Allgood Pest Control Prices, Reviews and Phone Number [2024]

Allgood Pest Control Prices, Cost, Reviews, Phone Number, Near me

Allgood Pest Control Prices –  Allgood Pest Solutions is proud to be a member of the Rentokil family of companies in North America. 

Rentokil is a pest control company operating worldwide, providing high service levels to residential customers. 

Based throughout Tennessee and Georgia, AllGood Pest Services offers friendly professional service all year long. 

Specializing in both nuisance insects and destructive, All Good uses 40 years of professional experience to ensure that the pests they eliminate stay gone for good. 

Each service is custom-tailored to suit the requirements and schedules of commercial or residential clients. 

AllGood Pest Control prices are affordable, and their technicians are experienced in eliminating ants, bed bugs, carpenter bees, bees, carpenter ants, and more. 

We have compiled the most current AllGood prices for your comfort. Below you will find an estimate of recent AllGood Pest Control prices.

Allgood Pest Control Prices, Cost, Review, Phone Number, Near me

What is Allgood Pest Control?

The company was founded in 1974 in Dublin, Georgia. Allgood Pest Solutions has been providing high-quality pest control services. 

Alongside typical household pests like spiders and ants, homeowners can be treated for fleas, bed bugs, and mosquitoes removed from their homes. 

We were amazed by the company’s wildlife management and isolation services. Customers do not have to call several companies to handle insects or nuisance wildlife, and Allgood guarantees that they employ humane methods to capture and release animals. 

In addition, the insulation they offer is logical since the borate-based insulation they provide is resistant to pests.

The company’s website made it simple to find the differences between their packages. Customers can also avail the opportunity to inspect their homes if they’re unclear about what package to pick.

Features & Services:  Allgood offers general residential and commercial pest control that includes these common pests:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Bees and Wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife
  • Beetles

Three packages are offered, starting with the basic plan, which tackles rodents and household insects. The premium plan comes with all their services together.

Pest Free

The Allgood Pest Free package is the most basic of the three. Customers will notice that their basic plan has more than the norm compared with other pest control firms. In addition to common household pest buying, this plan includes bed bugs, rodents, and fleas.

Wildlife and insects tend to be more difficult to eliminate, So premium or separate plans usually contain these services. You’ll receive regular service visits every quarter when you buy the package. If you require pest control between visits, the technician for pest control will be on hand for you at no cost.

Pest Free Plus

This Pest Free Plus program is Allgood’s mid-tier plan. It comes with everything in the Pest Free plan and protection against termites that live in wood. We appreciate that this is a part of the package because some homes are more vulnerable to termites than others based on the location and construction material.

Pest Free Total

Pest Free Total is the top-of-the-line package offered by the company. It comes with everything from earlier plans as well as protection against fire ants as well as mosquitoes. This plan is ideal for households with children and pets who regularly use the backyard. In addition, regular mosquito control can make entertaining time more pleasant and the outdoor area more pleasant.

Latest Allgood Pest Control prices

Inspection Free
One-Time Treatment $250
Annual Treatment Plan $30 monthly
Annual Termite Treatment and Protection Plan $295 first month
Monthly Termite Treatment Plan Follow-Up Treatments $55 per month
Annual Wildlife Removal Plan (includes insects and termite protection) $195 first month
Monthly Wildlife Removal Follow-up Treatments $105 monthly

Allgood services

What are the services of Allgood?

Fire Ant Control:

They are extremely destructive, dangerous, and difficult to eradicate after taking up their home on your property. Each colony has around 200,000 or more ants. 

When they are in danger and not adequately eliminated, they will create further colonies. The average mound measures 7 inches in height and has a diameter of 2 feet; having multiple mounds of fire ants within a property could cause damage to the landscape. 

Fire ants can also gain entry into homes, which can lead to the spread of stinging ants inside your home. 

AllGood Pest Control prices include prices for removing mounds, stopping further infestations, and fixing the lawn damage they’ve caused.

Complete Pest Control:

There are instances when various kinds of pests are attacking a home. Being aware of the situation, AllGood Pest Control prices provide affordable solutions for total pest control. 

With three levels, property owners can choose to enjoy monitoring all year long and removal of bugs, rodents, insects, and others, including re-service.

