BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor Price, Specs & Features 2024

BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Features, Overview

The BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor is a built for collecting of assortments, full-length logs and trunks at the felling area, making packages and their skidding at sanitary felling and also for assortment stockpiling.

BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor is based on the “Belarus L1221” Tractor. It is provided with a blade and TAIFUN EGV 65ANK hydraulic winch.

BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor Information

You have to choose to install winch UNIFOREST 60 EN (Slovenia) instead of TAIFUN EGV 65ANK. It has protective guards of cab, headlights, hood,  tractor bottom.

So, Here you can get to learn about the BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor price, Technical parts specifications, key facts, Images and video and more, I hope it is helpful to you My friends.

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BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor Price

Please Call on This Number: +375 (17) 246-60-09

BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor Key Features

  • Capacity: 95,6 kW (130 h.p.)
  • Selective gear: Mechanical
  • Number of gears FWD/BWD: 16/8
  • Travel speed, km/h (operating/allowable travelling): 30/8
  • Rated towing force on general use roads, kN: 20 KN
  • Volume of a trelyuemy pack: 5 m³

BELARUS TTR-411 Skidding Tractor Specifications

Operated weight, kg6450
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm5970/2462/3006
The greatest (admissible) speeds of the movement (transport/working), km/h30/8
EngineММЗ D-260.2 (D-260.2С),4-stroke, diesel, six-cylinder, with a turbo-supercharging
Capacity, kW (h.p.)95,6 (130)
Fuel rate at rated power, g/kW·h233
Flywheel clutchdry, double-disk
Selective gearMechanical, 4-speed, 6-range
Number of gears FWD/BWD16/8
Axle arrangement4К4
Volume of a trelyuemy pack of m , minimum5
Overall dimensions of a pusher (wight/height, mm2092/897
Lifting height, mm1195
Digging-in, mm53
Trelevochny equipmentTAJFUN EGV 65 AHK
Rope length/diameter, m/mm100/12
Quantity of places under chain choker4
Draft Force, kN
the greatest (at a navivka of the first layer of a cable on a drum)65
at a full drum30

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