Bobcat V518 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Bobcat V518 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Bobcat V518 Specs – The Bobcat V518 is a tiny telehandler that can be put to work in a wide variety of settings, from landscaping to construction to farming.

The four-cylinder engine offers 45 horsepower. In terms of weight, it has a maximum capacity of 5,500 pounds. The highest height to which the V518 can raise a load is 18 feet, and its maximum reach is 12 feet.

Both an automatic and a manual transmission are offered, and its top speed is 17,050 mph.

Tomcat V518 Bobcat The Bobcat V518 comes standard with a host of features meant to make the operator’s life easier and keep them safe. Hydraulic bucket position system, roomy cab, and cozy operator station with climate control are all included.

Bobcat V518

Bobcat V518 Price

Price: USD $26,880.00 (APPROX)

Bobcat V518 Weight

Weight: 10846 lb

Bobcat V518 Horsepower

Horsepower: 99 hp

Bobcat V518 Specifications


V518 VersaHandler

V518 VersaHandler Canopy

V518 – Cab(2008)

V518 – Canopy


Engine CoolingLiquid Liquid Liquid Liquid 
Horsepower99 hp99 hp100 hp100 hp
Turbocharged Engineyesyesyesyes
Engine FuelDiesel Diesel Diesel Diesel 
Displacement243 in³243 in³269 in³269 in³
Emissions Tier (EPA)  Tier 3 Tier 3 

V518 Key Specifications

Horsepower99 hp99 hp100 hp100 hp
Rated Capacity5500 lb5500 lb5000 lb5000 lb
Rated Capacity @ Full Height
5500 lb5500 lb5000 lb5000 lb
Operating Weight10846 lb10846 lb10846 lb10846 lb
Lift Height218 in218 in218 in218 in
Auxiliary Std Flow21 gal/min21 gal/min21 gal/min21 gal/min


Operating Weight10846 lb10846 lb10846 lb10846 lb
Travel Speed – Low4.7 mph4.7 mph4.7 mph4.7 mph
Lift Height218 in218 in218 in218 in
Max Reach128.2 in128.2 in128.2 in128.2 in
Rated Capacity @ Max Reach2200 lb2200 lb2000 lb2000 lb
Max Draw Bar Pull8317 lb8317 lb8317 lb8317 lb
Travel Speed – High18.4 mph18.4 mph18.4 mph18.4 mph
Rated Capacity5500 lb5500 lb5000 lb5000 lb
Lift Height @ Rated Capacity195 in195 in218 in218 in
Rated Capacity @ Full Height
5500 lb5500 lb5000 lb5000 lb
Bucket Breakout Force8,093 lbf8,093 lbf8,093 lbf8,093 lbf
Boom Breakout Force6,744 lbf6,744 lbf6,744 lbf6,744 lbf


Length178.5 in178.5 in173.5 in173.5 in
Width78.1 in78.1 in78.1 in78.1 in
Height with Operator Cab82.6 in82.5 in82.6 in82.6 in
Wheelbase98.4 in98.4 in98.4 in98.4 in
Length Fork Heel To Rear173.5 in173.5 in173.5 in173.5 in
Height82.6 in82.6 in82.6 in82.6 in
Cab Height with Beacon90.7 in90.7 in90.7 in90.7 in

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Pressure3,626 psi 3,626 psi 
Auxiliary Std Flow21 gal/min21 gal/min21 gal/min21 gal/min


Hydrostatic TransmissionStandardStandardStandardStandard
Heater Air ConditioningStandard Not ApplicableStandard Not Applicable
Quick Tach SystemStandard Standard Standard Standard 
Joystick ControlStandard Standard Standard Standard 
Enclosed Operator Cab (ROPS/FOPS)Standard Not ApplicableStandard Not Applicable
Operating LightsStandard Standard Standard Standard 
Auxiliary HydraulicsStandardStandardStandardStandard
Power QtachStandardStandardStandardStandard

Bobcat V518 Review 

The Bobcat VersaHandler, identified as document number 1, is a popular choice among contractors and construction workers due to its versatility and ability to handle a variety of tasks. With a rated load capacity of 5,000 pounds and a lift height of 18 feet, this machine is powerful enough to handle diverse tasks such as digging, loading, backfilling, and stacking hay bales.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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