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Bobcat 610 Specs

Bobcat 610 Weight & Price

Weight: 3800 Ibs, 1723 kg 

Price: CAD $375 

Bobcat 610 Specifications

Bobcat 610 Specs

Brand Bobcat
Model M610
Type Skid steer
Years Made 1972-1982

Bobcat 610 Engine

Brand Wisconsin
Model Vh4d
Type Gasoline
No. of Cylinders 4
Compression Ratio 23:1
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Rated Speed 2800 RPM
  US Metric
Gross Power 32.5 HP 24.2 kW
Net Power 30.0 HP 22.5 kW
Displacement 108 cu in. 1800 cc
Bore and Stroke 3.9×3.6 in. 9.9×9.1 cm
Max. Torque 51 ft-Ib 69.2 Nm

Bobcat 610 Performance

  US Metric
Tipping Load 2090 Ibs 948 kg

Bobcat 610 Lift Capacity

  US Metric
Lifting Capacity 980 Ibs 445 kg

Bobcat 610 Dimensions

  US Metric
Reach Max. Height 18 in. 45 cm
Bucket Width 54 in. 137.1 cm
Pin Height 108 in. 237.3 cm
Wheelbase 35.2 in. 89.4 cm

Bobcat 610 Tire Size

Front 7.00-15
Front (optional) 10.16-5
Rear (optional) 10.16-5

Bobcat 610 Weight

  US Metric
Operating Weight 3800 Ibs 1723 kg

Bobcat 610 Attachments

A universal skid steer fast hook is included with Bobcat’s 610 Skidsteer. This enables the connection of various skid steer attachments.

Buckets, grapple buckets (Harley rakes), 4-in-1 buckets (4-in-1 buckets), trenchers, hydraulic augers, pallet forks, sweepers, and sweepers can all be utilised with Bobcat 610 Skid Steer Loaders.

Bobcat 610 Review Video

Bobcat 610 Final Words

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Bobcat 610 FAQs

How much does a 610 Bobcat weight?

What is known about the Bobcat 610 Skid Steer Loader is listed below. A four-cylinder gasoline engine with a 30 horsepower output powers the vehicle. With a standard bucket attachment, this 3805-pound Bobcat 610 skid steer is pictured on the left.

Which Bobcat model is the best?

According to Bobcat, the S650 loader is its most popular model. All of the top-selling models in this poll, including the 8,300-lb machine, are vertical-lift loaders because material-handling skid steers with higher lift and dump height are currently quite popular.

Is Bobcat better than Kubota?

The Bobcat T66 has a 150 pound higher rated operating capacity (ROC) than the Kubota loader. In comparison to the Kubota SVL75-2, the Bobcat T66 features a faster single speed and two-speed.

Is 3500 hours a lot for a Bobcat?

Generally speaking, anything between 2,000 and 2,500 hours is considered to be properly broken-in, whereas anything beyond 35,000 hours is regarded as high.

Is 5000 hours a lot for a skid steer?

A skid steer’s typical lifespan, according to some experts, is 5,000 hours. Remember that the lifespan of your skid steer relies on a number of factors, such as: Whether you bought the machinery new or old.

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