help of its 3.6L 4-cylinder FarMotion engine.

The tractor features a 60×60 transmission with a power shuttle and a 4-speed PTO, enabling it to perform a wide range of tasks with ease.

Additionally, the hydraulic linkage of the tractor can lift up to 4.5 tons, providing the necessary support for heavy-duty operations. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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