Turn Heads in a Mini Masterpiece: The Aston Martin DB5 Junior – A Collector’s Dream

The Aston DB5 Junior car is designed to be half-scale, with a Silver Birch exterior and Black interior. It is powered by a 5.0 kW 120 cc four-stroke engine, which is capable of producing a top speed of 44 mph (72 kmh).

The engine and gearbox unit are sourced from Loncin/Lifan and use a three-speed (plus reverse), semi-automatic transmission with a sequential gear change. This type of transmission is used in the production of quad bikes and provides a smooth driving experience.

The car is designed for young or fully grown adults, with an adjustable pedal box to accommodate drivers of all sizes. The transition to the second generation of scaled cars was done with a great deal of thought for the parents who would share the fun, right down to the size of the seat required to comfortably accommodate said parents’ bottoms. This means that the car can be used by a six-year-old or a six-foot-three parent.

The Aston DB5 Junior is an electric car with a 12-volt electrical system, working lights, horn, and indicators. The fuse box is located in the trunk along with the spare wheel and battery, making everything easily accessible.

This superb car is in excellent condition and was originally purchased by Tom Papadopoulos for his children. It has always been serviced as needed and cared for from new.

The car is perfect for those who want to experience the thrill of driving a scaled-down version of a classic sports car. It is an ideal initial experience for a young adult to develop a first-hand relationship with motor inertia, momentum, yaw, and traction when the human learning system is at its most receptive and can be calibrated for life” (Harrington Group).

The car is small enough to stage a mini Grand Prix in your own backyard and is sure to provide hours of fun for the whole family. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting car, the Aston DB5 Junior is the perfect choice.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior History

The Aston Martin DB5 Junior replicates the iconic DB5 car on a two-thirds scale. The DB5 has secured its place in automotive history and is considered one of the most famous cars in the world.

The DB5 Junior is designed to share the love of driving across generations. It features a fully electric powertrain, rear-wheel drive, and multiple driving modes. It has all the iconic details expected from an Aston Martin DB5, including authentic Aston Martin badges, replicated Smiths instruments, and an entire leather interior in various colors.

However, the DB5 Junior is not road-legal and can only be driven on private land. The latest Bond film inspires the No Time To Die Edition of the DB5 Junior and features clever spy gadgets, more power, and an extended driving range.

It has an 80-mile driving range, a top speed of 45 mph, and a battery-electric powertrain. The DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition is limited to 125 examples and costs £90,000 (approximately $123,000 in U.S. currency).

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