In addition, plans can be tailored to address existing issues and pests commonly found in your particular area.

Mosquito Control:

The mosquito is a flying insect, usually not a guest at outdoor events or gatherings. In addition to spreading dangerous diseases, mosquito bites can be painful, especially when the person who is bitten suffers an adverse response to the bite. 

Expertly trained AllGood technicians will inspect your home to identify commonly used breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

AllGood Pest Control prices include eliminating these breeding areas (areas that have standing water, shrubs, or weeds.) and the elimination of adult populations. This will reduce the number of mosquitos on your property by at least 90.

Allgood Pest Control Reviews

Allgood Pest Control Reviews

All Good Pest Solutions has been serving Southeast businesses and households since 1974. It is currently a proud part of the North American Rentokil Family of businesses.

The company is known for its customized pest management strategies; this QualityPro-certified pest management company provides its targeted customers with its conveniently-located 540 Lawrenceville Highway offices.

All Good Pest control company’s name and reputation extend across Atlanta, Houston, Douglas, Cherokee, Hall, Bartow, and Troup counties.

The company utilizes an integrated pest control strategy to eradicate, treat and eliminate pests. 

Customers who have had the chance to experience the firm’s services have recommended their ability to eradicate insect bites, ants, moths, earwigs, centipedes, spiders, mice, flies, and cockroaches.

Utilizing only highly-trained specialists, All Good Pest Solutions has helped a number of companies and homes eliminate roach babies, squirrels, and Hornets.

The company targets suburban and urban areas. The company also eliminates snakes, raccoons, raccoons, and bats.

Many landlords, condo owners, and tenants have employed the company’s exclusive services for controlling termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and wildlife removal.

One thing that customers appreciate they love about All Good Pest Solutions technicians are their professionalism and courtesy. 

They are focused on customer satisfaction and delivering quality services. In addition, technicians constantly explain to clients how they plan to eradicate or treat pests.

As per most customers, technicians will also inform customers about any issues following the exercise. 

For example, one client who suspected that cockroaches were infesting his home said that the company had done an excellent job and then followed up to ensure that the cockroaches had been completely eradicated.

All Good Pest Solutions staff is helpful and quickly responds to customer calls, as per customer feedback.

In addition to offering a 100 per cent assurance against damage and repair guarantee, All Good Pest Solutions also provides quality insulation for homes. Customers are impressed by the effectiveness and safety of TAP(r) insulation. 

With environmentally friendly borate-oriented insulation, business and residential properties are secured from pests and noise.

Customers also love they can trust that All Good Pest Solutions use secure and efficient extrusion of wildlife and humane trapping methods to eliminate and manage wildlife.

Everybody has negative days in the workplace, so All Good Pest Solutions’ aren’t the only one. Unfortunately, the company’s staff has had bad days at work, which has led to numerous complaints from customers centred around poor service.

One client who has been with the firm for more than four years told me that things turned sour when they hired the company to check and rid their home of roaches and squirrels. 

The team arrived, looked over, and found roaches and squirrels, but they did a poor job of provoking attacks from other creatures.

Another client complained that the business had been able to provide them with excellent service for more than four years; however, when they hired it to handle Wildlife removal, the results did not meet expectations.

Southeast residents, landlords, and entrepreneurs appreciate all Good Pest Solutions due to its low-cost and environmentally friendly pest control solutions. 

In addition, annual maintenance programs for controlling pests are provided at affordable rates. Many of these plans are offered at a discount and are warranted.

In terms of the environmental sustainability of the products, customers appreciate the fact that the business uses top-quality products and equipment to kill bugs.

Suppose you’re searching for an affordable and trustworthy pest control service to eradicate the pests threatening your business premises, warehouse, or home.

In that case, All Good Pest Solutions is the ideal pest control service. Its technicians are skilled, its products are safe, and its reputation is undeniably solid.

Allgood Pest Control Customer Service Phone Number

Allgood Pest Control Customer Service Phone Number

Allgood Pest Solutions

10219 Upper Ridge Way
Knoxville, TN 37932


M-F: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Official Website:


This are essential information that will go a long way in helping you gain insight into Allgood pest control prices. While some prices have been made available, others will require further assessment of the problem to determine an accurate figure.

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