Top 10 Best Online BSN Programs in 2024

I completely understand how challenging it can be to pursue your dreams when you have a busy life and a lot of responsibilities.

That’s why I want to offer you a solution if you’re interested in getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree but struggling to find the time for in-person classes.

If you’re a registered nurse looking to take your career to the next level, I know how important it is to find the right program that meets your needs and fits your schedule.

That’s why I suggest considering an online nursing degree program. By choosing one of the best accredited BSN programs online, you can save time and money while still getting a top-notch education to help you achieve your goals.

I’m here to help guide you through this process and provide you with all the information you need to make your best decision.

So, keep reading to learn more about which school is right for you and what you can expect from these incredible online degree programs.

Top 10 Best Online BSN Programs

Online BSN Programs | Best Online Nursing Degrees 2024

  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock: The best overall, with a reasonable tuition of $280 for each credit unit
  • Franklin University: The fastest BSN program that can be completed in less than 12 months
  • University of Rochester: A great option and an excellent choice for New York residents from one of the most sought-after nursing institutions in the country.
  • University of Florida: It is designed for nurses who have nurses who have an ADN degree. The pace of school is slower than other online schools, but it has a 93% NCLEX success rate.
  • Western Governors University: It offers a cost-effective, flexible and online BSN program that has an innovative payment system that charges tuition for six months, offering opportunities to make savings
  • Campbellsville University: Online classes with a schedule that helps students to stay on the right track
  • Liberty University: A Christian-focused university with an outstanding NCLEX passing rate of 96%
  • Southeastern Louisiana University: Includes a faculty member who can assist in addition to different start times (August, January or June)
  • The Ohio State University: Excellent overall program, that you can finish in between 12 and 15 months
  • Touro University: A Jewish University with flexible start dates (September, January and May)

Top 10 Best Online BSN Programs in 2024

1. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

One of the most popular online BSN programs is offered by The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, an accredited institution that offers online and in-person programs. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as international, military and transfer programs that include online degrees like:

  • BSN-student for freshmen
  • Nursing-to-BSN is for those who have nursing degrees or are on their path to becoming a nursing practitioner
  • LPN-to BSN for certified practical nurses who want to increase their credentials

The online RN-to-BSN program is the most sought-after nursing program because the tuition for graduate students is reasonable (around $280 for each credit for both in-state and out-of-state students). The entire program demands at least 121 credits to graduate. However, students who are enrolled online have the option of receiving financial aid as well as scholarships.

It is possible to complete the University of Arkansas’ nursing program online and with no campus-based prerequisites. This is why around 84% of the students who are RN-to-BSN have enrolled online.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a fantastic choice for a fully online nursing school at an accredited university.

  • Accreditation: Accredited Commission for Education in Nursing
  • Time to complete: 12 to 18 months (full-time)
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 82.9% on average

2. Franklin University

Franklin University specializes in continuing education and online courses, and that’s why it is featured in the top ten most effective programs online. BSN programs. The institution is well-known in Columbus, Ohio; the college’s online RN-to-BSN accelerated program is entirely online. There aren’t any required clinicals for these programs, which allows them to be incorporated into a nurse’s full-time schedule.

The RN-to-BSN program requires less than a year to complete the nine six-week online classes. No BSN textbooks or software purchase is necessary to complete an online course.

The cost of an introductory undergraduate course is around $298 per credit. You’ll require 120 credits to graduate. Many Franklin University students transfer credit hours from their previous nursing programs to help streamline their BSN degree. Franklin University also gives access to scholarship opportunities, including the huge Smart Start Scholarship.

500 students per year attend Franklin University’s RN-to-BSN online program to complete the 100% online nursing program and more. For nurses who have completed their bachelor’s degree, the university also offers a Master of Science in Nursing, post-graduation APRN certificates, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

Do you want to earn an accelerated nursing diploma, which is available online? Are you enrolled in a nursing program and have credits you want to transfer? If so, Franklin University is a great option.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: Less than 12 months (full-time)
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: Not available

3. University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is one of the most modest but top online BSN programs due to its standing as among the best research institutions across the country. The university in Rochester, NY, hosts only 4500 students in person. However, its online nursing program is enrolled by more than 11,000 students yearly, focusing on the popular RN-to BSN program.

