Bobcat 15C Auger Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Bobcat 15C Auger Specs, Weight, Price & Review

The compact and powerful auger attachment for the Bobcat 15C is ideal for drilling holes in the ground. It may be attached to a Bobcat skid steer or compact track loader and used for a wide range of tasks, such as tree planting, fence post installation, and foundation digging.

The highest depth the auger can reach is 36 inches, and its bit has a 15-inch diameter. It can resist the wear and tear of construction and landscaping projects thanks to its sturdy structure and reliable hydraulic driving system.

Bobcat 15C Auger

Bobcat 15C Auger Price

Price = N/A

Bobcat 15C Auger Weight

Operating Weight =  205 lb.

Bobcat 15C Auger Height

Height = 12.7 in.

Bobcat 15C Auger Features

ADDED DIGGING DEPTH: Get an extra foot of digging depth over competitors because the whole motor follows along with the bits down the hole. Check out the digging depth challenge to see how different brands stack up.

IMPROVED TORQUE: Bobcat(r) Augers offer more torque when it is needed the most. Every drill is equipped with torque ratings, but their performance at the worksite is the most critical factor. The video that tests torque will show the differences.

DIRECT DRIVE: This drive is a perfect balance of torque and RPM. Other brands employ a planetary auger drive with more moving parts, which means higher maintenance requirements and more expensive operating costs. Check out the maintenance comparison video to discover for yourself.

COMBINATION HEX AND ROUND OUTPUT SHAFT: A patent-pending Bobcat technology The combination output shaft permits round and hex bits to be used, which increases the flexibility of the parts (models 15C, 30C).

VERSATILE MOUNTING SYSTEM: It is simple and fast to attach your auger with the appropriate carrier. It is quick and easy to switch between various airlines.

UNIQUE KNUCKLE JOINT DESIGN: It allows the auger to make vertically even when your Bobcat unit is on uneven terrain.

AUGER BITS AND TEETH: An array of options to suit your needs for digging.

Ideal for the installation of fence posts and planting trees. Also, it is perfect for digging out footings for decks.

Drills range from 6 to 48 inches. In diameter quickly and precisely.

Bobcat 15C Auger Specifications

General Information

15C Auger
Model Year
Model Code


12.7 in.
10.6 in.
WeightOperating – 205 lb.
 Operating (Less Bit) – 358 lb.
37 in.


Dig Depth
without extensions – 62 in.


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