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Allis Chalmers HD 41 Specs

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Overview

From 1970 to 1973, Allis Chalmers produced its HD-41 industrial tractor type with an open operator station cabin in the United States.
In terms of size and weight, this model is 111000 lbs or 50349 kg, and it is 133.5 inches in width, 241 inches in length, and 156 inches in height.
This Allis Chalmers HD-41 is propelled by a diesel engine with a 1710 ci or 28.0 L 12-cylinder capacity and a 2100 rpm maximum output of 524 horsepower or 390.7 kW. (rpm),.

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Price & Weight

Price:  129,000 pounds

Weight:   101500 lbs 46040 kg

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Specifications

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Production 

Manufacturer Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Engine

Displacement 1710 ci
28.0 L
Bore/Stroke 5.50×6.00 inches
140 x 152 mm
Power 524 hp
390.7 kW
Air cleaner dry
Rated RPM 2100
Starter type electric
Oil Capacity 80 qts
75.7 L
Coolant capacity 152 qts
143.9 L

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Transmission

Transmission Twin Disc
Type power shift
Gears 3 forward and reverse

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Power

Engine 524 hp
390.7 kW

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Mechanical

Drive crawler
Final drives planetary

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Capacity

Fuel 300 gal
1135.5 L
Hydraulic system 52 gal
196.8 L

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Hydraulics

Type open center
Capacity 52 gal
196.8 L
Pressure 2000 psi
137.9 bar
Pump flow 140 gpm
529.9 lpm

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Tracks

Width 32 inches
81 cm
Length on ground 143.5 inches
364 cm
Area on ground 9184 in²
5.9 m²
Ground pressure 11 psi
0.8 bar

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Dimensions

Length 242 inches
614 cm
41HS dozer length 305 inches
774 cm
41HU dozer length 331 inches
840 cm
41HC dozer length 307 inches
779 cm
Width 133.5 inches
339 cm
Shipping weight 101500 lbs*
46040 kg
Ground clearance 22.25 inches
56 cm
Gauge 100 inches
254 cm

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Attachments

204″ Blade
Allis Chalmers 41HS
204 inches width
518 cm
72 inches height
182 cm
61 inches lift
154 cm
22 inches tilt
55 cm
24 inches cut
60 cm
16800 lbs
7620 kg
240″ Blade
Allis Chalmers 41HU
240 inches width
609 cm
86 inches height
218 cm
61 inches lift
154 cm
26 inches tilt
66 cm
24 inches cut
60 cm
22430 lbs
10174 kg
136″ Blade
Allis Chalmers 41HC
136 inches width
345 cm
57 inches height
144 cm
40 inches lift
101 cm
52 inches cut
132 cm
15560 lbs
7058 kg

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Review Video

Allis Chalmers HD 41 Features

  • The first tractor with power steering and a diesel engine was the Allis Chalmers HD 41.
  • The Allis Chalmers HD 41 tractor outperforms its rivals in terms of horsepower during production.
  • The row-crop tractor has a narrow front end and is designed to work with a variety of equipment.
  • If properly maintained, the Allis Chalmers HD 41 tractor operates quietly and for a very long time.

Final Words Allis Chalmers HD 41

We sincerely hope you liked reading about the Allis Chalmers HD 41! The first product line to achieve such widespread popularity was this row-crop tractor. The HD 41 is a great tractor for medium-sized farms even though it might not be adequate for the rigorous loader job.

The HD41 tractor will serve you faithfully for a very long time if it is properly maintained. The majority of parts are very simple to locate in the dealer’s shop and even simpler to work with!

FOR FAQs Allis Chalmers HD 41

Is Allis-Chalmers a good tractor?

The Allis-Chalmers 8000 series tractors were, in my opinion, among their best mid-range tractors. True, some models had problems, but all in all, they were reliable devices. Having said that, they ALL had a fatal flaw: poor timing.

How much does an Allis-Chalmers Dozer weight?

Initial HD-6 sales literature described it as a 45 drawbar horsepower, 12,400 lb. tractor with an increase of seven drawbar horsepower over the previous HD-5.

What happened to Allis-Chalmers?

In the 1980s, the company experienced financial problems and was forced to sell many of its commercial divisions. A little under 140 years after E.P. Allis’ initial entry into Milwaukee’s industrial boom, Allis-Chalmers permanently shuttered its doors in 1999.

Can you still get parts for Allis-Chalmers?

Old Allis-Chalmers tractors can be repaired with a variety of tractor parts available from Steiner Tractor Parts. We have the tractor parts you need, whether you want to fix or restore your vintage Allis-Chalmers!

Why are Allis-Chalmers tractors orange?

The Persian Orange paint hue, which was readily available and, in his opinion, most closely resembled the colour of the California poppy, was quickly applied to Allis-Chalmers’ tractors. Allis-Chalmers tractors in orange have been a tradition ever since.

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