Students who are applying for the program must have an associate or nursing diploma, as well as a New York RN license. With four semesters of coursework and numerous scholarships, the base cost of $1,200 per credit hour is more manageable. Examples:

  • Finger Lakes Regional Scholarship is a 50% award for nurses working or living throughout the 18-county Western NY region.
  • Affiliate Professional Development Grant: 55% tuition grant for nurses employed by a University of Rochester affiliate organization.

In addition, the University of Rochester employees may be eligible for a 100% SON Tuition grant.

When you sign up for the online University of Rochester nursing programs, you’ll be provided with an iPad device loaded with learning materials and simulations to help you finish all your coursework using mobile technology. This program is a good option for all New York residents who qualify for one of its scholarships.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: 16 months
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 84%

4. University of Florida

This University of Florida’s online part-time degree program enables you to go from being in the position of an R.N. It is among the most effective BSN programs on the Internet for those who have completed their ADN or are working as R.N.s. It is also required to have a 2.8 GPA in all previous nursing classes to apply since it’s designed for full-time nurses. It’s the reason it’s moving slower than other schools listed on the list.

The price per credit is just $129 for Florida residents. It is five times more for students from outside the state. Students require a current R.N. licence in Florida; however, the course is all online. The nursing course requires 90 hours of clinical experience, completed through online assessments or wherever you reside.

With over 4,000 students in the university’s master’s program in Nursing, the ideal first-time success rate for the NCLEX-RN is awe-inspiring. The online nursing program is an excellent choice for nurses seeking to enhance their critical thinking skills and possibilities while working full-time.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: 24 months minimum
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 93% (2021)

5. Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers complete online education, with one of the nation’s top online BSN programs that are also affordable. It’s a private and non-profit university located in Millcreek, Utah.

The unique structure of this school allows the average undergraduate tuition to be charged per six-month period instead of the hourly rate of credit hours for each one of the required credits needed to finish your degree. Take as many and as many as fit within your schedule over the six months. This includes completing the entire program at a minimal cost when you are willing to put in the effort and Time required.

The typical undergraduate tuition for six months ranges from $6,430 to $7,616. In addition, you can transfer the credits of the previous nursing diploma to make your online program more efficient and save even more.

The online degree offered by the school in nursing is available to students who reside in the states listed below:

  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Nevada
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Utah

In all those states, WGU is home to more than 15,000 college students enrolled online.

With no virtual classes or set timings, this is one of the most affordable self-paced courses for registered nurses. You can take Western Governors ‘ online courses at any time and from wherever you’d like to take them, even completing your exams when you are prepared. But finishing the course quickly can help you save a lot of money on your typical undergraduate tuition.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: 18 months
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 91% average

6. Campbellsville University

A second option for students wanting access to the top online BSN programs is Campbellsville University, a private institution in Campbellsville, KY. The school has an ACEN-accredited online nursing course for nurses who want to move into one of the following positions:

  • Case management nurse
  • Geriatric nurse
  • Flight nurse
  • Nurse supervisor
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners
  • Chief nursing officer
  • Pediatric nurse practitioner
  • Administrator of the nursing service

If you’re interested in moving from being an R.N. to the level of a BSN with accredited nurse programs, you could achieve this within two years with Campbellsville University with prior transfer credits. The cost of a typical undergraduate course is approximately $335 per credit.

Campbellsville University has over 12,000 students enrolled online for its bachelor’s in nursing or graduate program. It offers both online and in-person nursing programs, and, being an online student, there are no campus prerequisites. Additionally, with the self-paced classes and scheduled online classes, you can choose to complete these degree programs with a little more structure to remain focused or tailor the course for more flexibility.

