Bobcat S160 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Bobcat S160 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

When it comes to small skid-steer loaders, look no further than Bobcat Company and their S160 model. It’s perfect for light to the medium building, landscaping, and farming tasks.

The S160 is driven by a diesel engine producing 46.5 horsepower and has a rated working capacity of 1650 pounds. The universal quick-attach mechanism on this machine makes it simple to convert between implements like buckets, forks, and augers.

As an added bonus, the S160 has an air-conditioned and heated operator cab for working in any climate.

Bobcat S160

Bobcat S160 Price

Price: $10,250.00 USD(Approx.)

Bobcat S160 Weight

Weight: 5752 lb

Bobcat S160 Horsepower

Horsepower: 56 hp

Bobcat S160 Specifications

S160 Key Specifications

Horsepower56 hp56 hp81 hp61 hp59 hp
Operating Weight5752 lb5752 lb8140 lb5965 lb6115 lb
Auxiliary Std Flow 16.9 gal/min 16.9 gal/min16.9 gal/min
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)1,600 lb1,600 lb3,000 lb1,600 lb1,600 lb
Auxiliary High Flow27 gal/min25.5 gal/min30.7 gal/min26.4 gal/min26.4 gal/min
Joystick ControlNot ApplicableNot ApplicableOptionalOptionalOptional


Engine CoolingLiquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid 
Horsepower56 hp56 hp81 hp61 hp59 hp
Emissions Tier (EPA)
   Interim Tier 4Tier 2
Engine FuelDiesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel 
Turbocharged Engineyes yes yes yes yes 


Fuel Tank
23 gal24 gal25 gal24 gal24 gal


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)1,600 lb1,600 lb3,000 lb1,600 lb1,600 lb
Operating Weight5752 lb5752 lb8140 lb5965 lb6115 lb
Travel Speed (2-speed option)  12.5 mph11.1 mph11.1 mph
Tipping Load3200 lb3200 lb6000 lb
3201 lb
3301 lb
Travel Speed7 mph 7.3 mph7.2 mph7.3 mph7.3 mph

Hydraulic System

System Relief @ Quick Couplers3,300 psi3,300 psi3,300 psi3,300 psi3,300 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 16.9 gal/min 16.9 gal/min16.9 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow27 gal/min25.5 gal/min30.7 gal/min26.4 gal/min26.4 gal/min


Joystick Control

Not Applicable

Not ApplicableOptional Optional Optional 
Adjustable Seat
Cab EnclosureOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Cab HeaterOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Lift-Arm SupportStandard Standard Standard Standard Standard 
Two Speed TravelNot ApplicableNot ApplicableOptional Optional Optional 
Hydraulic Bucket PositioningOptional Optional Optional Optional Optional 
Bob-Tach Attachment SystemStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
High Flow Option Optional StandardOptional Optional 
Ride Control Optional  Optional Optional 
Top Window  YesStandard 
Spark Arrestor Muffler  YesStandard 
Parking Brake   Standard 
ACS (Switchable Controls)   Optional  
Horn   Standard 
Air ConditioningOptional Optional Optional Optional Optional 
BICS System (Interlock)StandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Sound OptionOptional Optional Optional Optional Optional 
Rear WindowStandard Standard Standard Standard Standard 
Suspension SeatOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Deluxe InstrumentationOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Auxiliary HydraulicsStandard Standard Standard Standard Standard 
Engine Shutdown Standard Standard Standard Standard 
Power Bob-Tach Optional OptionalOptional
Operating Lights  StandardStandard 
Seat Belt
  Yes Standard 
Backup Alarm
Rear Hydraulics   Optional  


Length130.3 in101.8 in114.5 in101.8 in101.8 in
Length with Standard Bucket130.3 in130.3 in142.9 in130.3 in130.3 in
Width (with bucket)68 in68 in74 in68 in68 in
Height with Operator Cab76.3 in76.3 in80.9 in76.3 in76.3 in
Reach @ Maximum Height18.1 in18.1 in34 in18.1 in18.1 in
Wheelbase40.6 in40.6 in48.8 in40.6 in40.6 in
Length without Attachment101.8 in101.8 in114.5 in101.8 in101.8 in
Width66 in66 in72 in66 in66 in
Height76.3 in76.3 in80.9 in76.3 in76.3 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin
114.5 in114.5 in126.4 in114.5 in114.5 in
Turning Radius83.7 in82.4 in84.2 in82.4 in82.4 in

Bobcat S160 Review 

Bobcat S160 is a skid steer loader, with a capacity of 1600 pounds. It’s driven by a 56-hp diesel engine that has a maximum velocity that is 11.1 milliseconds per hour. S160 S160 is a machine that can be used for a variety of purposes. that is able to be used for many different tasks including loading and unloading material or grading them, as well as excavating.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Official Page: CHECK HERE

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