Backwards 3 – How to type it Ɛ – Easy and Simple Way


Backwards 3 – Guys!! Are you looking for how to type the Backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol? Then you are in the correct place.

The Ɛ symbol or the reverse 3 symbols is used to type and make a backward <3. 


To save you a lot of time typing the backward 3 in, you can copy and paste from here Ɛ and text.

Backwards 3 - How to type it Ɛ – Easy and Simple Way

What is Backwards 3?

The backward 3 is a symbol that looks like the reverse 3 in numeric form or reverses “E” latter. It’s sometimes called a flipped 3, 3, inverted 3 or flipped the 3. 

It is known as the Greek letter epsilon, Ɛ. Its primary use is on social media sites, where people use it to mean the “love” symbol as part of a chat or their status. 


The Ɛ is usually mixed with a “greater than” > symbol to finish off a heart – i.e., Ɛ> Of course, one can also use a normal 3 and precede it with a “less than” < symbol to form a heart – i.e., <3 – without having to resort to a backwards 3 / Ɛ. 

Overall, it works like a unique love emoji.

What is the use of this reverse 3?

The backwards 3 symbols is generally represented for showing love online. The backwards 3 symbols are used by generation X to show their feelings to their fellows by using them in the form of heart text (since it makes a heart symbol).

How to type the Backwards 3 symbol?

It can be tough to type Ɛ on most devices. Here we cover how to type this symbol on various devices and operating systems.

Type Backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol on Your Mobile Phone & PC:

Most smartphones don’t let you type this symbol, whether it is an Android or iOS. But we have a straightforward solution. 


You require to plain copy the “Ɛ” symbol and merge it with”>,” which you can do very easily by heading towards the “Symbol” section on your mobile’s keyboard. 

After combining both symbols, you are all set to use it as Ɛ>

You can copy it here: Ɛ> and use it wherever you want. 

Backwards 3 Copy-Paste: Ɛ

Of course, you can always copy-paste the backwards 3 symbols from anywhere in this article: Ɛ

Backwards 3 Alt Code

Looking for a Backwards 3 Alt code? Just do the following on your keyboard: 

Type 0190 and press ALT-X. 

This will convert it into reverse E or the “Ɛ” symbol.

All you need to do after opening a blank document in MS Word. It is very simple to type this symbol doesn’t matter which platform you are using.

Backward 3 on Mac

This is trickier because you don’t have the 0190 plus ALT+X feature as you do on your PC.

But there is a workaround through Google Docs.

  • First, Open Google Docs
  • Next, Click on the Insert tab at the top of the document.
  • Click on the special symbol option (a new window will pop up)
  • Search for the epsilon / Ɛ symbol, backward 3 from the available list. There are many symbols to pick from, so look carefully. Once found, you should be able to type and use it on your screen.

backward 3 on iPhone

Apple doesn’t host the reverse 3 symbols on its symbol choices.

So you’ll require to copy-paste:

Backward 3 on Android

There is no special way, as Android doesn’t host the reflected 3 characters on its symbols options. So you will require to copy-paste it:

Final words For Backwards 3

That’s all about the Backwards 3 – How to type it Ɛ. I hope you like this article, and it’s helped you a lot, but if you are facing any issue related to this Backwards 3 then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone. Thanks!

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