Campbellsville University has a lower NCLEX-RN passing rate than the other universities listed, but it’s still a reasonable rate overall. Suppose you’re thinking about the possibility of an Online BSN degree to increase the opportunities you have with your nursing license. In that case, Campbellsville University can help to get you there.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges is an institution accreditor of numerous institutions in Kentucky. However, Campbellsville has to go through ACEN instead.

  • Accreditation: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
  • Time to complete: Two years with prior credits
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 78% average

7. Liberty University

Liberty University is a Christian institution in Lynchburg, VA, and one of the top ten most effective online BSN programs listed. Liberty University offers alternatives for a nursing online program, which includes the following:

  • R.N. to BSN
  • Master of Science Nursing
  • R.N. up to BSN to MSN
  • Graduate Dual-Degree Degree Programs
  • Executive Certificates
  • Postgraduate Certificates
  • Doctoral Degrees

Liberty University offers a one-year route from R.N. to BSN, provided you hold an active R.N. license and satisfy its other admission conditions. If you already have an associate’s diploma in nursing, you’ll earn at least 39 hours of transfer credits to help you finish your bachelor’s degree in nursing quickly.

Of the more than 90,000 Liberty University students enrolled online and physically, most are online. The online programs are accessible to students in several states. The positive NCLEX-RN score proves that its nursing programs are dependable.

All in all, Liberty University offers one of the most efficient nursing programs available online. The affordable graduate tuition fees make it an ideal option for nurses nationwide.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: One year (conditional)
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 96% average

8. Southeastern Louisiana University

Why does Southeastern Louisiana University feature as one of the top online BSN programmes in this evaluation? The public university is located in Hammond, Louisiana, and offers an impressive array of in-person and online study programs. A 100 % online Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is designed for licensed registered nurses.

The SLU School of Nursing has won several national and regional awards for the excellence of its bachelor’s degree and the value it provides for graduate and undergraduate students. The most common bachelor’s degree online in nursing programs costs about 9,500 (U.S. citizens) for tuition, books, and other associated costs. It’s also due in three instalments.

Suppose you choose to enroll in this online bachelor’s degree program. In that case, You’ll be assigned a Faculty Coach to provide help and assistance based on your needs to ensure you’re connected while taking online classes. Another advantage is the flexibility of the beginning date (August, January, August, and June). For graduation, you must complete two eight-week terms during the spring and fall semesters and one during the summer term.

Southeastern Louisiana University has over 14,000 students in its nursing courses, with just 40 % of the students on the Internet. It’s a good choice for registered nurses seeking to earn a bachelor’s program in nursing.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: 18 months on average
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 94.2% averag

9. The Ohio State University

The public university in Columbus, Ohio, has one of the most effective online BSN programs if you’re searching for an online RN-to-BSN program in nursing. The 100% online courses are Asynchronous (you can finish the lessons independently) and do not have campus requirements.

To be eligible to be eligible for the program, you’ll require the following requirements:

  • A nursing associate’s degree (or equivalent nursing diploma)
  • GPA cumulative for undergraduates of 2.0
  • A valid and unrestricted R.N. license
  • You must reside in one of the OSU-approved states to be an enrolled student.

Although the school offers offline and online nursing courses, 94% of its students in the RN-to-BSN degree program attend online. This online bachelor’s degree requires 25 credits to complete the program, and the average undergraduate tuition per credit hour is $566. Online nursing programs are quite affordable compared to other nursing degrees offered online.

CCNE recognizes this nursing school and other OSU nursing programs online, so students can rest assured that OSU remains a respected institution for pursuing higher education.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: 12 months (full-time) or 15 months (part-time)
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 94% average

10. Touro University

The final option of the top ten most effective online BSN programs is Touro University, a Private Jewish university. The university’s headquarters is located in New York City but with branches across the United States and other parts of the world. They cater to over 18,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Registered nurses can finish the BSN program in just one year and entirely online at Touro University. This program does not have restrictions on travel and provides courses at a faster pace to allow you to advance your nursing career more quickly. In addition, thanks to accreditation from the CCNE certification, the education can be transferred to various institutions.

There are three starting dates during the year: September, January and May. The program can begin at any time and end one year later. With only 1,687 students on the Internet–a lower number than those offered at other schools, you could get acquainted with some of your classmates better even if you’re communicating via the Internet.

Other reasons to think about Touro University’s nursing programs include:

  • Average graduate tuition rates are competitive, and Financial aid options
  • The exact price per course (the average of $ 280) for both in-state students and students from outside the state.
  • Tuition discount if you’re an employee of the Valley Health System. Valley Health System employee

As with Campbellsville University, the Touro University NCLEX-RN rate is slightly less than the other schools in our selection. However, it’s an impressive score for an affordable, flexible school. All in all, Touro University offers flexible online programs that are affordable in fees, making it a good choice for nurses who are currently registered.

  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Time to complete: One year (full-time)
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate: 72% average

What Is a BSN Program

What Is a BSN Program?

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs prepare students to become registered nurses or advance in the nurse practitioner path. Many nurses complete bachelor’s degrees over four years to begin their nursing careers. However, the associate diploma in nursing can be a popular route to becoming a registered nurse.

Associate-degree nurses can perform the same tasks as RNs with bachelor’s degrees. However, many hospitals and healthcare organizations have increased their expectations and required nurses to earn a bachelor’s degree within 2 to three years after their organizations have employed them.

Which other roles related to nursing can benefit from these online programs for nurses? Certified practical nurses, licensed nursing assistants or nurse midwives can develop their skills by taking advantage of these courses for these potential advantages:

  • Earning potential: Some organizations have pay differentials for RNs vs. BSNs.
  • Better patient care: Additional training and skills allow you to better care for patients.
  • Career opportunities: A BSN can help you climb the ranks within your health care organization, especially if you’re looking for nursing supervisory roles or a job focused on education.

Accessing the most effective online BSN programs lets you increase your knowledge and acquire information about the most important subjects, including:

  • Mental health nursing
  • Public health nursing
  • Health education
  • Nursing research
  • Theories of leadership in nursing

If you’re only starting your journey to becoming a nurse, consider enrolling in an all-four-year BSN degree instead of an associate course. However, if you’re already a registered nurse and have a certified ADN or RN license, enrolling in one of the above programs will greatly increase your job possibilities.

How to Choose the Right BSN Program

How to Choose the Right BSN Program

A lot of colleges across the United States offer online nursing programs. How do you select the best option for your needs? Take a look at these elements in each school you’re considering to make an informed choice:


Accreditation bodies will accredit the best BSN program for the degree to apply to all healthcare organizations that want to employ you. The five major institutions that accredit nursing courses include:

  • The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
  • The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • The Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA)
  • The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA)
  • The American College of Nurse-Midwives Division of Accreditation (ACNM)

If you are considering a nursing program online that’s not accredited by all five organizations, it is a waste of the time or money you spend; therefore, consider the alternatives carefully.

The ten options above cover specific schools in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana and Virginia that the institution Accreditor of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges could be able to oversee. However, most schools in the list chose to be accredited through CCNE and ACEN instead. Check this information to see if you’ve got an exact job or healthcare institution you’d like to utilize your education to gain employment or advance.

Online Nursing Degree Programs vs. On-Campus Options

Whether you work full-time as a registered nurse determines the best BSN program. Nursing programs online allow you to fit your classes into your schedule better. A mixed course like The University of Arkansas at Little Rock might be better if you prefer learning in a classroom and interacting with your professors and fellow students.

Program Curriculum

The best BSN program and other nursing programs online offer a range of subjects that go beyond the concrete competencies needed. Do the programs you’re considering focus on concepts like maximizing the patient’s care? How about expanding to new nursing jobs or developing critical thinking skills to manage complex medical situations?

Apart from online RN-to-BSN programs, online programs for nursing professions unrelated to nursing offer options for advanced registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Also, you can look for programs that target particular populations, such as those with mental health issues.

Program Duration

If you plan to finish your nursing degree on the Internet quickly and efficiently, a year and 15 months is ideal. The top online BSN programs can rush. They can be highly intense and demanding, so if you’re considering The University of Rochester, The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, or Liberty University’s accelerated programs, you should make sure you plan.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The best BSN program can also be a matter of cost. The tuition cost for undergraduates at the top nursing schools online differs in the amount per hour of credit (anywhere between $50 and $550), and the cost for a typical undergraduate tuition ranges from $5,000 to $50,000 for full-time studies.

If your health insurance company does not pay for your education online, the total cost of the top nursing schools is a crucial detail. The Western Governors University’s distinctive 6-month period fee schedule is an excellent choice if you’re ready to plunge into the program and complete it quickly. If you’re looking for a higher-priced alternative like Rochester University’s program, it’s a good idea to consider their scholarship program to reduce your expenses.

Clinical Opportunity

Selecting the best BSN degree program online may mean examining alternatives that do not require clinical rotations or substitute virtual simulations for available clinics, like those at the University of Rochester. In-person clinics in nearby hospitals might be an alternative.

Be aware that although online degree programs that do not require clinical are more convenient, they could be missing out on opportunities to enhance your critical thinking abilities as well as medical care.

Reputation of Online Nursing Programs

What BSN course is the most suitable one? The online nursing school you choose must be well-known for its former students and present healthcare professionals. The University of Florida’s 100 NCLEX-RN success rate of 97 % in 2021 indicates what the school offers. Still, it’s also essential to know how each school’s reputation can influence your career opportunities.

NCLEX Pass Rates

Like all the schools on the top 10 list, the most suitable BSN program has a high NCLEX-RN exam pass rate, typically over 70 %. The NCLEX test is the conclusion of your nursing education to be a registered nurse, regardless of whether you’re a licensed practical nurse, certified nursing assistant or a regular student.

Admissions Requirements

After you’ve chosen the best BSN program, ensure that you comply with all admissions requirements before applying for an application for a nursing student. If you’re a registered practical nurse, certified nursing assistant, or hold an official nurse license, you may frequently transfer a few credits.

Online Review

Have you found the perfect BSN program? It’s not wrong to read reviews about the top online nursing degrees and accredited institutions on sites such as Grad reports, Niche, or Cappex.

What Can You Do after You Earn an Online BSN Degree?

Achieving the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree through an online course offers various career possibilities and paths within the nursing field. Here are some opportunities and positions you can take on after you have completed the online BSN:

Registered Nurse (RN)

Many BSN graduates begin their careers as Registered Nurses. Having a BSN could make you eligible for higher-level and more specialized jobs in health facilities. The median annual salary for nurses across the United States is around $80,010 in 2021.

Specialized Nursing Roles:  

BSN-prepared nurses can be employed in various specialities, like oncology, paediatrics, critical care, labor and delivery, or psychiatric nursing. Salaries for these roles differ widely depending on the area of expertise. For instance, nurses who are anaesthetists have an average income of more than $174,790. Nursing assistants for children are paid approximately $74,650.

Nursing Practitioner (NP)

Although an NP usually requires a master’s degree, a BSN is typically the first step to this career. Once you have completed your BSN, you may take the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and become an advanced-practice nurse. Nurses with a master’s degree typically make an average wage of $117,670. However, it can be much more in some states.

Leadership and Management Roles:

 A BSN can be a prerequisite for leadership roles in nursing, including a nursing manager or charge nurse. Administrators and nursing managers can earn anything from $72,000 to more than $190,000 based on experience and where they live.

Health Informatics:

 BSN graduates can work in health informatics and use their nursing skills to analyze and manage health information. Health informatics professionals have a median salary of about $73,000. However, they can earn more depending on experience and advanced degrees.

Quality Improvement

Certain BSN-prepared nurses concentrate on improving quality in healthcare settings, ensuring clients receive the top possible treatment. The salaries for Quality improvement specialists in healthcare vary from $51,000 to $95,000.

Nurse entrepreneur: 

Based on the knowledge and skills acquired through the BSN course, you can create a nursing-related company, for example, an agency for home health or a consulting firm. Earnings for nurse entrepreneurs differ depending on the kind and the success the company can achieve.

Academic Options: 

If you’re interested in research, teaching, or academics, obtaining a BSN will be your first move to advanced nursing degrees like a master’s or doctorate. Pay for researchers and educators in the field of nursing ranges between $60,000 and $120,000 or more, based on the degree of education as well as the school.

Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)

The CNL job entails giving direct care to patients while being a leader and coordinating responsibilities within an environment of clinical care. CNLs generally earn a salary similar to RNs but have opportunities for higher earnings when they have experience and other qualifications.

Nurse educators:

BSN graduates can be educators in nursing schools to instruct future nurses. The average wage for nurse educators is around $77,360. However, this may depend on the area and education level.

Nurse Administrator Nursing graduates with BSN degrees can be employed in administrative positions, directing departments or health facilities. Nursing administrators earn between $72,000 and $190,000 according to the size and nature of the facility.

Public Health Nursing

BSN graduates could work for public health agencies that address health issues in the community to promote wellness and protect against illnesses. The salaries for nurses in the public health field differ and can be between $55,000 and $86,000.

Case Managers

BSN nurses can act as case managers, managing patient care and ensuring patients receive the appropriate medical care. Case managers are paid an average salary of $73,000. However, this could be different based on the area and experience.

Clinical Research

BSN holders can become clinical research nurses. They can be involved in research studies and help develop innovative healthcare methods and treatments. Clinical research nurses make an average pay of around $72,000.

Travel Nursing: 

With a BSN, you can pursue a career in travel nursing, which lets you be assigned to temporary positions in different places. The salaries for travel nurses differ greatly based on where you are located and the need for nurses. In general, nurses receive reimbursement for housing and travel.

FAQs About Best Online BSN Programs

Which is the easiest BSN program?        

  The most straightforward BSN program is determined by your educational background, experience in the nursing field and your expectations for the coursework. Many people find the top online BSN programs and nursing degrees less complex than traditional degrees since they can live and work in their preferred location while studying. Many prefer on-campus nursing programs because they focus on instruction and excellent support, but you’ll have to pick yourself.

How quickly can I can get my BSN?        

The most efficient online nursing degree takes about 12 months to finish. If you’re looking for a challenge and wish to complete your program quicker, a nursing college such as Western Governors University could make the difference.

Are online BSN programs accredited?        

Yes, the most effective online BSN programs are approved by the major accreditation agencies, including the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

What’s the total cost of the online BSN program, including tuition and additional fees?        

The cost for an online BSN program can range from $5,000 to $55,000, including the average graduate student tuition and additional charges. Southeastern Louisiana University costs around 75% of the tuition Campbellsville University students pay. For a recent high-school graduate considering your options for finishing your nursing education, an online option could provide lower average tuition than an in-person program.

What are the clinical requirements, and how are they fulfilled in an online program?

The requirements for clinical practice in the most reputable nursing programs online vary depending on the accreditation of the schools and the places. For instance, Franklin University doesn’t require in-person clinics but uses virtual simulations. Another option among the top nursing online courses enables you to complete the clinical requirements in the hospital closest to your home.

 What’s the job outlook and earning potential for BSN graduates?         

The employment outlook and earnings potential for BSN graduates who are enrolled online are very positive, primarily through the top internet-based BSN programs. Nursing professions are in high demand, with a median earnings of $65,000 and more than $130,000, based on the state, location and hours.

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